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[Locked] Multiplayer Beta – UNSC Feedback Thread

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SIP Crucio wrote:
I found myself completely forgetting about the Commander powers and skill tree. The notifications for skill points is too easily missed and I also struggled to actually know when I could use the skills. Despite my not having watched the tutorial I feel this needs some improvement.
Or you could just practice and get better...
I feel like the UNSC infantry is really overtuned and too synergetic compared to the Banished, Marines are core infantry, and when fully upgraded they can almost do anything, they wreck air, can repair vehicles, cheap, and fast. When compared with warthogs, cyclops, or tanks, they can repair pretty fast, which is incredible considering Marines come straight from the base. The versatility is incredible. When compared to the Banished, the Grunt units don't have nearly as much versatility or synergy.
Veteran SC player here, veteran HW player here, just trying to make sense of some of this confusion.

I really enjoy a lot of the units that are in the game and am excited to see what else is to come. I think that a lot of people's gripes are with a game that's in pre-release, so it's largely unfounded. Some people just expect perfection to exist before the game has officially shipped, so thank you for giving us the opportunity to play a free version!

I think that a lot of my personal gripes revolve around gameplay and balance to be honest. I think that having a rock paper scissors approach is awful across all tech trees and needs more of a rock paper shotgun approach. For example, tier 1 tech needs an entry unit that's beaten by a higher tech and so forth, but should take 3 times the units to beat 1 unit of the next tier and etc. I tested this across my games and it's very aggravating to have a 6 pack of Marines beat a 6 pack of vultures hands down. What's the point of having higher tier units if they're not worth teching for? It's mind numbing. I hope that the beta can alleviate the imbalance of that.

Here's a summary of my gripes and potential fixes:

- The commander talent tree per game isn't fun and only detracts from the in-game meta. You should have to predefine this prior to the game if you're interested in keeping it at all. It's gotten a lot of negative feedback so far, so I'm not sure if you are going to scrap it or not.

- The game needs a fast scroll option or a way to take the cursor off the big battle field and click the mini-map. I spend half the game scrolling slowly around the map like a drunk walking down a street.

- Sorry if I'm dumb if this is in the game, but I can't find how to hot key my specific base or a specific building or sets of buildings. I like being able to queue units abroad, without looking at my direct base and it would allow me to have a hangar on each base without having to manually select each one after I've fast clicked through 5 bases to rally reinforcements during an assault.

- You need to be able to zoom out farther and have more control over your units. Selecting individual units in a group or adding one unit stack to a pre-existing group is a trial of patience.

- I think that a lot of people's gripes about simplifying commander abilities is because there's a whole lot of busy micro required at the beginning of the game, and when battles get heated, there's almost zero during the battles. You have 1-3 abilities on long cool downs, while your units' "Y" abilities are in most cases useless because they're bugged and inop or they're effectively snowballs in hell. This makes players feel ineffective and curbs the micro part of the game down to one choice to help the battle or just keep chucking snowballs. I'm not sure if this is a design decision or if it's because we're playing an unfinished release. Either way, the focus needs to be less on the macro of leveling the commander abilities and more on the micro of making them effective tide turners.

- One of the advantages of playing random heroes is that the enemy has to scout and gives someone the advantage of that while they're at a disadvantage of maybe being with their "best" race. Currently, even if you decide to go undecided, there's still a picture to take half the guessing out. Very disappointing.

- The beta with all of its wild connection fun reaffirms the need for a leaver bonus of some sort. If a player leaves or disconnects, it destroys their base and resources. I have no idea why. If someone leaves, you're in a constant state of high likelihood of a loss. In a ranked matchmaking game, that's almost criminal to penalize the honest player.

- I'm not going to say anything about the tech supplies other than tier upgrades costing too much during this mode. Tier 3 units roll out with 1 min left in the game typically. I like the addition macro though. It helps with the meta and doesn't make you completely screwed if someone hot drops an imba flavor of the month on your reactors like in HW.

Again, thanks for letting us get the chance to play the game and I sincerely hope that someone connected to the devs are reading the suggestions by veterans and new people alike. Look forward to a better mode of gameplay in the coming days and the eventual release in the coming months!

- Z
Hello everyone! I created an account just so I could give my feedback. I have more hours invested in Halo Wars than any other game I have ever played. I have played over 20 matches so far in Halo Wars 2, here are my thoughts.

Technical issues, I know this is a beta and these will probably be fixed:

1. Health bars are very small.
2. The bullets and missiles of the units are nonexistent when they attack, but it seems like they still do damage.
3. I have seen Warthogs shoot air units but the bullets go in a completely different direction in the air.
4. The domination points can sometimes be glitchy to capture. A unit would run back and forth next to the point and not do anything. This has happened on both points A & C on the map in the Beta.

Here are some of my inputs:

1. Switch the abilities screen (LT) and the speed up button (LB). LT feels a lot more natural to press than LB on the XB1 controller, and I hold the speed up button a lot more than the abilities screen. Halo Wars 1 speed up button was LT also.
2. The team colors. The different shades of blue and red can be confusing, especially on the bases. Maybe have blue, green, and purple always be together on one team and red, yellow, and gray(or something) on the other team.
3. The map in the Beta does not seem to be very strategic. It's just a big open map.
4. About the turrets, which some others have mentioned. I think it's a good idea to have all 4 turrets in the beginning of the match in Domination because the goal in Domination is to secure points, not attack bases.
5. The new dual resource thing... I feel like I have to have two bases full of supply pads and energy things in order to do anything. I think I'd rather have a single resource instead of two.
6. The factions... What made the Covenant and UNSC so special in the first game was that they played so differently. UNSC had leader powers, while the Covenant had playable leaders with an ability. The units from one faction were very different from the other. For example, anti-air for the UNSC were Wolverines(vehicle) while the Covenant anti-air were Vampires(air). This led to very strategic options for each faction, and the faction you chose to play really did matter and completely changed your way of playing. In Halo wars 2 each faction has an equivalent of each other's unit. There is not a lot of diversity. The base turrets, shields, and radars are the only thing that makes the factions different.
7. I would like the camera to be able to be zoomed out just a tad bit more.
8. I expected the max population size to be a bit larger than 80, especially when marines and grunts aren't even 1 population.
9. When you press the analog stick to highlight a part of the mini map, it would be nice to have a sound to alert you that a teammate is trying to tell you something.

I hope my feedback can help make this game be a great sequel to a great game!

Lastly, about that definitive edition Halo Wars 1 that will also be coming out. If there could be an updated look of the multiplayer maps and units that would be amazing!!! New 3v3 maps would be a great surprise too!
wolverines seem to get countered by hornets but the wolverines are supposed to counter air.
First of all thank you for actually making halo wars 2! I loved the first one but never thought I would see a sequel to it but here it is. few things I noticed during the beta.

-The game looks good. like the animation on the units.
- I particularly like the way your troops call out and talk more. makes for a more immersive warzone.
- The music is very fitting and very halo which is always good.
- the combat is also good. looks nice and feels like strategy will play a bigger role in combat in halo wars 2.
- I think the leader power tree is a good idea. nice to have a few more options rather than just heal and MAC cannon.
- Blur are just bad**s. The cinematic trailer was one of the best I've ever seen! Keep working with them!

- The bases look... messy. the Banished base in particular. I feel a redesign on some of the structures wouldn't hurt.
The Unit cap is an issue. Marines should not be 3 population. if you are going to increase the unit limit then I don't see the point of also increasing the cost of each unit. feels like the maximum army I can have is on par with Halo Wars 1. however I do understand that this may be because its only a beta and the full scale warfare might want to be held until the issues such as in game lag wont effect the game on an xbox one.
- Lack of units. I feel with Halo Wars 2 now taking place post halo 5, it was a really good opportunity for new units. for example, the mantis or prowler/spectre. I also felt that each army should have the counterpart of the other, for example, the Banished have a scarab whilst the UNSC have a mammoth. the equal for the vulture could be a phantom.
- Lack of upgrades. most units have only one upgrade and some even have none. I do understand that this could be Just for the beta so not everything is revealed but there is a distinct lack of any upgrade path for units.
- Generators and energy are not a good gameplay mechanic for Halo Wars. the Reactor in Halo wars 1 was a better idea because it meant that both sides had a weak spot (much more so for the covenant) that you had to protect. with the tech level now being in the main base it removes that particular avenue of strategy where you could attack an opponents base, target their reactors and stop them from producing high tech units.
- there should be a better way of telling you that you are under attack. an alert system like in the original would work perfectly.

Overall I am enjoying the Beta and look forward to playing deathmatch!
hope my feedback helps and thank you reading!
A lot of the negativity and hateful comments are unfounded and not productive or good at all. Constructive criticism is different then just whining and acting like a jerk on forums. That said actual Constructive criticism is a positive and good thing but you don't have to act like an entitled punk to make it. Spartans being unique is a cool idea but I would like to see more of them on the field at the same time, at least 3. I understand having just Jerome for the beta. I also feel like limiting Odst's to just one drop on a cool down is a little over gimped, I understand upgraded regular marines are powerful and this might be a balancing thing but lowering the cool down I think would be a good change. I feel sorry for whoever has to moderate and read these forums for feedback, Dev's I think a lot of these complaints will be addressed with general polish and more game type variety. I like all the new units and the game so far and had a lot of fun with it. excited to see the full game. ~sincerely a halo wars 1 general
Yes that might be what some people are doing but the main thing is that 343i listens and responds to our comments otherwise all of the problems that are on Halo Wars 2 will never get fixed and everyone will get mad and barley anyone will buy the game.
constant freezing in game and loading up game needs fix.
add a huge unit limit past 100 (like 250, minimum 150).
fix unit lag when one large army encounters another
fix problem where mac cannon and unit fire doesn't appear (you don't see the mac round blowup or units shooting their bullets)
increase number of creep
create bigger maps
buff wraiths
buff vulture
add some form of scarabs
ADD NEW RACES(flood, forerunner insurrectionist etc.)
fix pathing so units don't get stuck in a corner travel across the map and then u have to manually move them throughout the whole map just to get to the destination
buff alien leaders
add more unique units only one commander can create
I really like the beta so far but I do have some concerns. First off the jack rabbits should he replaced with mongooses. And the upgrade should add a marine with an assault rifle on the back. I like domination but I think the map should be bigger or you should have more tickets. The game mode just goes by way too fast. If the map was bigger than points would be spread out more. On the UNSC side Spartans should be able to be produced and not only be a single unit.
marine upgrades should be change grenades at tech 2 and the rocket ability should be tech 3 and cost more resources for the rocket ability. Marines are to powerful at the moment because of the early rocket ability.
Suggestion from the original halo wars

-when you hold x on multiple spots your unit (s) go there according to order.
After 50 or so games with just Cutter I will say I can see the vision set forward for the game. I applaud some of the changes as they will cause us veteran Halo Wars players to adapt. Here's some feedback:
  1. Adjust details of the bases. Make them look more like Halo and less like starship troopers. The detail is nice. If this is possible
  2. Upgrading the base followed by upgrading the building in order to upgrade the unit may take away from the simplicity players enjoy with this type of RTS on console. It's still enjoyable but I find my teammates struggle
  3. Unit population size? One squad of marines = 3 units? Tsk tsk to that one. Please look at all the unit's population size and see if the formula is viable. 9 is kinda harsh for a vulture when you only start with 60.
  4. Cutters power menu needs to be adjusted in a way that people can understand. Watching others play, they fail to highlight they're choice or the correct choice after unlocking. Example: unlocking ODST followed by unlocking and selecting Cyclops instead. I've moved too fast and selected Lotus mine instead of Med drone, slowing me down in battle.
Hopefully this is good feedback that may help if others see what I see.
I really like the beta so far but I do have some concerns. First off the jack rabbits should he replaced with mongooses. And the upgrade should add a marine with an assault rifle on the back. I like domination but I think the map should be bigger or you should have more tickets. The game mode just goes by way too fast. If the map was bigger than points would be spread out more. On the UNSC side Spartans should be able to be produced and not only be a single unit.
I agree, more tickets are needed in dom
The Design of the Guns, in the Trailer all the guns are. Most certainly halo, but in the Beta many aren't, the human sniper looks more like a destiny one and definitely not a halo sniper. The Brute gun I assume trying to be a spiker but looks different and isn't the same look or sound the same.

Same goes with the jump brutes, the Grav Hammer should be a final upgrade, and they should start with a bruteshot.
Enjoying the game so far after my first day of beta. It was quite hard to get my bearings at first haha, since just yesterday I replayed all of Halo Wars 1 before jumping into this beta. Here is my feedback thus far, broken up into bullet points across three categories: positive feedback, suggested features, and negative criticism.

Positive Feedback:
-The turrets are awesome. Both with the first base starting with them, and how there are all new types. It adds another layer of depth to defense and I really love the concept.
-The change from generators granting technology levels to giving power as a resource is interesting and I like it.

Suggested Features:
-Adding a menu to build troops without specifically selecting the particular building they get built at would be nice. Sometimes it's important and tactical to train units at a certain location, but other times you just need to build a unit from any old place and send it to the gathering point. Just now I played a game where I was partially handicapped by not remembering what darn base I build my garage at to make vehicles. I understand this would be a hefty bit of coding work, but ideally a system that chooses a location closest to the global rally point, that doesn't have any research occurring there?
-If the allied team leaves the game early, instead of destroying all their bases transfer it to control of the remaining player, or give some kind of boost at least. It's enough of a handicap that one player suddenly has to micromanage his army to counter two, don't force them to expend even more resources gaining back the position they had before just because their randomly assigned partner was a -Yoink- who left early.
-Sometimes circumstances have it that we have an excess of one resource (supplies or power) and a deficiency of the other. Having the ability to sell power for supplies or supplies for power would be very nice.

Constructive Negative Criticism:
-I have no idea how to assign armies to specific hotkeys. The tutorial video said that was possible, but never said how. Similarly, I do not believe it was made clear how to use leader powers--I had to figure that out through experimentation (I had to "buy" the powers in the menu before being able to press left bumper to bring up the wheel).
-Minor issue, I kept setting a global rally point instead of bringing up the leader power wheel because D-pad Up was the button for that last game. That will probably cease to be an issue as I play.
-The "select local units" function seems finicky, not working all the time. Sometimes I tap the right bumper and it doesn't do anything. For some reason I feel it would be more natural to double tap the right bumper to select local, hold to select all.
-I'm going to reiterate again how important it is to be able to group specific units into specific armies which are easy to select via hotkey. That's a critical element of my ability to strategically play RTS games--otherwise it just devolves into what I did in the first Halo Wars, which is "select all units and swarm."
-I do not like the new design of the human bases. The previous game's bases looked badass and solid, like they were a serious military installation that both anticipated and was prepared for being under attack. I do like how the additional buildings are dropped from the sky instead of risen from underground, simply because it doesn't make any sense for a base that was just dropped from orbit to have underground facilities. But the squat, boxy look of the new base looks more like a civilian colony prefab building than a military one. No, just realized, what they look like are garages. Like, it would be perfectly natural for me to pull up in my Camry and park right in there. The back half of the base is fine, but the front half is not. I also was very fond of how in the previous game, the base was air-dropped in two separate sections that unfolded and combined together into one larger structure. That was really cool to watch.
-When directing units into an area covered by the fog of war, I do not see any visual or hear an audible confirmation that the command went through. Make the targeting icon flash to communicate that the order is received and being carried out. [NOTE on further inspection I might just be dumb. I see the cursor flare when ordering units to take supplies or garrison something, but I'm not sure about simply ordering them to move.]
-Alerts such as enemy contact and bases coming under attack are too soft-spoken and easy to miss. If there isn't already, an obvious marker on the minimap would be appreciated.
Cycling through bases doesn't seem to have any order to it. I say that hitting the "go to base" button takes you to base one, then to base two, ect. The specific ordering would start with your initial base, but after that it could either be determined by distance from initial base or order in which it was founded. And perhaps taking into account the difference between full bases and minibases too?
-Having to upgrade the main headquarters twice before even being capable of building Scorpions feels excessive and a heavy burden.
-I'm not particularly clear how upgrading technology levels works. I know upgrading my main base increases tech levels, but what about other bases? Does turning a firebase into a (whatever the upgrade of that is) increase tech? Or does it have to be the main base? I would like upgrading any base to contribute to that. Time and resources are tight in these games, devoting a heavy price just to increase tech with no other benefit so I can then go build my tank for another significant cost is a difficult thing to justify when I have twenty other tasks I need to be doing before the enemy attacks. At the same time, I could understand that being a balancing mechanic.
Having fun so far, but I believe the heavy pelican assault command ability is a tad over powered as everytime I'd rush or get rushed that ability would completely wipe out near enough all my forces , also I keep getting random defeats during games without any of my bases being destroyed. Overall I think this game is amazing & I am glad you guys are trying to take on as much feedback as possible cheers!
These are the thingsI want to see improved:
  • bring back the spartans (not just jerome, but 3 spartans or so)
  • cobras!!!
  • I don't see any explosion when the artillery fires
  • we need more options to upgrade our units (fast turrets etc.) not just the damage boost Upgrades
  • rocket warthogs would be great
  • mantis as new power Units
You have 8 months left, use the time and make this the best rts on console. You are on a good way ;-)
veivols, hornets and voltures are too weak! you can beat them with only thanks
Hey Halo Wars 2 team,

Thank you for the beta! I hope everyone's comments, concerns, and opinions help you all in making the best sequel you can make. Here are some things I've noticed so far.

  1. The loading times for matches to begin are very long. It can take minutes(!) before games start because it needs to "Wait for players..."
  2. I've been noticing a slight delay/freeze when bringing up menus, i.e. the Commander Skill Tree or Start Menu. A longer delay when a battle is going on, on screen.
  3. Continuing with the delay/freezing, if I were to issue build commands via the radial menu at a quick pace, It wouldn't register my actions. I had to click my command a couple of time before it registered.
  4. I've also noticed characters getting stuck in a pose, for example a Spartan was in his run cycle then just stuck in a pose and was sliding around.
  5. I've had a few matches where I would be quick jumping between units or bases (using the d-pad) and the textures wouldn't load quick enough. The ground and units would just be black.
game freezes and crashes
Marines are OP. They destroy everything banished in front of them. I used an army of vehicles against a smaller army of Marines and I lost without dealing much damage.
make spartan number up to 3
reduce unit population cost significantly
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