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Multiplayer Beta – Domination Feedback Thread

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1st of all, the game play is decent. I do like how you guys do betas to test and get player feedback.
most would agree domination isn't the best game type. Death match would have been better( been a fan since the Halo CE and command and conquer)
You can't really test the units or abilities
• would like to see the curser lock on to enemies, while taking a point it's hard to target sentinels.
• I'm neutral on the power supply
• would like to see a command menu where you can access barracks, depot, etc. (this comes from command and conquer I don't like going back to a base while attacking to prep more units)
• feel units are sluggish when you are attacking
I feel it's coming along ( I know it's a beta) but it needs more work. It could be I'm just not a fan of domination.
Well thanks for releasing the beta and giving us a taste of halo wars 2. Can't wait to see the finished project.
( side note if possible release a death match beta I'll only played 6 rounds but I think I'm done with the beta. Domination didn't hold my attention)
Thank you
This mode needs serious work. Here are the things that need fixing for the mode and the game.

- Unit population makes no sense. A Scorpion is 7 units while a Warthog is 6 and a Marine is 3. The old system in Halo Wars was much better
- While you have a total population of 80, it still yields a smaller army than Halo Wars 1. For example, a strategy I liked to use in Halo Wars for 2v2 or 3v3 was to have one person run a 8 Grizzly 8 Wolverine army. This was exactly 40 slots. In Halo Wars 2 you can only create 7 Scorpions and 7 Wolverines. I would like to see a higher unit count, at the very least match the original Halo Wars
- Show the timer when creating buildings
- The match of Domination is almost over by the time you create an army. It took me 15 min to create a full army of tanks and wolverines and by that time the game was 80% over. By the time I got to attack it was over. If i remember correctly the total is 5000. I would like it to be 10000.
- Show health for structures
- Dont force us to have a marine to capture points. This forces us to have a marine in our army and if it dies we cant capture points.
- Allow the warthog to capture supply drops like in Halo Wars
- I did not understand how to use Y abilities like Canister Shell. It was much smoother in Halo Wars 1
- Many units did not have Y abilities at all. I would like to believe this was a beta thing but if not please add back Y abilities to units like Wolverines and Hornets
- Domination in its current state feels like its catered to people who rush. It is almost pointless to build an army of stronger units like Scorpions. The starting marines could probably capture all the points by themselves. Again, if the opponents want to build an army first, they would have lost by that point.

- I do love that you start off with 5 Marines, a Warthog, and turrets for your main base. It speeds up the game and stops rushing to a degree.
- I like how buildings are created faster than in the original Halo Wars.
- Please have more than just 3 or 4 3v3 maps. It was the most popular game type in Halo Wars and had the least maps (it also didnt help that the flood one was terrible)

There is a lot of potential.
Cant wait to try Deathmatch on the 17th :D
Ok I cant sit back and let my favourite RTS get turned into halo 5 arena, So here's my opinion... Why is everything so blue, does it hurt to add some dark textures, I like the new reactor/generator system, the turrets get rid of rushing love it or hate it, Why do the bases look so makeshift instead of the big bulky bases from halo wars, the maps so far seem smaller I thought as a sequel your supposed to go bigger! also the player size 2v2 I know its a beta but again lets go bigger! the game mode domination is too short the game goes for 10 mins by the time I build a army big enough to conquer them the games over! I think if domination was 4v4 or 5v5 I could be great but in a 2v2 its terrible, I love the units it adds so much more tactics, iv got one issue though on the UNSC side why is the Spartan really bad and why isn't there more Spartans! the commander tree is the new field armory from halo wars, I Hope you are able to get all the skills instead of 3-4 per game but I do not like the cooldown on the odst drop, 1 odst every 3-5 mins, as a cutter fanboy this was a huge blow, why cant I see my allies movement on the minimap? I'm sure this game can be the greatest RTS to grace gamers if they listen to the fans.
I'm sure I have more issues with the beta but nothing else comes to mind, 343 Please let us help you make the greatest halo game to date!!!!!
Domination is perhaps the worst game mode for Halo Wars 2. I do not say that lightly as I like when companies take risks like when Bungie did "Generator Defense" for Halo: Reach (never made it into the full game) or Invasion.

One simple reason makes Domination the worst game mode for Halo Wars 2. All I have to do to win is rush and capture every "Domination Point" with the starting units. This virtually decides the game. There's not enough time for the opposing team to even put up a fight. You may not even encounter the opposing team.

There are other reasons as well:
  • No balance; if I destroy an enemy base they should take a hit to their ticket count;
  • If I destroy their main base (starting base) it should be like Halo Wars 1 - they're out of the match if all their units are killed too;
  • Destroying the starting base should have an adverse affect on ticket count for the opposing team;
  • Stealing points should earn you tickets as well
  • Etc.
The "etc." is that Halo Wars 1 games could last an hour, two, or even three if everyone was good players. Now matches are about 10 minutes and you barely have time to get to Tech Tier II before you've won because you captured all the Domination points with your starting units and MAC blasted the opposing teams starting units if you're lucky enough to encounter them. And MAC Blast Area of Effect and Damage need to be increased! If I have MAC Level 4 and I shoot a base's building, it should annihilate that building - not do barely half the building's health leaving my Kodiaks doing more damage.
Please make it deathmatch only this weekend. Domination isn't fun. If you try to build decent units the other team would have half the points already taken.
    • Las unidades de infantería en la beta de Halo Wars 2 pueden con los tanques, pueden con los aviones; ¡LA INFANTERÍA PUEDE CON TODO! Ya en serio, teniendo suficientes unidades de infantería puedes vencer fácilmente al enemigo.
    • El límite de población es engañoso: Teniendo un límite de población de 60u. pero cuando incluso la infantería más básica ocupa 3u. no puedes armar un ejército nivelado. Los ejércitos son demasiado pequeños y meren muy rápido. No es estratégico.
    • La generación de unidades es increíblemente lenta comparado con la velocidad a la que mueren.
    • No tiene ninguna ventaja usar líderes humanos: De inicio con Atriox obtienes 10u. de infantería y un vehículo. Con Cutter obtienes 5u. de infantería y un vehículo... en un modo de juego tipo captura de territorios algo así es una terrible desventaja. Los puntos a conquistar pueden ser obtenidos enviando 5u. por lo que se puede dividir tempranamente el ejército Brute para atacar a más de un punto, lo que asegura una victoria temprana; atacar de dos en dos. Además las bases secundarias pueden ser fácilmente atacadas por enemigos Brutes desde el inicio.
    • El sistema de parejas: No sólo es la misma cantaleta de siempre, que si tu aliado es poco astuto etc. Se trata de la forma en que, en un modo matchmaking al que se puede entrar individual o grupalmente. Ahora, con la inclusión de recursos en energía, uno de los integrantes del equipo puede dedicarse a generar recursos y el otro energía y compartirsela entre ellos. Si elijen ambos a Atriox pueden usar un ejército de 22 elementos para conquistar bases en secciones de 5, atacando un total de 4 de los 5 puntos a la vez, con el mínimo esfuerzo, acabando velozmente con el equipo enemigo. En Halo Wars (1) la lista de juego era dividida en partidas para grupos e individuales.
    • El tiempo de espera "Waáaaaithing fóoor pláyyyers": A veces el fastidio vence a los jugadores y se retiran por esta razón.
    • El tutorial en vídeo no es suficiente para familiarizarse con la nueva jugabilidad.
    • En busca de nuevos jugadores, la jugabilidad en la que el objetivo es destruir la(s) base(s) enemigas quedó desaparecida.
    • La importancia de la estrategia desapareció: Puedes sacar unidades que sean ventajosas ante las de tu enemigo. Teniendo, por ejemplo, un solo francotirador contra 5 marines, sigues ganando.
    • Las bases están hechas de papel: Sucumben ante ataques simples y de pocas unidades.
    • Los puntos deberían dejar de disminuir al ocupar el mismo número de puntos estratégicos que el enemigo.
    • No hay manera de construir un ejército: Las unidades de todo tipo son destruidas fácilmente, si no se construyen en volumen y si lo hacen y aún así son destruidas, y por los ya mencionados puntos en que los tiempos que duran las unidades en el campo con lo que duran creándose, se hace mucho más difícil defenderse a los contraataques.
    • Es difícil saber la salud de las unidades: La línea de salud es tan pequeña y plana que no se nota cuando comienzan a morir.
    • El Cañón Mac es un chiste: Aun cuando disparas directamente a un sólo grupo de marines, estos saldrán bien librados del ataque.
    • El ataque de líder con granadas de plasma es inespecífico y poco eficaz, igual que el Cañón Mac.
  • Infantry units in the beta of Halo Wars 2 can with tanks, can with aircraft; The INFANTRY CAN YET! Seriously, having enough infantry units can easily defeat the enemy.
  • The population limit is misleading: Having a population limit of 60u. but when even the most basic infantry occupies 3U. you can not build an army leveled. The armies are too small and meren very fast. It is not strategic.
  • Generating units is incredibly slow compared to the speed at which die.
  • It has no advantage using human leaders: Startup with Atriox get 10u. Infantry and a vehicle. With Cutter get 5u. infantry and vehicle ... in a game mode capture territories type something is a terrible disadvantage. The points to win can be obtained by sending 5u. so you can divide the Brute early army to attack more than one point, ensuring an early victory; attack in twos. In addition secondary bases can be easily attacked by enemies Brutes from the start.
  • The buddy system: It is not just the same old story as always, if your ally is little sneaky etc. This is how, in a matchmaking mode that can be entered individually or in groups. Now, with the inclusion of energy resources, one of the team members can focus on generating resources and other energy and compartirsela between them. If they choose both Atriox can use an army of 22 elements to conquer bases in sections 5, attacking a total of 4 of the 5 points at a time, with minimal effort, finishing quickly with the enemy team. In Halo Wars (1) the list of game was divided into games for groups and individuals.
  • The waiting time "Waáaaaithing fóoor pláyyyers" Sometimes boredom beat players and removed for this reason.
  • The video tutorial is not enough to become familiar with the new gameplay.
  • In search of new players, the gameplay in which the goal is to destroy the (s) base (s) enemy was missing.
  • The importance of the strategy disappeared: You can get units that are advantageous to those of your enemy. Taking, for example, one sniper against five Marines, you still winning.
  • The bases are made of paper: succumb to simple attacks and a few units.
  • Points should stop declining to occupy the same number of strategic points which the enemy.
  • There is no way to build an army: units all are easily destroyed, if they do not build in volume and if they do and still are destroyed, and the aforementioned points that the times that last units in the field thereby creating lasting, it becomes much more difficult to defend counterattacks.
  • It is difficult to know the health of units: health line is so small and flat that is not noticeable when you begin to die.
  • Canyon Mac is a joke: Even if you shoot directly to a single group of marines, they will go free from attack.
  • The leading plasma grenade attack is nonspecific and ineffective, like the Canyon Mac.
I hate the control layout. I hate the energy needs to be charged instead of just reactors or upgrade temple. I hate domination. I mean come on. Love the new units if I had time to figure out how to build/upgrade. Seriously though I will stay with halo wars if you don't go back to the normal reactors. Not a big fan at the moment.
It's far too short. By the time I've assembled my forces, the game is basically over. I imagine 3v3s would be even worse.

The colours are too similar to one another. I often confused my ally's units for my own. The colours should be more distinguishable from each other.

Also, some of the base building is confusing. It took my 4 games to understand generators and how to increase my tech level. The change from HW to HW2 isn't necessarily bad, but it should be made much more clear to the player.

I noticed a lack of dialogue from the units. I liked how in the first game every time you would select a unit, you would hear "Yes, sir?......... Moving into position!" In HW2, I only hear that sometimes. It makes the units feel less alive, to me.

The increase in population was completely pointless, since units are now worth more than they were in the first game. Something should be done about that.
Why did you lie to us 343i and CA or do you not know how to count?

You said the battles will be larger and yet you make them smaller by drastically increasing all the unit's population count? Seriously? :/

Next issue is the game type. Why would you pick the game mode that encourages rushing and therefore much shorter games as the game type to test the game? We physically can't test game here dudes if it's ending in a few minutes.

Final issue for me is the unit balance. As the game stands, there is no point besides making Grunts and Marines because they pretty much trash everything else in the game. So either buff everything else or deliver a nerf hammer to the Grunts and Marines.
*New units are awesome
*More variables in the game , meaning more micro management and decision making
*Nice leader power variety
*All around unit scaling seems fair. Not too OP or under powered.
*Some units broken, for ex. Vultures DPS with superior range compared to a rever.
*Action wheel isn't as good or easy to use compared to halo wars 1.
*Cursor movent is too slow,with halo wars 1 cursor movement speed, hold down left trigger. But in HW2 , you have to hold it down but not all the way, which can interfere sometimes with micro management.
*Unit cap could increase a bit
*Units go idle sometimes during engagement , or don't attack near by enemies.

That's bout it, but keep in mind this is only from domination games, and majority players in matchmaking have no idea what to do.
I'm enjoying having a game mode that isn't just 'destroy the opponents base.' I think that having to defend and attack different areas has stopped the stalemate game that I had in the original. I'm looking forward to seeing what other game modes you guys have in the works. However, I don't think the controls are that intuitive for a newer player and that there needs to be a tutorial mission.
i understand that it's a beta and not the finished product but after playing this I look forward to purchasing the game
Domination is too short. No sense in making any other units besides infantry from your main base, because by the time you can build anything else, the game is already over.
First and foremost, my feed back is going to be limited simply because the domination mode is horrible for play testing. Please give us some death matches.
The domination mode is hard to judge anything because many people don't know how to play. And I have yet to play a match where all 4 players know what to do. Matches either are over very quickly because someone who does know how to play just runs out and gets the zones, or the game just abruptly ends before you get your troops out.
Rush tactics are useless because of the mode.

I honestly will probably never play this mode i the final version, but if I did, I would like it to be longer. Maybe you could add more zones or change the scoring system.
I can't cycle through individual units
The reactor system is a horrible change
These commander powers and role-playing tree makes no sense, if you really need them to be there make them perks outside the match like COD but don't cause that'd be even worse so better safe than sorry just get rid of them
You're really trying to change the dynamic and speed of each game but it's so COD in speed that I'm not at all invested which was what the first game was fantastic at, honestly just start over, go back and rehash all the Halo War 1 mechanics and ADD to you these new developers are trying too hard to make these their own personal spin and it sucks hard like HARD please shares this with every single one of them and tell them how bad they're doing right now.

Had to reset the game itself several times before I could even get to matchmaking. During my first game, we got about halfway and one of the opposing team quit, then a minute later the entire game crashed and I was sent to Xbox home.
TitanCaster is so right with all he said ! This game is just bad n no continue of the great halowarz we all have played ... i guess to late to tell u that ! another great game ends with the beginning of the second part !!! so dissapointed u didnt keep everything good n work on a better graphic and some more good maps for 3on3 matches and maybe bring another species ... thats all u guys needed to do !!! thats what all the halowarzfans expected u to do ! hopefully my view is totaly wrong n this game will turn into a great game like the first part was
Any single player skirmish mode available in this beta? had 1 game of hw2 domination, multiplayer still ain't my thing. looks promising though hw2 team. i like the amount of choices i had for my army.
There needs to be a Quick map function that also works with the Direction pad. Zoom needs to go back much further. Allow 4 player teams for massive map battles.
Please, please, PLEASE! Make Halo Wars 2 like Halo War 1! Halo Wars 1 was so enjoyable, long battles, easy to use, reactors instead of generators, etc. More characters, more leaders, more like the first game, PLEASE!
Obviously there are going to be more leader as there are spaces for them in the selection screen. Also generators are thes same as reactors but they produce instead of having a set amount which makes the game more RTS-like because most RTS games have multiple reasouces.
As a long time halo wars fan i was excited to play this beta but there are many problems with it. The great thing about halo wars was it was simple thats why it worked so well on console this game feels a little too complicated for me personally,i think most people agree that domination isnt the best game mode, why? because its just about capturing the objectives as quick as possible which doesn't make it very fun, by the time you have spent your time building up your defenses and your army, the game is already over because all points have been captured, i want to feel relaxed when i play this not completely rushed. I also dont like the new generator system, it's doing nothing that the supply system isn't doing it's much more simplier to build a few tech reactors like the first one an be done with it. It's a small change but i would like to see my allies cursor i have found it very helpful in the past and want it to return to halo wars 2. Veterancy doesn't seem to show up very well i have no idea when my troops get veteran. Also I know it's just a beta but hope to see the following when the game gets released, standard mode 3v3 and 4v4, private matches with ai's and online players. A few more leaders to choose from than the first and a wide variation of maps where you will need to change your tactics depending on that map. Overall though halo wars 2 beta isn't too bad just needs a few changes before full game release.
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