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[Locked] Multiplayer Beta – UNSC Feedback Thread

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Love the game, the sexy graphics make it super slick looking and really good, there are a few things I want to know about, however.

Can we please have the controls from the other game? They were perfectly optimised for RTS gameplay.

Also, the voices are great but the static effects on Cutter make him hard to hear sometimes and I can barely hear the marines talking when I select them, their voice volume should be higher than the noises of battle.

One final thing, I am unsure what the number in the circle does next to the supplies info etc. Is it a tech level or something to do with the Domination game type? How do I increase that number and unlock more units?

Thank you very much, keep up the good work!
Need to fix the populations, a tank should not take up 7 pop nor should marines take up 3 pop.
Need to be able to quick scroll map.
Need to be able to select all units not just local units.
Need to fix the graphics. They suck. Original Halo Wars graphics from years ago was much better. We are in year 2016 here graphics should be better not worse.
Why do i have to build so many Generators to keep up with building units. I have to have almost as many generators as supply pads.
Warthogs cant pick up supplies? FAIL!!!
the graphics are indeed better (whens the last time you looked at HW1) for the Need to be able to quick scroll map.Need to be able to select all units not just local units. take 2 minutes to look at the controls in the options menu tardbarge. i agree with the pop tho. i have no problem with the generators tho
Agree with population for sure, but disagree on the generators. There are far mor base plots now and lots more garrisonable buildings on the map to support your economy.
The Marine Squad's Technician upgrade should not give them a Marine with a Rocket Launcher at all times. If the Rocket Launcher became an ability like the Frag Grenade where every Marine shoots a Rocket Launcher at the same time, that would be fine; But one that can constantly shoot rockets is just too much. An army of Marines can take down 'Hogs with complete ease, and Hornets even more so obviously.

The Snipers should not get Active Camo right off the bat. They're too dang powerful against infantry. The Active Camo should be an upgrade. Speaking of which, because the Snipers are so good, the Flame Marines are useless; The Snipers have the significant range, damage, the Active Camo, and can stun as well, making the Flame Marines unpractical. Add in the Stanchion upgrade (by the way, I'm loving to finally seeing this beast in action), and the Flame Marines might as well not even be in the game. My first suggestion would definitely make the Active Camo an upgrade. My second suggestion is to maybe to give the Snipers DMRs at first (that have a little bit less range and definitely less damage), then the Sniper Rifles as the next upgrade, then the Active Camo (or flip the two, Active Camo first then Sniper Rifle), then finally the Stanchion Sniper Rifles (which could possibly give the stun effect); Something along those lines.

The ODST Drop Pod is practically useless. If it dropped a Veteranized ODST Drop Pod like the Cyclops, then it'd be useful. Or if it's cool-timer was reduced. Or maybe have both happen. Currently, there's no point in calling one in, or using that skill point to have it; I'd much rather have a Veteranized Cyclops.

The Pelican Gunships Leader Power is ridiculously powerful! While it is awesome and satisfying to see them swoop in, hover like vultures, and just blow everything up into smithereens, they do too good of a job. Anything and everything in their sights just dies, plain and simple. My suggestion is to either reduce the time they're around, their accuracy, their damage, or possibly all three.
I do not think that the next weapon upgrade for the Spartans, after the duel pistols, should be a spartan laser. I think that should be a much later upgrade after a battle rifle or something.
With the superior power of the xbox one why is the damn unit count exactly the same as the xbox 360 with some units costing more than previously? Also why 5000 points in domination instead of 500 it'll be exactly the same.
It will make matches only last like one minute.
The matches are filled with little combat currently and if you haven't noticed the 5000 down to 500 won't change anything because it goes down by ten.. it already is 500 going down by one currently but since it looks like 5000-10 it's strange
Maybe your right sorry
I like the new game and feel like there is a ton of improvement. I think the movement of units is better and the effects are certainly more dynamic. But I think the cell shading and basic rendering of the units looks a little cartoony. I think you should pump up the textures on the models and make them look more realistic to give it the classic Halo gritty realistic look. Maybe add some specular highlight as they pass in and out of the light with glints on the surfaces. This might seem superflous, but I think it adds a lot to the game and feel of things. The environment as is looks a little too much like a cellphone game. If it could be more realistic I think that would be cooler. I think the Spartans could be a little more dramatic in abilities and the way they interact with environment. As a major keystone of the Halo universe I think any way the Spartans could be more interactive and interesting to play with would be better. I like the minigun that they wielded sometimes in the last halo wars. For example maybe they could do a finishing move on players in battle or perhaps limited stealth. Also the generators look like a bit of a downgrade from the reactors of Halo wars in appearance and feel. I really like the snipers for the UNSC that is a classic RTS unit and a great addition!
Hello! I am Diamond 3 as of last night. Almost all of my games have been UNSC.

Glitches I have noticed:
1) Sometimes Snipers will not walk out of their base unless selected (specifically the upper small firebase in Ricochet after the global rally point has been set).
2) AI will not listen to commands or receive ghost commands.
3) Recycling a base prompts Cutter to announce "An enemy has destroyed our building!"
4) General absence of particles in large fights. Specifically the MAC blast will not appear sometimes.
5) Hornets do not attack infantry properly, and so I consider them useless, despite the amount of utility I would expect from them.
I'm sorry but the Marines just look weird, anyone else getting this? They just look tectureless. Now I understand that this might just be for the Beta but I swear to god if they need to down grade the visuals AGAIN, ill be pissed.
A lot of the negativity and hateful comments are unfounded and not productive or good at all. Constructive criticism is different then just whining and acting like a jerk on forums. That said actual Constructive criticism is a positive and good thing but you don't have to act like an entitled punk to make it. Spartans being unique is a cool idea but I would like to see more of them on the field at the same time, at least 3. I understand having just Jerome for the beta. I also feel like limiting Odst's to just one drop on a cool down is a little over gimped, I understand upgraded regular marines are powerful and this might be a balancing thing but lowering the cool down I think would be a good change. I feel sorry for whoever has to moderate and read these forums for feedback, Dev's I think a lot of these complaints will be addressed with general polish and more game type variety. I like all the new units and the game so far and had a lot of fun with it. excited to see the full game. ~sincerely a halo wars 1 general
The controls are truely awful. They make the game feel slow, stuttery and clunky. Please use the controls from firrst game. They worked so well. xx
Devs, main thing that needs fixing is warthog. it needs to be able to pick up recources. the covenant vehicle can, the wathog in #1 can, so please change.
Love game, love how familiar it is and how it feels like halo wars, as a fan of the first you got alot of things correct from what little time of the beta i played.
also heres a question, whats up with cutter, its 20 years after the first game, and in the first gamehe awas old, and now he looks less old. not a big deal, but he should look older.
Bring the cobra back, an anti infantry vehicle is unnecessary when vehicles are anti infantry and we have 2 other anti infantry units, Cobras were actually very effective in their role. Also as someone else mentioned, snipers pretty much make flamers obsolete.
Make it a bit more obvious that I've put Jerome in a vehicle and when I press 'Y' to fire a canister shell Id like for the shell to actually fire, not launch the Spartan out, speaking of which friendly units act like they're being high jacked when you go to put a spartan in them.
A change I would make is to add the elephant from the original halo wars. Other than that keep up the good work!
not a fan of domination so im glad deathmatch is coming tomorrow, love both factions as both feel different and require different strategies to win. now with the unsc side of things, i feel like theres not enough cool abilities like the brutes abilities. id love to see a commander that can call in units to field via pelican and my favourite feature is missing which is pelican transport. the spartan we get runs like he is skipping across a flower patch which is funny but not practical. the marines look like real marines again which i love but they too are lacking some of my favorite features from the first halo wars, like a medic. id love to see some more abilities for them as well like digging in for cover atleast set some protection up. that would add to choke points or defending objectives easier
I would prefer a further out zoom for the game camera

I have a lot of faith on you guys so I hope you don't destroy the Halo Wars saga we love cus the first game multiplayer is just perfect.

1. I like the apparience of the game itself (characters, music, menu, etc.)
2. Trailer at E3 was actually awsome!
3. I love the new brute enemy!
4. I like the units are kind of faster.
5. Matchmaking seems to be very fast!
1. WHERE ARE THE COVENANT LEADERS?! They are a really important unit to fight warthog rushes for example!
2. There should be a specific "ALL UNITS" button
3. I see you're trying to add more abilities and options to attack with the abilities tree, but it's also kind of confusing
4. Any unit don't even know to aim! (warthogs, scorpions and hornets hardly aim correctly to enemy units)
5. WHY only infantry units cant take resourses boxes? WARTHOGS SHOULD ALSO BE ABLE TO DO IT.
6. I don't see the bullets firing.
7. I HOPE you change the unit cost! how could scorpion count 7 unit points?
8. Spartans and marines should be trained on barracks!
9. WHY there is a special units building?
10. I don't know if this second game is before or after the first! but Captain Cutter looks very different and younger.

1. The first and most ugly things in the game are the bases. They are jus to small, and confusing! I cannot rapidly recognize each building as first HW game
2. I know you are trying to add some more ways to play Halo Wars but domination is too boring.
3. The new energy units are a really BAD IDEA!! GET REACTORS BACK!!!
4. It's really difficult to make units to attack with the Y ability!
5. The sound of fire are also too ugly! In first HW the sounds of scorpio cannons are great! The sounds were more like.... violent! IT'S A WAR!!! THAT'S HOW THEY SHOULD SOUND!
7. When attacking I have the feelling like they are just toy destroying a toys box.
8. ALSO BRING THE CIRCLES ON THE MINIMAP BACK. IT's very usefull to know what your partners are seeing. This way I know when the notice when I mark something in the map with left stick!
Hi guys. I've been a long time halo and halo wars fan. When I first heard the news that halo wars 2 was being created I was stoked. However I am disappointed that the direction of halo wars 2 in-game art design is too cartoony. This is the problem I had with the first halo wars. The in-game battles never seemed to match the serious and dramatic tones that the cinematics and menu screens present. After 7 years with the introduction of new gen consoles I expected halo wars 2 to exceed the graphical limitations that the first halo wars had with the xbox 360. I know it is probably too late to change this as it takes many years to design or redesign a large portion of the game, but this is somthing I had to say as halo wars 2 is personally my most anticipated game of the year.
I found myself completely forgetting about the Commander powers and skill tree. The notifications for skill points is too easily missed and I also struggled to actually know when I could use the skills. Despite my not having watched the tutorial I feel this needs some improvement.
Man you are just a piece of work. Go back to school.
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