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Multiplayer Beta – Domination Feedback Thread

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The game type isn't all that bad but it's something you should start with more resources than normal to build an army up. Also a 2v2 play with friends game type would be cool so I can experience the game with friends I'd love to see better types
Power reactor power doesn't generate fast enough. I've tried having 3 fully upgraded or building 4 level 1 plants and the energy still only trickles in. Either a bug or severely limited production.
Some of the menus are difficult to read due to the low contrast of blue on blue, specifically the upgrade or infantry vehicle purchased screens.
when new bases or individual buildings or being built there is no status indicator of the progress.
Couldnt drop ODST with leader power even though cool down and available funds were good. Also, why only 1 ODST per use?
difficult to select enemy units with cursor. The cursor should snap with a reasonable space instead of going back and forth and back and forth over the units. This was specifically challenging with the defense drones that circle the capture points.
Troops and vehicles didn't automatically capture/attack. When sending a group of troops to a capture point, the troops were just standing there and not attacking drones or capturing check point. Same when sending troops to attack enemy, they would stand there unless attacked.
"Y" button shows as available on most vehicles and troops even if not available. Shouldn't show unless available and should be greed our if in cool down.
Canister shells on tanks appeared to not work.
Tried to attack with troops/vehicles that couldn't for the specific target. Should have an updated indicator, red circle, red "X", or something else instead of just sending them to that location to die.
Don't like leader power with left trigger and fast moving with right bumper. I will use moving significantly more per game then the few times I can use leader power. I would switch that or make the buttons configurable.
Current mission is boring as you can easily win by only building infantry and fast capturing bases. No time to build out or play with other strategies.

The leader power tree is an interesting addition especially for team play to come up with unique strategies.
I Would like to be able to watch friends play a game while waiting to join.
I would like an in game option during menu/startup to invite friends to team
i would like to have an intro mission to learn how to select, build, and play instead of the tutorial video. Certain actions are not explained enough to know how to use them, like creating grouped squads.
As a veteran of the halo wars the first anouncement about halo wars 2 really excited me , then I remembered what 343 has done to halo . The once great franchise is now the laughing stock of Xbox but seeing halo wars 2 I thought to myself maybe they can actily do something with this game . I have played numerous hours on halo wars enough that I have had 2 accounts to general rank . After just a few hours of playing this beta I already feel like if the actual game is even close to this beta version then it is going to join the rest of 343 games as a work of garbage .i will list what is good and what I see bad about what I have seen
Il start off with good
-i love that captain cutter is still in the game and the new brute leader
-new units for the armies is very cool and makes it an interesting way to turn the tides of battle
-the graphics are a little bit of improvement but the details on the units got worse
*now for what I didn't like
-the things that probably is the most bothering is the leader power , it's combined the supper unit healing and transport all into one with the leader power what's the point of havering a supper unit if I have to trade it off for that or a Mac blast
- the availability for some units is ridiculous , it's cheaper and faster to build a vulture which is a crazy powerful air unit then it is to built a scorpion tank
- why can't warthogs pick up supplies anymore , the whole point of starting out with one was to scout the map for supplies now it's just a isles unit it get destroyed in the beginning cause it takes up more space then it is useful for
-why is there only blue or red , in halo wars 1 the multiple colors of armies made it unique that each army was of one persons , now I can't tell my units from my allies
- I can't see my allies marker to see what he is doing
- why is there no all units button to select all my units on the map, each map I spend more time looking for units that are hidden somewhere on the map when I could easily press one button that was available in the first game
- we don't need a global rally point on the d pas if there is an option on the base
- I can barely see a health bar on a unit let alone an enemy base , it took me forever to kill an enemy base with a full army I thought you weren't allowed to at first since I could see a health bar at all on that bad
-I can't tell when any of my units abilities are ready because there is no way to tell how much it's recharged
-trying to target a unit takes to long because my cursor days right over any unit I try to attack , how about a little bit of auto targeting on the cursor that follows what ever its on ex : Halo wars 1
- why replace reactors with power , this makes rushing uber units more easy and encouraged them havering a high reactor level
- why put super units in the leader power tree I can just drop some ODST now and I don't have to touch marines which was the whole point of captain cutter now makeing him useless compared to another leader
-why doesn't the covenant not start out with a leader , that was the best feature of the covenant now you have to upgrade the leader power for him
-you can probably win by building nothing but grunt units or marines they have seemingly the same health as a tank .
i thought halo wars 2 would be a pretty simple second game where all you had to do was add a few more units , leaders and up the graphics and you would have a game , with so much useful features taken out of the game and new flawed and annoying features In place this beta is going to go along with the rest of 343 halo games as another let down that is ruining halo
I really wish that the matches were a little longer.
Where do I begin on the things I LOVE about this game! You've gotten everything right, from the sounds, to the small details, and the soundtrack - don't even get me started on that beauty!
the only errors I've encountered include:
-Remaining on a black screen after 343 logo plays. This has happened numerous times though it's expected as it's the beta.
-Domination points can be slightly biased, with one team spawning close to E, B, and C whilst the other team only spawns near D.
-Units don't seem to do any apparent damage I.e. I never know if an enemy is taking damage, whether they are or not.
-Not sure if it was purposely not included, but the time for buildings appears to be missing (based on Halo Wars).

Honestly, they're the only quarrels I have with the beta. The graphics are stunning, the voices are fitting, and the general design and gameplay mechanica are spot on! Couldn't have imaged anything better! And the music... Perfection!

Thank you 343,

Kind regards,

Your lotal beta tester

P.S. Seriously, do NOT change the music! Please!
^ Dah Beetis, ahaha so yeah I'm not the only one getting that bs then. I did eventually find a game (after having to reset the game 3 times because it froze) and it took foreverrrrr to get into the game. Then it had another brain fart and I got a victory without playing, everyone was still in the end lobby so no boots and now saying only 9 more games to play. Uninstall is imminent, one more go tomorrow but if there's another update I won't.
Please more types of unites, factions and more probation
343 I would like to say I was skeptical about the domination game mode but it is fun as hell. I mean I would rather have just standard 2v2 or 3v3 but for a beta it's pretty fun. All of these people are mad about a game mode in a beta. Really now? Come on guys. It's actually fun if you play it competitively. I will say though when the game comes out it will probably be the last game mode I play but I for sure now will be playing it instead of not touching it on the full release. Best experience I had so far though was a huge comeback me and a friend made. We has 220 left and the enemy had 4k. We managed to commit a flank and catch the enemy off guard and defend the points until the end. We had a blast. I would agree that the game mode could make be changed a little based off of reading other peoples opinions like longer sessions and how the point system works but for a beta I'm having a great time!
I've been playing this for a couple days now and this is what I have to say. The game is overall a great concept and fun to play. I personally think that the unit abilities should be automatic instead of manual. It takes way to long to switch from unit to unit, use abilities, and train reinforcements/upgrade at the same time. Also it would be nice to be able to zoom out more/ be able to get to a full screen map and easily go from place to place. It would also be nice to have additional max troop upgrades. When my ally disconnects I always end up losing and it would be nice to be able to get all his money/troops. But overall this is a really fun game and I can't wait for the final release!!
Thing is being playing this game a couple days now and I have had to restart it 4-5 times before it will load even onece properly for me and then when I get a game it says waiting for players with my base and troops and resources loaded on the screen tried waiting ages for it to sort itself but never did had to restart the game again and again which when you have your rank it keeps knocking you down when the game glitches out you shouldn't because it's not your fault but anyway on to the actual game play it's good it's different from the first but still giving you that awsome gameplay but it could be longer and 2v2 could have had a few more options on that one and had more than one game type instead of just domination should of had skirmishes and then there is the commander power tree that you need to get points and then spend them to get your powers don't like it at all think it should just be in the armoury and your beta has stopped working for me completely can't start a game at all have dropped 2-3 ranks getting really pissed off!! I know it's only a beta but I am guessing that if I was to get the game when it came out that everything would transfer over so I would rather it work now and have a good rank and a good play of the game until it ends and decide if I want to buy it or not
I'll keep it short.
  1. Make it so you only lose tickets when you have fewer control points than the other team.
  2. Require all control points to be held for tickets to be lost.
  3. Increase the time per cycle between ticket deductions.
  4. Make it so that you gain the points the other team loses. (It'll increase game length)
  5. Increase the total number of points.
My Feedback is pretty well in-depth:

I have played the first Halo Wars on Xbox 360 and really enjoyed it. When I first played the Halo Wars 2 Beta (on XB1) I was a little suprised at the gameplay. In my opinion, the graphics look brightly cartoonish. The Beta map seemed more bright and vibrant than in the original Halo Wars. I think Bases in the original game look more realistic than in the Beta. In the original Halo Wars the graphics seemed more realistic to me, like you were seeing a real battle -just in a zoomed out view. I definitely prefer the darker military colors for units aswell (which is what the original game has). So for Halo Wars 2, the graphics in my opinion seem worse than the original Halo wars.
Also, the Camera in Halo Wars seemed more flexible. However, as far as I know, in the Beta you can only control the camera with one joystick, unlike the original Halo Wars where you controlled the camera with 2 joysticks. I think this is a downgrade for the Beta.
Another suggestion is to make the game more responsive. In Halo Wars when you selected a unit it would respond to you loud and clear with dialogue. In the Beta, however, you can barely hear life from your troops. I think this should be switched to how Halo Wars did it. Another way to make the game more responsive would be to make "marking" more visible and noticeable. In the original Halo wars when you sent troops to a location you would have set a mark on the spot where you would want them to go. This mark (in the original Halo Wars) was much more noticeable, compared to the Beta. It was blue and bright. In the Beta it seemed to me barely noticeable. Also, I don't know how the story will be in Halo Wars 2, but in Halo Wars multiplayer the updater voice was a man voice, aswell as Serena (Captain Cutter's AI assistant). I suggest, when the game comes out for Halo Wars 2, allowing a character from the story to be the update announcer (whatever you want to call it).
I know there will be other game modes and maps when the game comes out, but I suggest making a long-timed game mode (if that hasn't already been considered). I like playing long games.
Also, what happened to the vehicle units the Elephant and Cobra? I really like them aswell as the gremlin (but I'm guessing in the Beta since we could only play as Captain Cutter, he does not have the gremlin unit). I know there's a unit called the Kodiak in the Beta, but I would much prefer the good old Cobra.
Back to Graphics, in my opinion, unit details in Halo Wars were much better compared to unit details in the Beta.
Another suggestion, I didn't much like the cursor in the Beta. On that bright map, it was sometimes hard to find immediately.
Also, just like in Halo Wars, at the end of a battle you should be able to scan the battlefield and get battle statistics like casualties, combat effiency, etc.
Also I think there should be building percentages so you know how soon a building under construction will be ready. There should also be a queue for constructions/upgrades, as this was the case in the original Halo Wars.
One more suggestion, I think the default controls should be that or almost identical to the controls in the original Halo Wars (Which in the Beta, it pretty much was). However, I think you should be able to customize your controls down to point where you decide which button does what. I prefer the button LT for fast moving than LB.
In conclusion, I know some of the things I've said you guys may already be working to improve. My main concerns/suggestions: The graphics, controls, and Halo Wars Feel. This is a military strategy game, so the bases and units should reflect what a military would look like- not bright red and blue, but a dull red and blue. For controls, when selecting something, I think the selected unit/building should be outlined better. In Halo Wars the outline (I think) of a selected building was white or yellow. This worked fine since the contrast between a dull colored building and a bright outline was noticeable. In the Beta, however, there are bright colored building outlines with bright buildings. The contrast is less. Most importantly, I know some say Halo Wars was an incomplete game, but it was still fun to play. It was unique and I hope this sequel keeps the Halo Wars feel. Thanks for reading.
I played a game where two players left, so it was 1v1 and it actually played much better.
I think the Domination gametype makes the matches too short. You might want to use 3 capture points instead of 5 to make the games more exciting as you will continously clash if there are less capture points because now you just run between the points and go around the enemies armies.
Thoroughly enjoying the game so far, even though it is quite limited. One thing that i feel should be added for the final game at least, is giving bases and/or units of the player who quits or disconnects, to the ally of that player. Its a huge disadvantage to be outnumbered in this game and almost a gaurenteed loss for the unlucky ally of the quitter. I feel like some sort of mechanic that can let the outnumbered player compete against two commanders at a time is essential to bring incentive to try and finish the game, rather than leaving right away which i have seen quite a bit in the beta as of now.
I had fun playing cause it was new and exciting but I have a few things to say. What makes halo wars soo fun was the mechanics and the gameplay. This beta did not feel like the original or seem familiar at all. Why do we need to use resources and power to build things. Generators gather power like resources which is weird, whats wrong with reactors? and you cant gather resources with the worthog either! For me the main thing is that the game does not resemble the first one very well. As a HUGE fan of halo wars I would like to see the original Halo Wars improved on rather than taking the game in an entirely different direction. I understand this is a beta and there is a lot of work that needs to be done. So that being said I hope 343 Industries stays true to the original Halo Wars!
One of Cutter's abilities is to be able to capture/decapture objectives/points faster. This ability is a significant advantage over Atriox. I'm fine with Cutter able to capture points such as the power nodes faster. But he should not get an advantage when it comes to the objective.

That's really the only issue I can see right now.

I think the way tickets are lost is fine. I've went from losing by a significant amount and winning by capturing and holding more objectives than the enemy team. So I don't see the complaint there.

Overall, I'm loving this gametype! I love Domination-style gametypes, and this is no exception!
The game itself is fantastic, graphic wise they have hit the nail on the head so to speak. I do find however, that the colours of the different teams are very similar, thus not being able to see clearly whether they are a friendly or not. I feel like that is something that you should change, I don't think it can be that difficult. I may be wrong, however.
400 Clan
The game itself is fantastic, graphic wise they have hit the nail on the head so to speak. I do find however, that the colours of the different teams are very similar, thus not being able to see clearly whether they are a friendly or not. I feel like that is something that you should change, I don't think it can be that difficult. I may be wrong, however.
400 Clan
When in a Domination match and your ally leaves, you should get their resources and their bases should become yours. It isn't fair that you have to fight two people with twice the population cap as you, so if they give you +80 population that would be nice too.
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