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Multiplayer Beta – Domination Feedback Thread

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omg the load times are horrible, sometime the game would never load i win 4 games because the ther players disconnected from the match... this beta is really messy imo
Hello. I don't write to much on these forums, but I have played a lot of games of Domination on the Halo Wars 2 Beta since it dropped last Monday. I would like to give my two cents about the game experience itself.

A bit of background; but the original Halo Wars was the first Halo title I played in its entirety, so it holds a special place in my heart that way.

So anyways... I feel Domination has a lot of good ideas, but is a tad rushed. I like how it tries to bring objective based gameplay similar to CtF or Warzone in Halo 5; into an RTS format. Unfortunately it is far to easy to drop the ticket count of an enemy early on and gain an easy lead. Conflict with the opposing team is far to infrequent, and base defenses are rarely needed as most players will only attack the enemy base by the time the ticket count is almost to zero anyways. It seemed like far to many players didn't understand the objective gameplay, and I had a few games were I was alone rushing objectives, while my teammate sat quietly building a big army as if it was a Deathmatch/Slayer game.

With that said, I highly enjoy the idea of an objective based game; and it makes the gameplay feel unique. I might not be a huge RTS fan, but I have played a few other games such as Star Wars Empire at War, and the original Command and Conquer: Red Alert; and only in the campaign levels did they have objectives. Having objectives in multiplayer for Halo Wars 2 was new for me, and made it enjoyable. I hope the issues with Domination are taken into consideration, and the game is tweaked a bit to expand it's ability to be playable. If Domination is a bit more balanced so it doesn't feel rushed, then it could become a favorite game type of mine when the final game drops next year.

A huge issue that needs to be resolved is when a player drops or loses connection in game. I had many a match were I started a battle, and my ally soon dropped leaving me alone to face two players on an enemy team; making it near impossible to win. In reverse, when an enemy dropped in a match; it was all to common for their ally to drop a minute later; giving my team an automatic win and removing the fun from the match.

A few other things about the gameplay. For the most part I found the control scheme to be easy to learn and responsive to my commands. Very little has changed from Halo Wars 1 and I am glad it took me so fast to relearn the controls. The main learning issue though was trying to understand how the new commander functions and tech tree are used, but once I learned that I had insane fun trying to drop squads of suicide Grunts on my enemy, or order a barrage from an orbital MAC cannon. The only other issue I found is it takes a while to traverse the map with the controls, and that makes it hard to focus on both resource management and combat at the same time.

Also the factions are rather well thought out and fun. I am loving how the Banished feel and play. They are a unique twist to the classic Covenant, and I am hoping to someday see them in not only Halo Wars 2; but also in the main FPS games (Halo 6 perhaps?). The UNSC is a bit more "typical" in its gameplay, but I am glad to see they perform much like the UNSC of Halo Wars 1. I am curious if any other factions are secretly being planned... with this being post-Halo 5 I can't help but wonder how an RTS would feel being in control of "The Created" and their army of Guardians and Promethean troops. I don't know if they are in the works, but if they are brought to Halo Wars 2 I would love to see them.

Overall I am impressed; and feel this is a good follow up to the original. There are a few issues that need to be fixed; but since seven months seems to be a long time for video game development; and the game already looks so close to completion... I have faith those issues will be addressed.
During large team fights the game completely freezes and makes me quit.
The game so far is awesome besides the slow matchmaking. My only problems are the following...

* When moving from the base to base or from one squad to the other some chunks don't load in properly.
* The cursor should have more magnetization because it can be hard to click on small flying troops.
* In domination the games should last longer, instead of taking away 10 points for every point captured it should be 5.

Besides that I love the new changes. The new resource (power) makes it more strategic when managing what to build and when. The new spartan abilities are awesome as well. Very good job so far, can't wait to see more awesome features! ;)
So generally I'm really liking this beta it's pretty annoying the fact I have to turn my console on and off to get it to start but hey it's beta.
Firstly I really like the design of the units and the colours but as many other people have said I think we need to see when we can use the y ability on units, also once again like others have said we need little notifications on the mini map to see where battles are because it gets really annoying. My final criticism is that I think unit caps should be increased as to allow larger scale battles.

However I personally rather like the domination game mode as it feels a bit like a match of Battlefield and really tests strategic thinking. All I can say is so far I'm thinking of getting the Ultimate Edition due to the enjoyment j e had with this beta
feddback memories... a good theme
Hey 343! Hope you are doing well and excercising your ability to ignore the useless, unhelpful, immature comments that plague the Halo Wars 2 BETA forums and are focusing attention to the folks who are mature and giving CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.
Edit: I apologize for putting this on the Domination Forum and not the Halo Wars 2 Main Forum but i hope you find this long comment useful!
Enough of the rant. Here are some issues or comments I have on the game:
After the Wednesday update it seems that loading into matches takes a lot longer, another issue is the "waiting on players" alert that seems to happen quite often and takes up a significant amount of time.
Gameplay: (1)The learning curve takes come getting used but is not a big issue, (2)Domination could be fun (I have won all of the matches I have participated in), however it seems to frustrate many people, the ticket bleed (especially if you hold most of the point areas) is too fast, there should be enough time and chances for the losing team to come back and "dominate" point areas. (3)There also seems to be balance issues with rock, paper, scissors effect. Core infantry seem to be superior in every confrontation (there is not much use in training air units, vulture seems to be downgraded). (4) Projectile direction is a bit funny, the hornet and warthog especially seem to have the bullets traveling in all directions except for the direction of the enemy units! (5) Some units have trouble engaging in combat at times, for example the Wraith and Jetpack Brutes, as though they can't find the enemy unit or just walk around and circle the unit. (6) Power supply is very slow in obtaining. (7) The cost and population count for the larger units (land and air vehicles mostly) are a bit too steep. (8) The early upgrades for infantry units are a bit too costly as well (ex. shrapnel mines for the grunts). (9) Some of the leader powers are underwhelming (MAC rounds and Cleansing Beam do very little damage). (10) The ODST and Spartans and Brute Warlord are also underwhelming (I tend to not use them at all). (11) Now the speed of the game is a bit too fast. Either the map is too small or the units movement speed is too fast or Both. (12) The total population (even with the Reinforcement Upgrades) feels average, I would like to see larger army counts (which would be AWESOME).
As for the art style: (1) Looks cool and I like that the art style of the cutscenes ushers back to Halo 2 Anniversary art style! Although the color scheme is a bit too bright (sorry for the "a bit too" phrase popping up so often!). (2) I like that the Forerunner art style is going back to the more detailed structures of past Halo games.
Lore: (1) I think the concept of the Banished is awesome! (2) YOU NEED TO FOCUS ON INFORMING PEOPLE THAT THE BANISHED ARE THEIR OWN ENTITY AND NOT THE COVENANT. I am tired of people saying that "it does not feel like the Covenant". Guess what people, its not and not supposed to be.
So far, y'all (including Creative Assembly) are doing well with Halo Wars 2 and I hope the final game is beyond great and performs extraordinarily better than the Beta. Keep on rockin' and improving yourselves as a video game studio.
Game has the same problem every RTS has. You either live and breathe genre and are allowed to play it online, or you get stomped every game and somehow expected to find any part of it fun. Matchmaking needs to be a thing.
The Domination game mode.

As a whole, its well made, although in all fairness the games feel a bit fast. Ultimately if you had 4 individuals that knew what they where doing the game itself can be somewhat entertaining; Although Generally every match just comes down to basic infantry units. I've played around 20 games in total, and I personally enjoy the game concepts that have been brought into Halo wars 2, But this game time is no where near as enjoyable as it could be. For how I would go about fixing these issues, to make domination a more likable game type I have as follows,

Option 1- Eliminate the starting infantry units, that way players have to either build their bases up first, or sacrifice some of their starting funds to produce a unit to capture the first point.

Option 2- Instead of having 5000 points at the start, why not flipping the score to 0 for both teams at the start and instead of the points being deducted have them increase. Then you could have a time limit instead of a point cap. Or just change the point cap to 10000-20000 points.
Option 3- Simply lower the points that get deducted, instead of 10 points make it 1 point per capture point.

I'm sharing my opinion, because i've played Halo Wars ever since it came out, even last week I was on Halo Wars. It is a simple RTS, but that's what makes it fun. You don't have to put much effort into it, which makes it more enjoyable for the people who don't play RTS games. Either way whatever path this game takes, I'll still be there, waiting to buy my copy.
I actually like this Game type. I understand some people want a game type more like the original 3 v 3 I do too, but this is a nice fast paced version that requires some obj time. The dropping Odst's one at a time thing on cooldown is ridiculous, I understand that the new marines can be upgraded to be really strong, and this may be a balance choice but at least let us drop 3 squads 1 seems a little over gimped. It's weird initially for the units like marines to use frags and launchers without being directed but I actually like it, you don't have to direct fire and it let's you sit back and watch more cinematically or go manage other things. The unique Spartan thing is a cool idea if they're more, at least 3 to use and choose from at the same time. The power resource working more like supplies was different but not bad, that may be because I rapidly expanded and built a bunch of generators and upgraded them. i don't think it's as bad as some people make it out to be. The different colored supply pick ups are a good thing, i like the supply supplies being an orange yellow color and the power supplies being a blue color. I had a lot of fun and won both matches i got to play, one as Captain Cutter and the other as Atrinox. I hope and think more gametype Variety and more general polish in the launch build will please a lot of the nay sayers. I like a lot of the new units and the game so far and want to see it do well. look forward to release. ~ A Halo wars 1 general.
I am having some issues where the game just freezes. I have to restart the game in order to resolve this. (I've only played two games)

Update: I have tried to play more matches but the game completely freezes to the point where I have to restart the game and I keep falling into the same routine. The game looks good but not being able to play it sucks. (I really want to get those REQ packs :\)
The game could deffinately usr alot more ai controlled units in multilayer matches. Imagine in the middle of a natch your base gets attacked by a group of sentinels or a herd of creatures that live on the ark. The possibilities are endless and I hope you guys do something with that.
Hello! I have peaked in Diamond 3 and would like to offer my opinions!

1) The points bleed too quickly. I max out on units before I start building tech 3 units every time, and I would argue I have the best macro of any player I have played against or have seen play on Twitch.
Detailed: infantry fights reign supreme for every inch of map control. I have found that playing for stronger units simply takes too long.

2) Ricochet meta for domination: The first player to get their warthog to the upper middle small firebase has a significant advantage because of the 2 garrison spots they then control. (a game of chance)
EDIT: Adding info for #2.
Placing snipers in the two garrison spots ensures no competition will be had for B and C points.
My feedback.
-The UNSC and Covenant animations need to be fixed. They don't look right (example marines were just standing there doing nothing but were shooting at the enemy. Just no animation.)
-Domination needs more points on each side to let the battle last longer. The matches were to short.
-freezes on startup and during game. Very buggy also.
-The colors of UNSC need to be darker and realistic looking. Almost looks like a cartoon.
-lastly It would help to add a percentage of how long is left when creating buildings. Thank you and hope this helps.

-lastly It would help to add a percentage of how long is left when creating buildings. Thank you and hope this helps.
I like domination, I do, but it seems like this maybe wasn't the best option for the beta. It seems like the game ends before you're able to unlock anything and actually experience the game. I can't really stretch my command muscles because I'm too worried about building basic units to immediately cap points. I'm sure it'll be fine for the full game, but I think deathmatch would've been better to really experience it.

I really like how energy is now another resource, and how supplies and energy are built of each other. The new form of tech levels is interesting, but because domination is such a rapid game mode, I haven't really seen how it affects the game mechanically.

The command tree makes sense from a story point of view (because why would the spirit of fire's capabilities be based on the ground forces supply chain) but it's introduction did take away a bit of the ease of use. To beat a dead horse, I haven't seen much use of this yet, because the game ends very quickly.

Graphically, it looks pretty dope, though I miss Halo Wars bright and contrasting color palette. I do like that you brought back the old UNSC emblem (which makes sense because the spirit if fire is really -Yoinking!- old at this point in the canon).

All in all, I like the game. I can't wait to try some deathmatch with this new system, though.
Vespene gas works great for SC. My point was more along the lines that I didn't see how the power resource actually added anything. My impression was also that I needed way too much of that secondary resource for just about everything, as opposed to Starcraft's low gas tack-on. Even if it is good for the gameplay after putting in some hours, I wouldn't know because the way the beta lets you experiment and learn is non-existent. How can you learn the game if your only option is wild matchmaking? I see a lot of people new to either RTS or HW2 just not even giving it a chance because it doesn't let your learn it at a controlled pace.
I see what you mean now. I do believe there should have been some sort of single player so you could learn the basics without the stress of having a teammate relying on you. I think the generators scattered around the map are an ok balance to the massive amounts of power needed to produce things, although I think they should give you a little more seeing as right now you almost need a base filled with only recourse buildings to keep up with production.
Se supone que el juego es de estrategia si te vas a quedar en tu base esperando mejorar todo para luego atacar no tiene chiste la.ideas es arriesgarse perdiendo recursos y ganando bases, o si no la dinámica sería otra
So far, I have had one incident where I was locked from doing anything. My controller was able to control the xbox itself, but not anything in the game so I could only sit and watch as my base was destroyed. Another thing, this one less annoying, is Atriox kept saying the enemy destroyed one of my buildings at random intervals (including the start of the game). The last one that I found almost annoying as being locked from gameplay is my teammates would vanish at the start of the game, leaving me alone to fight two enemies. Excluding those faults, it's so far been a pretty fun game. I enjoy the graphics, the commander powers are awesome, and I do enjoy seeing how each commander can affect the battlefield in unique ways.
1)Put marines back to barracks.
2)Put Spartans to barracks and make the max number 3.
3)Old reactor and energy level system.The new system slows down the game,requires more buildings, is frustrating and doesn't let any main bases to exist.
4)reduce unit population cost cause I can't build an army. Marines should cost one population unit not 3.
5)Add rebels/sentinels instead of having empty bases.
6)bring back cobra.
7)bring back hawk
8)visible health for buildings and units.
9)more health for buildings
10)louder cutter voice. I can't hear him compared to atriox
11)notifications for map events.
12)better ally colours. not just shades or red or blue.
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