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Multiplayer Beta – Domination Feedback Thread

OP Forum Team

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Very well done. Only thing that needs a little more balance is it seems a little too fast pace. I think this could be aided by just increasing both players ticket counts so that there would not be such a scramble for dom points. I don't think I've ever played a game in which any other firebases were captured besides the ones directly outside the spawns
I've played a bit of the halo wars 2 beta and I love its closeness to the original. However the gameplay seems imbalanced. I have yet to win on the red team. I also think an either the resource cost for things should come down or you should be given a set grace period at the start of a match in order to gather recourses and build your army (like a minecraft walls minigame). This is because it can put you at a disadvantage throwing small amounts of high level troops at WAVES of low level enemies. The commander perks system could be a little more obvious but it otherwise works great. I hope you find this helpful and can't wait to play more.
To start with first know that I am an avid player of the original Halo Wars and have played extensively from release day till current day.

Game mode: The domination game mode is one that does not seem that impressive when it comes to a strategy game. one complaint many people had in halo wars 1 was the lack of depth. This mode only seems to add to this as it is more about capturing points fast rather than building up an army. If this was a third game mode in the original it would be the least played due to not really having many player vs. player engagements.

New game mode ideas: I feel if you insist on a game mode like domination you should make king of the hill with one hill that moves to various locations, just like in the fps halo games. this would create more action rather than just roaming from capture point to capture point with no battles like in the current domination. for this mode it might be best if main bases were indestructible and same with main base turrets( which should be spawned from start). possibly allow individual buildings to be destroyed to slow the enemy down though. another possible game mode could be a four person free for all standard battle (eliminate enemy bases and units to win).

Overall beta review: To be quite honest i think the game deviates way too much from the original. If I am playing halo wars 2 I want to feel some similarity from halo wars 1, and sadly I don't. Truth be told most of the fan base was not looking for something brand new, but rather an upgrade that went a little more in depth than the original.
If the beta was symbolic of the full version to be released then please name it something else because it does not coincide with the original halo wars and does not deserve to be in its family.

Base structure: The base structure in the original halo wars looked pretty good and it was simple. I'm really not sure why the base in the beta had to be completely changed from original. as it stands buildings in the beta almost look detached from the main base and so do turrets. A base is should be the entirety of buildings and the main complex connected as one as in the original game. also i do not see the reason behind changing so many of the building names from the original, they were fine as is. It is very hard to tell when buildings will be completely built and same with extra bases. the original game had a good system for this, my advice for base structure just copy the original bases and buildings without name changes, and just upgrade the graphical details of each building. Also generators are clutter the base and design should maybe be reverted to one small wind turbine or even a solar panel.

Resource system: I am undecided about whether the old system needed more depth. What i would say about the new system is that you need to take tech off of base upgrades and make them into reactor buildings as they were before. currently as it stands it is just too easy to upgrade and keep tech levels. in the original game enemy players could come over and slow you down by destroying reactors, this option is now gone because you would have to destroy entire base which is much more difficult. as for the addition of power i sort of like the attempt at more depth but this setup is not it. currently power is basically supplies with a different name and instead of adding a new element you just copied supplies and made a new name. one suggestion i have is to make power into real energy rather than a numerical value like supplies. you could have a energy meter which actually powers the electrical components of your base. example: no power = no new building of units. have power slowly recharge over time but i guess possibly maybe faster with generator buildings? im not a huge fan though of having to build all these generator buildings so maybe have one generator allowed(like covenant temple in original) which can be upgraded maybe like 3-5 times which would increases the recharge rate of power. this energy would recharge on its own without this one building but this would be like a field armory for energy upgrades only. Keep supply pads as they are now and were in the original. no change needed to them.

Map hooks: bring back all the hooks from the original game, they were good except the cannon on tundra. I feel mini bases are pointless and should just go back to being one or two slot building spaces. reactor hook, population hook, sniper towers, shield walls, and healing spires should all be back. I feel these hooks should be as in original game where you put infantry in and leave him in there if you want the benefits of the hook. Supply hooks as well should reappear but maybe they would be with your current setup of capture them with infantry but you can leave when you have fully captured it. assuming you remove power from its current state (which you need to) do not have many hooks on the map as currently there is in beta.

Leaders: Please do not take away from the original aspect of covey leader and unsc 3 Spartans with leader power. This made the first halo wars have differences between leaders and factions. if they are made similar as they currently are with hero's then you are actually taking away from the diversity in the game. I will say i like the idea of an upgrade tree for certain powers as you have it currently. also please bring back super units and unique units for covey. these also helped each leaders uniqueness. I cannot say because you have not released it entirely but a new faction plus the old 2 would be welcomed, but again keep them diverse if possible.

graphics: I realize this is just a beta but the graphics are horrendous. they have lost their mojo and toughness from the original game. instead they look like cartoons and mega blocks. even though halo universe is not real the graphics should try to make it look real. units should look mean and tough made of metal rather than look like flimsy plastic. one thing that i would say is that the last halo wars was a little dark so i do think the game still needs to have brightness in it as the beta has.

units: to start i do like that mainline infantry and scouts are all in main base, but please make all infantry and scouts able to collect supplies. i also like the upgrade in each building to upgrade the speed and damage of all units in that building. again this is just a beta but please still bring back old units such as gremlin, elephant, jackals and others. but cobra did need to go. please bring back pelican dropship and covey teleporter (or a dropship).

suggestions: I know console can be more difficult but adding more precise micro capability is possible and needs to at least be attempted. also unit formations should be added. this would give a new dimension to strategy. Maybe add like four quick keys to d-pad where you would activate by holding down another button. examples could be circle an area as painted with the paint brush tool, get in rows like ancient battles used to be, split army in half ( just would be quicker than paint brush, and maybe one other type. make the attack cursor lock to enemy. Please create a line paint brush for unit movements and make it just follow the exact line so you could technically draw any path not just straight line. i don't know your plan but please do not let units get vetrancy from killing rebel (AI) units and bases.

add onto original game you don't have to change everything around.
It sucks. Why are you leading with this. Halo wars most played game is 3v3. Kind of losing faith. Halo wars is my favorite. Please don't ruin it for everyone
I'm glad to see Halo Wars 2 is back with a better interface and they finally trained the tank drivers to make 3 point turns!!! I have had a lot of trouble with the program crashing which I think is kind of bad even for a beta. This many crashes and drops can really kill the experience. My only other two issues are that the games units are taking on that cartoon look. I understand that sometimes you need to sacrifice a little bit due to hardware limitations but I could do without a few birds and some dust devils and necessary building graphics for a better looking unit. On that note I have had a few instances where I cannot see my troops shooting I just see both of our armies loosing health and I am not sure which of my units are working the best. At the same point the domination game type makes it really hard to have time to really build up and experiment with some of the higher level units. The only times when I have been able to bring the fully upgraded units out is when my teammate has dropped out and it is just me solo against noobs. Which I am going to assume makes it suck a little for them since they are just using marines and one or two vehicles while I am using snipers and Gauss hogs. I really wish we could get one or two campaign missions just for fun and to play with the mechanics a bit.
There is one other note I would like to touch on. SO STOKED TO HAVE BLUR DOING THE CINEMATICS!!!! I would like make a point that in Halo 4 and 5 they made the elites look like these bulky slower enemies especially in the cut scenes but in the E3 demo they showed them as the sleek fast fighters I know that I miss. Cant wait to see what blur does with showing brutes as brutes, elites as the sharp warriors they are meant to be, Spartans just being awesome, and then having the ark as a backdrop for the whole thing.
I like where you are headed, I trust your team. Here are things that need to happen:
1. Fights should be longer. When using an Xbox controller I need time to analyze the field then react. Units should survive longer than a few seconds. This isn't meant to be a Starcraft Tournament. If you want console players to enjoy themselves like in the first game you need to give us a chance to play with controllers. A skirmish should last longer than 30-45 seconds. If units die too quickly it removes our desire to use special abilities and we just devolve into a slug fest tactic where we just toss units in without thought, ultimately removing the usefulness of abilities.
2. Domination mode is over too fast, of the matches I played there was no benefit to building up the tech tree. The team that swarmed domination points with cheap units and held them longer won, over the teams that used their resources to advance technology and in the late game deployed powerful units. There was one exception to this, to be fair. And that game was the most fun I had.
3. If you can, work on sound design. It doesn't sound like I am in the fight. If I can hear the assault rifles clacking and the cannons booming the fights would be much more satisfying than they are right now. I noticed the sound is more powerful when zoomed in. Most players won't play that way. We will play zoomed out as much as we can in order to understand what is going on, especially if you make the fights go so fast. Make that battliefield rock with explosions and gunfire to give a visceral, satisfying feel.
I wish you guys the best and can't wait to play the final product.
Please, please, PLEASE! Make Halo Wars 2 like Halo War 1! Halo Wars 1 was so enjoyable, long battles, easy to use, reactors instead of generators, etc. More characters, more leaders, more like the first game, PLEASE!
Primary issue is with the universal way-points. Is there any way to cancel it once selected?
As a person that still played halo wars a lot (yes even in 2016 and through a lot of work became a general) I find this game insanely different. That's not to say different is bad, I unfortunately can not give an unbiased opinion on what I think of the game because I'm so used to the original. What I can give is some tips on the game mode domination. First things first, I'm not entirely sure what kind of play-style you wanted to target with domination but it is insanely rush to win. It is very easy to win the game with such simple tactics that it doesn't make the gameplay fairly entertaining.
If you hold and maintain the areas for a good amount of time; even if your opponent makes a significant army and completely pushes you back they've already lost. It is time consuming to even make a sufficient army and it is very easy to wipe out your opponents starter units if you and your teammate catch them separated. In order to prevent gameplay like this I suggest simply not having either team start with a starter army, it really makes the game less fun for those that fall so far behind.
Another thing I want to touch on is the power of infantry. I'm trying to understand why they are as strong as they are but it's really hard for me to be happy about it. I understand in the original game infantry units (mostly UNSC infantry besides ODST) were very useless in any situation, besides taking objectives. Unfortunately the power of infantry in this game is insane. I took on both teams starter armies with a good amount of tanks (I think it was about 5-6 and they all had canister shell) and needless to say I lost, and they still had a significant amount of troops left. When that didn't work the next game I tried air (which was what infantry were best against in the first game) and sure enough they lost as well. While I don't believe going back to the old way the units worked would be a good idea, I do believe infantry need reworked.
I hope this helps as I want this game to be as great as it can be, I have waited 7 years for this game and I trust the creators behind it to do it justice. If you read all of this thank you for taking the time to listen to this dedicated fan's suggestions.
The game play is to fast with in two minutes of the game my opponent/opponents already has 3 of the objectives and I'm down by 25% and with other matches I play by the time I have a force big enough to attack their base the round's almost over and my force is halfway across the map. Don't get me started on someone DCing because I took a firebase spot or because they lose their starting force trying to take A!
-Yoink- game at the moment
Like very -Yoink-
I BOUNTY I wrote:
It sucks. Why are you leading with this. Halo wars most played game is 3v3. Kind of losing faith. Halo wars is my favorite. Please don't ruin it for everyone
stop crying its beta
I love the Graphics of the game. it looks beautiful. I think its so cool seeing the Pelican fly down when you create a new squad of marines, it makes the game feel more alive. as for gameplay, it reminds me a lot of the older halo wars which is a good thing and I cant wait for the full game to be released. good job with the game 343, and Creative Assembly!
I hope to God this game has a tutorial level or a co-op mode to practice in, because it's frustrating as hell to try and learn and get a feel for the game, meanwhile the grizzled veterans on the other team are mowing me down with massive armies. I was letting my team mate down and I wasn't enjoying it at all. Total confusion.
For domination make only 3 control points not 5 and have faster troop movements.
The colors need to be fixed. And an easier way to figure out if ur on blue or red team once in game. I stepped out waiting for loading to grab a soda.. and I didn't see what team on was on.
And I don't know how you all are going to fix this game mode. Cause it's just really who spawns nest to 3 points and rushes starting army's to capture. It's just crank out marines and run.. I have no idea how this even made it out of testing.. and there is a point where you can not make a come back no matter what massive army you have. Takes way to long to recap points. And we'll during battles it's so hard to keep ur guys fighting... let alone fighting what you want them to. And to try and click them to use anything...
Also I really need some sort of pop up or somethi g to tell me if my guys are under attack.
I am a big fan of the franchise, and this games seems like a great sequel so far but there are some issues, but hey... that's what betas are for.
- the base colors, while gorgeous, are not vibrant and diverse enough. The prequels had blues thrown in with the reactors and some yellows. I get the army theme, but there needs to be more contrast. It's an RTS game. I'm not just staring at the base the whole game. I'm moving the camera alot, so when I sweep by the base there needs to be some clear details that I can see, but when I do just decide to take in all the hard work and detail that was put into the base I want to see the finer detail.

- unit cap- the unit cap- while on the 360 was understandable, but on the the Xbox one it is not. I get that you don't want 1000 marines running around on screen. That would kill the gameplay. However the fact that with the extra unit cap- I was only able to have 4 scorpions, 1 vulture, 2 warthogs, and maybe 6 or so marine units was kind of disappointing. The cap needs to be raised. i think having 3 armies about the size of the one stated above would be better.

-unit value - the unit values for the most part are all wrong. Marines should not cost 2 unit slots. I've compiled a list of what, I believe, should be the unit values for some of the units

Marines- 1
Warthogs -3
Scorpions- 5
Vulture -. 9 ( yay you got that one right)
Hornet - 3 maybe 4
Flamethrowers - 2

That's what I've come up with. That combined with higher unit cap- would make for some kick -Yoink- gameplay. Bigger armies are better. If I want to run around the map with an army of gaus hogs than I should be able to. That kind of stuff was what made the original game so much fun. We could go hardcore or just mess around with our friends.

- glitches- I understand that you all know there are glitches but some that I've noticed are

- when I recycle a building it says the enemy destroyed it.
- i set move markers and some units walk into walls and get stuck
-some times I click the x button to move a unit and I don't always get that confirmation animation that appears on the cursor.

Thank you for reviving this game. It's been far too long, but better late than never. Hope you consider what I've said.

Thanks, Hexus
No is going to play domination when the game comes out so I don't understand why you don't just give us classic halo wars gamemode. It is good to make a good first impression of a game and you aren't doing that.
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