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[Locked] Multiplayer Beta – UNSC Feedback Thread

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I'm just gonna say right off the bat, and this applies to both leaders in the game right now, that the implementation of the leader trees make for great strategy. No longer are players given the abilities right at the get-go & it's interesting to see where players start their tree off. Maybe they want to be the hard-hitting damage dealer with the Mac blast of UNSC or the support player with the increased healing. Eventually the player may obtain all the perks in the trees but at least it gives the game a newfound sense of urgency and strategy that the games predecessor just didn't have. Not to mention, including the power resource is an amazing shift to the game!

I have fond memories of the original Halo Wars and while many changes have been made to this new Halo RTS franchise, I believe I can make more and greater ones with Halo Wars 2. Keep up the great work!
My issues with this game:

- No button to select all units
- Can't simply use leader abilities right off the bat
- MAC blast seems to do severely less damage
- Unit population number has gone up, but the number of units you can spawn seems to have decreased
- No leader Temple
- Only infantry units can claim the domination points
- Graphics look cartoony
- Miss regular reactors
- Can't look for supply drops on the ground
- Hunter and Locust beams look silly and non-threatening
- Hornets appear like they were never taught how to aim
- Don't like how you need "power income" and "power level". Just make things more resource dependable
well said i hate the way it feels very cartoony and not anything like the old halo war so disappointed
I so far love the beta, the story is pumping me up, game play(when it works) is very good. The only thing that is bothering me is i want the unit count to be either lower (3 is a bit too high) or have more units(like closer to 120). Also i would love it if their was a advantage to getting the bases (people rarely get anything more than the 2 bases closest to you) so when you get bases the unit count goes higher. Keep up the good work and keep improving halo, its in good hands.
I honestly don't like the UNSC forces much they don't look UNSC like they belong in the Halo Universe the worthogs looks fine scorpions kinda ehh Marines look like they're wearing pads instead of armor & the bases look like big campers not even resembling a stationary base.
I like how the unit production seems to have increased in speed. I realize there is a higher max population but I feel like it is superficial. I feel like the units like scorpions take up too much of the population. (7 units) I also feel like Cobras and Hornets need a little bit of a buff. The rock, paper, scissors mechanic seems to play a bigger role this time around and I like that quite a bit. I have seen numerous other people bash the control changes, I am in the same boat unfortunately. I like the implementation of upgrading your base to reach higher tech levels. I also like having generic unit upgrades i.e. vehicle upgrade. I hope there is a return of super units like hawks. I am iffy about having a secondary resources. It takes extra management in the beginning of matches but it somehow seems to speed up the match. I'm not sure if that is a good thing. I know that we are playing domination but when I played 3v3 standards on HW1 the matches took about 40 minutes when they were good matches. My beta domination matches have been taking around 12 minutes. It is very fast paced which I think discourages experiencing the grandeur of an epic halo battle. I'm sure most of this will tweaked here and there. It is fun so far but it doesn't feel like quite like a Halo Wars sequel.
There is a flaw in another minor detail:
We are unable to chain commands. In halo wars, if you wanted to chain commands you could hold x and after your unit was done with gathering the supplies or going somewhere they would go to the point that you held x at. Perhaps one of the smallest details but absolutely game changing, please bring this ability back, and if it is there please tell us how.
These will be some of my opinions on what needs to be either improved upon, fixed or changed for halo wars 2.
  • unit population needs to be either raised or units need to cost less. if this is just a beta thing then that is fine. I would love for the unit cap to be somewhere near 100-150
  • I wish the ODST leader power worked much like it did back in halo wars 1, however if this were the case it would need some form of balancing either by putting it farther up the leader power tree or by costing more than one point.
  • The health bars on units need to be a bit easier to see. Widening them might do the trick to make them more visible. I also wish my units health bars were always visible even when not selected.
  • The notification for my units engaging in combat is very low and cannot be heard or seen easily. Something that requires my attention should get my attention easily and without fail.
  • This is minor but would be a great addition is the ability to select our color in custom matches.
  • I would love to see the cobra make a return to halo wars 2 however the banished would probably need something in their arsenal to combat that kind of unit.
  • This last one is just a hope and a prayer but would make this game a dream for me and that is to add construct-able pelican/spirit drop ships. I would love to load up a pelican/spirit with 8-10 infantry squads and drop them either on the enemy base or on a strategic location, while the pelican/spirit provides fire support.
So far i'm enjoying the beta and loving every minute I get to play this game. I hope many issues will get fixed in the coming days, and we get much more in-game content when the full game drops next February. See you on the battlefield!
I can't get past the damn loading just freezes
Restart the game and just mash "A" and "Start" over and over. Seriously this works for me...I just none stop press those buttons and then press "B" when Captain Cutter starts talking and I get in every time.
My thoughts on the Beta so far...

- Add secondary command ability/Command queue. (Taping "X" will give a command then holding "X" will give another command but the unit won't preform this second command until it's completed the first one.)
(Was in Halo Wars 1)

- Add the ability to command units to collect resources when the resource is still in the fog of war areas (You can command a unit to go the the resources but not actually collect them untill they are next to it.)
(Was in Halo Wars 1)

- Add the ability to see where your teammate(s) are looking on the mini-map
(Was in Halo Wars 1)

- Targeting Sentinels at control points is not as easy as it should be. (There isn't a magnet circle to click on like other units)

- When attacking with a unit that has a "Y" ability display the "Y" on the redicule to inform the player it is available for use rather than just displaying it by the unit icon at the bottom on the screen
(Was in Halo Wars 1)

- Increase fully upgraded Jackrabbits damage output.
Love it so far, wish there were a couple other maps and also making the score for the game type last a bit longer
It's hard to tell if this will be fun. Domination is not fun. The most popular game type to day and yesterday was 3v3. I don't like the new layer out or properties of the units. But you only alow two characters and the game play might be better for the other heroes. However, as of right now it is not captivatingly fun. And you only get one shot to make a great game. I'll be passed if you ruin this game forever and cause it to to go out of date like halo wars
1. Graphics look cartoon like in nature, not realistic. More of a halo 5 look to it than the original halo wars or other halos of the past.

2. Power up menu using the tab button takes you out of the game. Needs to be an in game menu isnstead of one that takes you out of the immersion, that throws you into a menu where you don't know what's going on in the battlefield.

3. The Banished look overly complicated in there design, it should be a simple and rough look, not just a mess of stuff slapped onto them to look more brutish, it looks lazy as hell. Seriously can't tell what I'm looking at sometimes with the brute bases.

4. There is no marker for where your team-mate is looking in the mini-map, would like to know if he/she sees their units being attacked, etc.

5. No other enemies in the game, could just be the beta. Needs some insurrectionists, promethians or the flood to give some diversity in the game.

6. Can't tell if something is queued up to upgrade while its upgrading something currently nor if I have used my units special ability, it is very small or non existent.

7. I don't see Hawks yet

8. The controls need to be more like the classic halo wars, don't like using the Xbox one bumpers, they don't work 20% of the time. Just move the all units and local units button to another more reliable button like a, b, y, or x, just something, anything but the bumpers.

9. The brute who updates you on the battlefield sounds like his voice went through the meat grinder, can't hardly understand him especially in combat.

10. This one is purely about the beta. The game mode does not showcase halo wars that well. Either the enemy rushes the points to win as fast as possible (giving you no time to explore and get a feel for the game and have epic battles) or you get players who quit which means you're going to lose automatically. Oh and the map is pretty boring as well. Should've gone for a big 3v3 map that was standard or deathmatch to showcase this games potential.
  • Fix Unit Caps (Marines should be 1, not 3);
  • Fix MAC Cannon (if I fire a MAC Level 4 shot at a base, it should destroy a building; not barely do half the building's health - my Kodiaks are stronger than that). Think about it, it takes so long for a leader power to recharge it should at least be a devastating attack.
  • MAC Cannon Area of Effect needs to be increased with each progressing level
  • MAC Cannon Should Come with a "Bigger Boom" and larger explosion - for God sakes, the shot is being fired from a ship in space: the Spirit of Fire. That tends to lead to a bigger boom.
  • Base Colors Need to be Better Defined (half the time I'm clicking my teammates base and being like "WTF" as it's not working)
- The Mac round should be a little bit more powerful, like in HW1
- Moving the camera feels weird, it's not as fluid as in HW1
- You should mix the ranking system of both HW1 and HW2, i liked the previous one
- Needs more spartans on the field
- The commander tech tree it's awesome, love the pelican power
- The Y button mechanics are glitched
- The unit capacity Needs to be increased
- I don't like the units value, needs 3 or 4 don't remember lol, for a marines unit

So far my experience with Halo War it's great, a little problem with the game freezing, but a great time with the beta.
So far the only problem I've had, to start the game a few times before it lets me play otherwise great game
The balance in this game is ridiculous currently. Right now it's infantry>air>vehicles. There's no circle. There's no Rock-Paper-Scissors style. Everything except marines and hornets are specialized units designed to be used with another unit to maximize efficiency. The tier restrictions seem to reduce efficiency rather than improve it. The resource expenditure to go up means you have to expand ridiculously to keep up production, which is difficult when your opponent is actually playing. It's extremely common to just rush marines and not bother with any of the other units unless you can hard counter whatever the opponent is producing(likely infantry as well). With hw1, you could pull off variation, like rushing all hornets, multi-base expansions, hog rushes, tank rushes, cyclopes rushes, you name it. Admittedly these were all based around deathmatch generally speaking, but the principle still applies. The game-play currently remains unhealthy. Plat 1 doe, still fun.
Controls / Camera
- If it is too hard for you guys to change it, as an option please put the original layout in, a lot of the halo wars players are generals which means hundreds if not thousands of hours of gameplay is hard to adjust- I also like how you guys are aiming to put more complex systems in halo wars 2 however, it is these complex systems that drove people away from playing other rts games on xbox.

Everyone I know loved the simplicity of the game so I find that these added extras (hero powers) are giving me a bit too much choice and a bit too much of an steep learning curve which leads to frustration

- A great thing that I learned in sales that could be applicable here, is that a customer will be more satisfied with choice between 3 or 4 products than a choice between 20, as it makes them less certain which runs similarities here.

(If i offered vanilla, chocolate or strawberry ice cream it would be an easy choice) (If i offered chocolate, chocolate chip, chocolate mint, dark chocolate, triple chocolate, vanilla, vanilla with honey, vanilla with macademia nuts, peanut butter and chocolate, caramel, caramel with choc chips, strawberry, rainbow and white chocolate ice cream, it is too hard to decide so you pick whatever, feel less satisfied and feel uncertain whether you picked the right ice cream)


- Agree 100% that leaders for the convenant need to be overpowered. When you saw a fully fitted brute chieftan come to your base, you used to have a panic attack, now I see it and laugh when one of my flamer units almost take it out completely
- Spartans need to be more than 1, having flexibility between not having to stick with one spartan was great so 3 was the perfect number, would not recommend doing more than 3
- veteran system for units, I still have no idea how this is calculated or how they gain points, also am not sure whether you need to purchase the veteran system from power units, regardless they take too long to upgrade in rank, and there feels like there is less reward when they gain levels.
- Simpler leader powers, again the core community of halo wars loved having one special ability and one unit, now there is over 20 powers to purchase which leaves me not caring which one to upgrade because i don't have time
- Please just scrap the up 15% , up 30% and up 45% upgrades you put on for the upgrade. I would find it more useful if the veteran system was made easy and the units earn this but at the moment it looks so overpowered , if you look back to halo wars 1 people didn't really those upgrades and instead just had unit specific upgrades which i think most people have touched on

- I love the change with resources I think it is a great concept and a nice step up from the old platform just thought i would start with that
- The economy however generates way too quickly and makes it hard for core gamers like me to create a strategy that will allow me to alter resource collection. In rts games it is all about keeping your opponent occupied and cutting off resources, with resources generating so quickly it makes rushing completely pointless and sorry but if you can't defend a rush you are a noob because it is part of all rts games.
- Whilst I do like the resource updates, I would like to revert back to an item allowing for tech upgrades, right now when I go to attack a base I see no reason to attack anything other than the main building which leads me to my next point.

- The buildings are way too strong, when I attack a base with a full scale, fully upgraded vultures and they don't even take down more than one turrent there is a problem. Please make the buildings weaker because it feels very unfufilling to try and destroy a base or annoy an enemy when it takes so long to repair
- on that note please remove the turrets, if they are specific to this game type, that is something i can live with but in a deathmatch and everyone starts with 4 turrents, then it will become boring because it will be all late game combat, and people like myself need to be distracting the enemy during midgame.

- Just make it easier for us to tell team mates apart I don't know who is who, maybe add a colour tab or preferred colour in loading menu
- Make buildings easier and more distinct to point out so i can tell the difference between a garage and a barracks, very hard to identify at the moment

Emphasis on simpler gameplay PLEASE
To put it into perspective, I have work 8 hours a day and sleep 8 hours a day -> leaves me 8 hours for everything else. then add on it takes me 1 hour there and back to get home plus getting changed. This leaves me with 6 hours of my day to play. Then I have to cook dinner and clean the dishes and other duties lets say that takes another hour off. So right now if I spent all my time playing halo wars I have 5 hours to play.

Base it that deathmatch games take 30 mins each I have 10 games a day. Now with all the powers everything that I need to learn and be able to adapt to, it is all just too much for me to spend my time on, when I can pop in an FPS game and understand the full mechanics in under 30 mins. I
have played about 8 hours of halo wars 2 so far and still do not understand which units are powerful, which upgrades are the best etc etc. so please make it a little bit simple, I know a lot of hard work goes into this, but as most people are saying this does not feel like halo wars because there are too many unneeded updates
  • Needs select all units button
There is one you just need to hold local units for a couple of seconds however it is a pain
Add back the original buildings
I played it n loved it.
Only thing I think I would like is to be able to zoom out further. I had this problem with the first game also, it never felt u could zoom out far enough.
Apart from that I'm very much looking forward to the release n getting my hands on it :)
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