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Multiplayer Beta – Domination Feedback Thread

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Also, just played a match that we won where my teamate didn't actually build any buildings. He just made a few units at the start and rushed the objectives, which really isn't okay
-Units feel slow and sluggish
-domination is quick and unenjoyable
- trying to target something flying is hell
-change to the field armory was a poor decision and is way to complex now
•odst drops are pointless
- change to the Spartan is not to my liking
- Reactors being replaced was a poor choice as you lose strategic options
- having two types of resources is just inconvenient and annoying to manage.
- The changes to the controls make no sense and are more confusing now. Still can't figure out how to 'group' my units

In all honesty as it stands, this is a dumbed down version of one of my favorite games and I'm praying you make some changes. The mechanics in one were the best console RTS I've ever played and this is but a mockery of it.
-Can you make the cursors on console to stick to units? I find it irritating that every time I try to highlight an enemy it just scroll past away from it, this happens constantly when I want to target the sentinels. In the original Halo Wars it was really easy to select Allied and enemy units.

Also add a Skirmish mode to test units and stuff offline please.
So I played a hell of a lot of halo wars 1 , I enjoyed spending hours on end playing 3v3s with my friends, I feel that halo wars 2 as of what I've seen so fat I isent managing to keep up to par with the first game. I've played 13 matches of the beta and so far I think it's okay, but I not I don't think im gonna pre order like I was going to. So first of all Captain cutter needs to look atleast a tiny bit like he used to, he looks like a different person and he has a different voice, it's ruins nostalgia and the whole character tbh, atleast get the old voice actor to re do the lines as I know re doing the cinematics would be hard. Next is the skill tree, I don't like it, there should be something like the field armoury from the original. Next I the view needs to be zoomed out more, it's too close you don't get a far out enough view of the battle. I don't know why but battles seem to be a lot smaller and less epic, this needs to be fixed. I also think the colours and how they work should be changed as I like random colours and think covenant bases should be fully the colour they are instead of just markings on them, and unsc should be green with the team colour on them. After a match you should be able to look around then battlefield like in the original to see what happened. Also like expected it crashes a lot and troops are fighting and making noises but you cant see them shooting, their bullets are invisible sometimes. Also the map should show allies cursor and cursor should be round and more visible. The UI is abit clunky. There's alot of things I'd change , can't think of them all, but the game has a lot of promise and potential, I hope it will be as great as the first, really need that nostalgic captain cutter though.
I can tell the game has lots of potential and is very cool. I am disappointed there is no mode I can just build whatever I want against just an AI so I can learn the game. Having an only online option is brutal for those that enjoy RTS, but may not be very good at it....My first game the opponents just spammed infantry so fast that I couldn't get to anything interesting and my ally quit early on me so I was left 2v1......very disappointed at the structure of the beta.

Loving the beta, great work! I was a huge fan of the original and I love what I'm seeing.

what I don't love:
-I have noticed frame rate drops, even when the action is not intense
-I will select "all units" and tell them to move somewhere, but then a few units will randomly stop moving. I will have to then give these units individual commands to move again.
-Sometimes when scorpions move uphill they stop moving. It requires several attempts to get them moving again.
-It took me a while to figure out that to get your commander powers you had to unlock them in the commander tree. Make this more obvious in the tutorial.

Anyways great work 343/Creative Assembly. Keep it up, and I hope to see a really polished product come Feburary!
Domination in Halo Wars 2 was a promising aspect of the game, but was quickly muddled by an identity crisis: what type of game did it want players to play? Did it want them to use hit-and-run tactics? Did it want players to kick the snot outta each other for them? Did it want to exhibit the very spirit of Halo Wars by allowing players to smash massive armies into one another?

To be honest, I don't know and I sure as hell will never know. I've ranked myself, RobbedCascade43 on Xbox, to PLATINUM 1 by using this particular strategy: fight little, capture more. Now, it may sound smart, but when you're playing a game titled HALO WARS 2 and the game focuses around massive COMBAT in the Halo universe, or the unpopular part of the Halo universe, you'd expect a game mode that pushed players to engage with one another in combat to see who could win in a rock-paper-scissors fight for their rank. Instead, we're treated to a game type that actually spawns more slow matches than any other game mode I've ever played in any RTS comparable to Halo Wars. Matches in Command and Conquer 3 or Red Alert 3 were faster and much more adrenaline-pumping than the matches in this game. Even the original Halo Wars was more engaging.

This mode is struggling to choose between a massive combat mode and a hilariously long match of Battlefield's Conquest mode... Yeah, it kinda reeks. I try to avoid any and all contact with enemies if possible that's not fun. I got to PLATINUM 1 THAT WAY! PLATINUM 1! In a game centered around massive Halo RTS combat, you can decide to not engage an enemy AT ALL during a match or even not engage the enemy for TEN WHOLE MINUTES. This mode is promising, but doesn't allow big battles or even adrenaline-pumping battles. The objectives are too spaced out and there are too many objectives. Placing three in the middle and the middle-top and middle-bottom of the map could've been good enough because that allowed big battles to occur. That allowed the flow of the game to center around a constant struggle for control, not some cheap cap-and-run game strategies. At times, I felt cheated out of a good time when someone would use that strategy against me or I would feel that way when I would use that strategy against someone else. It's disappointing and I am disappointed in myself for exploiting such a game mode that should be more fleshed out.

Focus the action on a particular section of the map: middle preferably and allow the battle to flow like a REAL STRUGGLE for each objective. Let the battle flow like a tug-of-war match. Make it challenging, make it fun, make it Halo for God's sake!

Underwhelming right now, but let's see if 343 will allow Creative Assembly to be themselves: a great company with a good history of listening to true fans of any of their franchises or games.
UI: The health gauge for the main base building is blank: No blue rectangles show up, only the dark background, making it impossible to know remaining health.This bug has been seen in both allied and enemy bases, as well as one's own base.
UI: Sometimes, selecting a building will try to open up the radial menu, but fail.
Gameplay/AI: Marines ordered to enter a garrison with supply boxes nearby will instead try to grab the supplies. Issuing the order a second time seems to fix this.
UI: Sometimes, the leader selection will fail to load, replacing the leaders' names (Atriox and Cutter, in this case) with the word "TEXT!"
Please lower the population costs for units. At this rate, the Halo Wars Two armies are smaller than Halo Wars One...Which is pretty frustrating. That is the only real issue I have with the game in its currents state.
When successfully placed into a match a horizontal blue bar displays across my screen that reads "Waiting ckr players..." even though I just went through matchmaking.
This prohibits me from playing even though the match has started and gives the enemy an advantage/headstart.
Serious issue that needs fixing
We need more than domination for this beta
The domination Gazette is awesome however at least one other character option would be nice other than that. Its great.
Looks like a great game for the few minutes I got to play; however, the game froze 3 times on the initial start screen and one time about halfway through my first (and so far only) game. Looks like a fantastic game but it would be great if I could actually play it!
I have crashed and froze over 6 times to restart my game.
Loading the tutorial video has lagged and froze 2 times and almost a 3rd just lagged loading and finally loaded the tutorial video.
Don't like the controls can't use secondary abilitys. Graphics are really good how ever domination is a really bad game mod
its great
Blaze ODST wrote:
Don't like the controls can't use secondary abilitys. Graphics are really good how ever domination is a really bad game mod
Deathmatch will be available in the beta towards the last half of it all.
Alvaruk0 wrote:
We need more than domination for this beta
Apparently a deathmatch game mode is coming out
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