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Multiplayer Beta – Domination Feedback Thread

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This game is super broken I cant even load it. How are you guys going to put out a Beta that cant even be played. This is another 343 fail
I only have 2 things to bring up. I sometimes come across large hoels in the maps and other times players randomly disconnect it other things
I think it would make the game a lot more interesting if you had to click on a single unit to upgrade it, like if you had a scorpion upgraded, but wanted to only turn a few into grizzlies at a cost of power ,I believe that would slow the game down and make it more special and interesting before the big fight, because it's just like Rock Paper Scissors when you take a risk with a high costing upgrade like grizzlies just to find out they have air veichals or a hunter army
The game is very well made, but here are some few issues.
-Units take up too much space individually.
- Max troop army count needs to be increased. Afterall you are advertising that Halo wars 2 is full of big battles.
- radar needs pinpoint notifications. Sometimes i am unable to tell if (for example) my army at point B is under attack.
- more vehicle/infantry variety. I noticed how the scarab for Halo Wars 1 has not made a return in Halo wars 2. It and many other vehicles need to return.
-More defence turrets variety for the home base and "outposts."
Great overall but unit population needs durastic overhaul a tank in halo wars 1 was 3 pop granted population was lower but calculating it up halo wars one had bigger battles. On a newer console better hardware we should be able to play with bigger armies. This is the only flaw so far besides building anywhere you want.Granted it is a beta but hope this gets improved.
Please leave the beta on for longer. Although I agree with some of the criticisms on the thread, I just wanna play the game more. Let us play the beta till the game's release. Also put a percentage timer when building something so you know how long you have to wait. Thanks.
I have played 4 matches of Domination and in 2 of them capture point B and C glitched and could not be captured.
I think the domination game mode is a cool idea and implementation to Halo wars, however it would be more enjoyable if the score was increased from 5000 to 10000. The reason why is so that way, it gives one team more of a chance to retake control of the field (it often becomes a one sided slaughter when the enemy captures 4 objectives), as well as both teams more time to develop their bases and units to have longer (because this is not a game in which the multiplayer should be fast paced) and more exciting confrontations with the enemies.

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Please fix the Flare on the mini map. It's way too small, makes no sound, and is not noticeable at all unless you are looking for it before hand.
Got a bug where the game had started and I couldn't do anything as I was stuck on the "waiting for other players" screen
The instant I heard the beta was out I got it. And it seems like an easy adjustment from the HW1. I enjoy this game very much, I've already had a few great comebacks and utter dominations. I have a couple disappointments: one is not being able to fully explore my options with units and armies. And I think even bigger battles would be amazing, after all. Next gen consoles can handle it. The few minor things would include being able to see your allies cursor, more distinct color difference, and obviously the
options from HW1 about in game visuals. (Healthbars, unit abilities, etc.)

-Razr Bullett
Best let friends play aginst ai that way we could learn the game better not good at all with all the new stuff and no way to learn our build dive us away to bring in friends wow
Honestly not a fan of the domination game mode. It is too easy for the enemy team to capture neutral areas and it takes too long to recapture them. I feel like the mode makes it less a game of who can build the best army and use that army strategically and more who can control the points the quickest because by the time you have built an epic army and ready to decimate the enemy, the other team has already controlled most of the points and there is not much you can do to catch up. In my opinion this game mode should be removed from the game because I have had games where I just built 10 squads of infantry and won even tho my enemy built this huge army because I was quicker in capturing the control points. He only had about 800 points left and by the time he destroyed my marines and began to recapture the areas his points eventually ran out even tho it seemed like he was clearly winning. Maybe if you were able to convert the areas quicker the mode would be better but I still believe it takes away from the fun of halo wars. Also I believe many others feel this way and although I was really looking forward to the beta, I was extremely disappointed
Looks awesome can't wait to try it out!
I have never liked Domination in any game and the fact that its in the beta instead of skirmish is just disappointing (get rid of it completely please) so im not playing it until Deathmatch is out
Rather than typing out a big paragraph, I am too lazy to organize my thoughts in such a way coherently lol. So inistead, I shall give you a list.

-Audio in the game needs a total rehaul. everything sounds bad and quiet and low quality. From the gunfire to alerts in-game.
-Colors for each team need to be more easily differentiated, such as the two blues
-I know this is a beta, but the graphics are terrible along with a lack of proper hit boxes and special effects from units' weapons.
-I would like an audible alert when my partner pings
-A more audible alert when I have a new command point to spend
-Overall, just more alerts to keep me informed on what is happening at all times. Such as when units are finished being built
-I just overall feel lost with the lack information provided on what is going on in the battlefield.
-One BIG thing was how claustrophobic I felt. What I mean is that the vision area is way too small. I would like to be able to zoom out probably close to twice as much as I currently can.
-A glitch I ran into was one of my Jackrabbits just flying off toward the edge of the map and I could not control it. It ddi surpass the edge and kept on flying away. I lost a unit for no reason.
-enemies coming out of the fog of war is too subtle and I sometimes am attacking units that I can't see. FOW does not match the unit's attack range.

Again, this is a beta and I understand that. but i know that you asked for feedback for a reason. But the game crashing is ridiculous. How am I supposed to enjoy the actual good parts of the beta with this crashing. please fix this before the beta closes. I was issued a defeat because my friend's game crashed, even though we were so far ahead, i could have won the rest of my game by myself. Thanks guys, looking forward to the second beta for Windows 10, and God help me, if the UI is not changed to something more Starcraft-esque or like a real PC RTS for the PC port or version from Xbox Play Anywhere, I will not buy this game.+
Esta chido y los graficos geniales........pero solo se pueden 60 tropas???
Esque soy nuevo
Frankly I think Domination does not belong in a RTS game at all. In almost every game, before you even get a chance to build your army the game is almost over. If you insist on having this game type at least double the ticket count to give people enough time to play the game.
Jaja es de los juegos que mataran a mierdistation, pongan mas empeño, se que es la beta pero estaria genial unas cosillas pero para mencionarlas tardaria bastante :)
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