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[Locked] Multiplayer Beta – UNSC Feedback Thread

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6. The factions... What made the Covenant and UNSC so special in the first game was that they played so differently. UNSC had leader powers, while the Covenant had playable leaders with an ability. The units from one faction were very different from the other. For example, anti-air for the UNSC were Wolverines(vehicle) while the Covenant anti-air were Vampires(air). This led to very strategic options for each faction, and the faction you chose to play really did matter and completely changed your way of playing. In Halo wars 2 each faction has an equivalent of each other's unit. There is not a lot of diversity. The base turrets, shields, and radars are the only thing that makes the factions different.

Hello 343! Sorry for the long post. i read the above recommendation and i find Ryan Prime makes an excellent point. a great thing about HW1 was how different the two races played.

in HW1 If i was UNSC and i built Tanks (obviously), if i was against another UNSC i could expect a counter of either Tanks/air/cobras. Tank battles happened a lot, Tank VS air didnt happen that much because i could easily pump out wolverines since i already have a vehicle depot built, and Tank VS cobras make for an interesting mix because i could a) use my mobility to out manouver the cobras or b) now i would have to build either marines or air to take them out. that was the general 1-2 punch for those games

HOWEVER against the covenant everything changes. if i build tanks, i could expect a few different options. 1) enemy goes banshees (air) which proves a problem if you're not yet at tech 3 since covenant can build air a tech 1 (didnt mention this above because by the time a UNSC has a sizable airfoce you probably have tech 3 or are close to it) so i either have to upgrade warthogs, build spartans, or rush to get out wolverines. 2) Enemy could go hunters (infantry) where i now have to build flamethrows (infantry) to counter this, however it is a very quick switch for the covenant to build jackels (infantry) to take out my flamers (infantry). 2b) i could build hornets (air) to take out the hunters (infantry) which is a more difficult switch for the Covenant because now they must build a sumit (air), while i can easily build wolverines with my vehicle depot. 3) Enemy goes Wraiths which didnt usually happen because Tanks>Wraiths but it still is a viable option! 4) 1 bad -Yoink- Arbiter can ruin anyone's tank party....there isnt much the USNC could do against the stupid arbiter.

To Summarize

UNSC/UNSC to go against vehicle you can build Vehicles or Air
UNSC/Covi to go against vehicle you can build Vehicles/Air OR infantry...and it'll probably be infantry

This problem gets Amplified when we start playing 2V2 (or 3V3):

In HW1 if we are playing 2V2 and we have 4 UNSCs it's a safe bet that it's going to be an all vehicle fight. no one will build infantry (other than spartans) because there is no need, they might build Air as a surprise but the main attack force will be vehicles whether it be cobras or tanks, but usually tanks.
However if we put 1 Covi in the mix now they have to worry about hunters (infantry) which goes against their Tanks AND their anit-air (wolverines) AND their anti-Vehicle (cobras) now that 2xUNSC team has a reason to build infantry they need flamers (infantry) to take out the hunters, tanks for the push, and anti-whatever for anything else the other team throws at them.

anti air = vehicle
anti vehicle = vehicle
anti infantry = infantry
Best unit = Tank (vehicle)

Anti air = Air
Anti Vehicle = Infantry
Anti infantry = Infantry
Best unit = Banshee (air) + infantry leader

Anti air for both teams are vehicles
Anti vehicle for both teams are infantry
Anti vehicle for both teams are infantry


Where is the diversity? all this is only the units! let alone the base structure with the shield generator and weaker buildings. even the hero units in HW2 are the same. in HW 1 you have 1 covi leader VS 3 is the diversity (and balance!) in HW 1 that made the game excellent and the choice between Races is the most interesting from a strategic point of view because it changes everything. there isnt just 1 power build when a different races changes everything.
Snipers (and kodiaks but i dont build those as much so i don't have good input) have a CRAZY!! amount of range. on the Domination map, i can put a sniper in the garison tower inside the little mini base (at high noon on the mini map) and attack point B or C which is ridiculous that i can just shoot them from that far for the entire 2 minutes that it takes to capture a point. it's so far that the other team has no idea where it is coming from, AND the sniper is cloaked between shots.

I also don't like the fact that there are 2 anti-something (in this case infantry) options, but i can live with it. between flame throwers and snipers it appears that snipers are by far the better choice. they have crazy range (as mentioned) and the ability to cloak, so they can be used as great scouts and when they shoot someone they stun them, which prevents them from running away (Hero included). granted they cost 70 more energy, but only cost 1 population more. If 1 anti something unit is superior it makes the other one obsolete.

Final point, i don't understand where the cloak comes into play. Are they the only units that can cloak? i know a few things can detect them but i feel like this was an after thought and not a key strategy revolving around gameplay (like it was in Starcraft). i just find it a random addition, that doesnt really add anything and just annoys me when i'm trying to chase a ghost down with a flame thrower.

Snipers (and potentially Kodiaks) are OP.
It might all be there in the full game? I hope so anyway
I think there should be more choice when it comes to upgrading units for example the rocket upgrade for the marines makes them better at taking out vehicles but I would like it if there was also an option for something like a shotgun for one of the marines in the squad making them better at taking out other groups of infantry ( only one or the other though otherwise that would be way too overpowered )
hornets and warthogs should be as fast as in HW1. its also hard to tell when a unit has used it secondary attack it should be yellow with a black or blue background like in HW1 this goes for both factions.when i use vultures secondary attack i have to hold Y to get them to fire their barrage and its a little annoying and im pretty sure that goes for both factions as well. idk if its because you can upgrade building and unit health but even with my units being fully upgraded it seems like it takes 5-8 vultures to do anything. i think this would also go for both factions as well have units cost the same pop as in HW1 it seems like you have have an army as big as you can in HW1, i know this is a beta and that why this is pure feedback but units should cost the same pop as in HW1 and the pop cap should be like 120 or maybe 150 in the full game, for example a scorpion costs 7 pop and marines cost 3......why it was fine the way it was in HW1

im mainly playing as the UNSC when i noticed this stuff.but almost all of it applies to both factions
the games fun but the controls are a little dumb, halo wars 1 controls were alot easier to understand and use, also this invisible sniper thing is way way to over powered he takes out armies
The veteranized unit drop is so overpowered. Why build more units when you can just drop veteranized Cyclops over and over again??once you get a large enough group they're unbeatable! This completely ruined one of the deathmach games I played that lasted longer than 25 minutes.
I really like the units but I really like if you made the Nightingale attack units as well as supporting units also it would be nice if the Sparrowhawk is in the games and would also be nice if you units in general would be added
the frag ability for the marines and the canister shell ability for the scorpion don't work
I love the game but I think it's absolutely ridiculous that one eradication can take out a unsc base almost instantly and theirs nothing you can do about it. I love the eradication but it should at least be made to not do so much damage towards buildings cuz theirs nothing you can do about it when one is dropped on your base so what are you gonna do against two of them? Or even 3 or 4 if they make it 3v3 or 4v4. It's extremely overpowered.
I love it. It's so beautiful. Like the old one but new and shiny. I want to hump the leg of the head of creative assembly like an exited puppy.
Make it so you can actually see more of the map. It's frustrating only seeing a small section at a time. Need to be able to zoom out more.
Is it just me or does the covanant have more troops than UNSC? Whenever I'm UNSC my troops always lose to the covanant due to superior firepower and that can be maddening. And the Rock Paper Scissors effect is not the problem. And I wish the troops that broke the rock paper scissor pattern would have some sort of indication that it can deal more damage than others.

Other than that great game and can't Wiat for launch!!!
Has anyone tried to see if we are able to play with people on the forums; most of the people i am joined with play for a part of it and just leave; Maybe a glitch that they get but i hate having to play against two players. Game is really fun with cooperation though.
For all of those who haven't played the first halo wars stop complaining about how the game is. Also this is a beta why would they release every character, game mode, and upgrades... stop asking all these dumb questions or -Yoink- feedback and just play the game how it is, if you dont like it or have no interest then stop. This is a strategy style game and IS ALSO A NEW GAME WHICH IS WHY IT IS DIFFERENT FROM THE FIRST. If they made this game with only supply pads and reactors, same powers, and same troops then you would be rebuying the same game.
For all of those who haven't played the first halo wars stop complaining about how the game is. Also this is a beta why would they release every character, game mode, and upgrades... stop asking all these dumb questions or -Yoink- feedback and just play the game how it is, if you dont like it or have no interest then stop. This is a strategy style game and IS ALSO A NEW GAME WHICH IS WHY IT IS DIFFERENT FROM THE FIRST. If they made this game with only supply pads and reactors, same powers, and same troops then you would be rebuying the same game.
I think what is being done is great, but I would love to see the Flood be playable.
So the game is great so far in my opinion, but there are huge game imbalances I've noticed. I've gone head to head using 10 wolverines against about 4 vultures and like 3 or 4 hornets. My wolverines were completely obliterated while barely even scratching the other teams air. It's sort of irritating since wolverines are anti-air and yet they still lost. In halo wars 1, 10 wolverines were more than enough to make the enemy's air flee away. They need to be buffed to do more damage. Another thing is that scorpions are a bit too weak as well, a slight damage boost should suffice and like someone else said, you can't see them shoot or use their canister shell which is annoying since it's difficult to tell when you even use the ability. (Yes, I know it's a beta.) Aside from that the game is great! Good work :)
  • Needs select all units button
  • the old ranking system was more of an improvement than the one it has now
  • the cartoon on style looks terrible and needs to be replaced
  • The units look ugly and look to big
  • more variety of races (for safety measures I have put this in)
I'm very disappointed on how halo has turned out, it's going down hill.
There is a select all units button, you hold 1 of the bumpers not sure which one (I think LB) and the units do look weird but it's not that bad. With some time you can get used to it.
Some chatter between the units and other type of units would be nice to have. Make some moments about what the game does fun while we are managing resources.
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