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[Locked] Multiplayer Beta – Official Bug Report Thread

OP Forum Team

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Apoll0 wrote:
koolin wrote:
Lots of work needed for this game clearly. Good to you guys for putting it out early.

Number of UI related items which I am sure this is no where near final, it better not be
  • mini map is too big
  • bottom location of information is too much, pop, currency, energy should be at the top along with mini map
  • no feedback when selecting a move location on the map
  • no building progress on base slots
  • build marines from main base???
  • population count of marines is 3 and hogs is 5??? and we have a total pop start of 60 - this is worse than HW1
  • Bases look too much of the same, not enough team color to them
  • Base slots too hard to tell apart, supply pads look terrible
I am deeply concerned that Dan Ayoub is involved in this project. After the failure of leadership and ownership of MCC I find it amazing that you put him front end center for another farmed out project. This is not meant as a person attack on Dan but all I can say is I have no trust in his ability to properly execute a project successfully and him given this leadership of HW2 is an indication that 343 nor Microsoft sees this as a high priority project that they want to succeed.
pretty much all of this ^^^
After the first hour of playing I'm not a fan at all of what they have done. There is no feel at all of halo wars. Very poorly done so far
Froze on black screen with just the music playing after opening. First multilayer game froze about 10 minutes in.
It's got stuck on the 'Find Match' screen whilst displaying "Connecting to Halo Wars 2 online services..."

Been 5 minutes now. Tried pressing B to back out but it seems frozen.
When you spawn in as the far left player. Base 1 I assume you cannot play the game, it just has the modal box saying "Waiting for players". Played 3 games, 2 of which I was base 2 - I was able to play but the team mate at base 1 was unable to or unresponsive. When I played as base one was unable to play.
I just finished dowbloading the game. I load it up and it freezes at Halo Wars 2 logo screen. What do i do to fix this?
It freezes everything when I try leaving the title screen :(
It's been downloading for half an hour and only at 25%.
Anyone else experiencing this?
That's called slow internet, I have also experienced this bug.
It freezes everything I try leaving the title screen :(
This. Tried a hard reset. No luck.
my game doesn't load past the start menu, it seems to be a problem for a lot of people
343 pls fix so we can enjoy :)
how long are the games?
idk if it's taking forever or if it's stuck on 60%? Anyone else?
Great! Sadly I won't be going to E3 but hopefully RUL can get some footage :/
During combat I can't see the bullets fly.
The game is constantly freezing when I press the start button on the main menu. I haven't even been able to try the game out yet. Anyone else having this issue?
So I downloaded "Legdrop" and after I started it the game was renamed to Halo Wars 2.
It seems to freeze every time after I hit the start button (when it says press start to play)
I can't get it to go past the opening video, locks up every time...
I cant even Get onto the game. It freezes everytime. Tried over 25 times now. The beta needs to be fixed and extended a month.
Been downloading it since the announcement I think it's something to do with preview dashboard, it says leg drop at 56%...
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