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Multiplayer Beta – Domination Feedback Thread

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So I played a hell of a lot of halo wars 1 , I enjoyed spending hours on end playing 3v3s with my friends, I feel that halo wars 2 as of what I've seen so fat I isent managing to keep up to par with the first game. I've played 13 matches of the beta and so far I think it's okay, but I not I don't think im gonna pre order like I was going to. So first of all Captain cutter needs to look atleast a tiny bit like he used to, he looks like a different person and he has a different voice, it's ruins nostalgia and the whole character tbh, atleast get the old voice actor to re do the lines as I know re doing the cinematics would be hard. Next is the skill tree, I don't like it, there should be something like the field armoury from the original. Next I the view needs to be zoomed out more, it's too close you don't get a far out enough view of the battle. I don't know why but battles seem to be a lot smaller and less epic, this needs to be fixed. I also think the colours and how they work should be changed as I like random colours and think covenant bases should be fully the colour they are instead of just markings on them, and unsc should be green with the team colour on them. After a match you should be able to look around then battlefield like in the original to see what happened. Also like expected it crashes a lot and troops are fighting and making noises but you cant see them shooting, their bullets are invisible sometimes. Also the map should show allies cursor and cursor should be round and more visible. The UI is abit clunky. There's alot of things I'd change , can't think of them all, but the game has a lot of promise and potential, I hope it will be as great as the first, really need that nostalgic captain cutter though.
I don't see them changing Captain Cutter's voice. It probably does ruin the nostalgia, but it's a contract/voice actor problem that can't be solved inexpensively in the way game elements can be.
Okay so here is my wish after 35 games played.

1. Hero Customization - I would like if you were able to customize the spartan you send into battle, choose his armor give him a cool emblem kinda like halo 5 customization but for both races. I know it's a big order but it's just food for thought.
2. Better start up, I know it's the beta but come on 11 restarts is a little much.
3. Army Customization - Have unique camo patterns and emblems for vehicles as rewards for multiplayer wins .
4. Better in battle effects - When my troops start engaging it doesn't feel like a true firefight, better sound effects maybe have some witty dialog between a marine and a hell finger if they're close to each other. Also gunships do not show their rounds it's kinda sad just watching them hovering and the enemies health bar dropping.
5. Battlefield destruction - Most things usually disappear dead bodies, vehicle carcass and explosion craters. I want to see the how bad we left the battlefield that match so maybe just leave some things there.
6. Cover - Where are the cover points? Also if you are gonna do cover again could make some for land vehicles as well.
7. Better Visuals - The infantry could look a little better.

So these are the things I've wanted so far but like I said before food for thought. I just want this game to set itself apart from every other RTS out there.
Criticisms and feedback from a Halo Wars 1 Player:

1. The game is too clunky. I realize this is likely because you want to make it feel more "in depth" for PC players, but frankly, console players are going to be your bread and butter for this franchise. AoE II is the King of "deep" RTS. Don't try to compete.

2. The domination mode sucks. The games end in less than 10 minutes, as MANY other people have stated. It COULD be improved, and might actually end up being enjoyable, if you made the ticks slower, added a "rush" timer of say, 5 minutes for the first point, and made fewer points (3 instead of 5) and the player has to hold a majority to start the countdown.

3. What's with the tech tree? Get rid of it. The armory worked just fine.

4. 1 ODST drop ever 3 minutes for Cutter? Seriously? That was the best thing about him, and you ruined it.

5. This power resource thing needs to go. Again, it's clunky and doesn't work. It takes too long to get the resources you need, having to worry about both. I don't have enough space for my other buildings. I can't imagine building off of only 2 bases like in HW1. Just go back to the reactor.

6. I know you guys are used to working on Total War, which is a LOT more in depth than HW (Great games, BTW), and you probably want to bring your own magic touch to HWs. Please, for the love of God: Learn from Ensemble Studios. Look at AoE III: -Yoink- game. AoE II, rereleased and more popular than ever. Or take Star Wars, Battlefront III for example. They changed too much, and it sucks, and it's not popular.

In short: If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Play some Halo Wars 1. Get a feel for the game. Look at what worked (everything). Just add some new units, new hero's, new campaign, and maybe a new building or two, and some new powers. Think of it more as an Expansion pack instead of a sequel. That's what we want. "We" being the fans and purchasers of the original Halo Wars, who will be the purchasers of HW2.

Thorulfr wrote:
- Some Critical Feedback -Loved Halo Wars 1 but haven't played it in yonks (Australian for 'a long -Yoink- time'). RTS game lover, favourites being Warcraft3, Starcraft2, play a lot of mobas like LoL and HotS, big Halo fan.

Overall, really enjoy the game, had some epic moments already including winning a couple of 1v2 games and losing after being 3000-200 ahead, excited to try it with a keyboard and mouse. Maybe I should mention I have a bachelor of games design, not sure if that holds any weight. Probably not :P

I apologise for the lack of order and formatting, it's a collection of suggestions and observations and opinions:

- It seems that a lot of the animations don't play when there are a lot of units on screen, the sound effects seem to play though.
- When using the Y function of warthogs it seems they can clip through each other which is weird, it also feels unresponsive when you tell them to charge they seem to hesitate. You should also be able to take advantage of 'splattering' just by microing movement commands to the hog, I feel.
- Being able to order units to directly collect resources in the fog of war would make spreading out out at the start less tedious, although they do seem to automatically start collecting things that they're next to.
- Hero units need a splash of 'glow' around their base to highlight them amongst the other units (something like wc3 would work well).
- In Halo Banshees can't 'stop', they are always going forwards, having their default attack be strafing runs (or even the iconic 'flip' or barrel roll) would be better visually and lore-wise, I feel.- A way to zoom out and zoom back in would be really cool way to quickly jump around the map, away to zoom out a little further would be useful too.
- Visually unit attacks need to be synced up to the damage being dealt, this would greatly help clarity and threat identification.
- Placing snipers in the watchtowers is extremely effective, may need to be nerfed.
- It would be really nice to see your allies 'window' on the mini map.
- I think the 'Command Point Spend' screen (holding the back button) needs to be inverted, aka, go from south to north on the screen, rather than north to south, just for simplicity.
- Need a little better use of colour on the radial building menus to highlight different tiers of use. Need a differentiation between a unit that is building, something that is researching, something that is locked until next tier, something that is locked until the tier after. Something that is a unit, something that is an upgrade.
- Needs to show X to cancel unit or structure. If you cancel a structure the announcer doesn't need to tell your entire team that the enemy destroyed a building.
- There's a difference in threat between being attacked by airborne enemies and being attacked by the sentinel creeps (attacking the creeps is usually something you initiated yourself anyway then moved on to do other things while they fought) - that announcement could use some refinement.- I think the back button command power menu is unnecessary, it could all be done by holding LT. An indicator when you get a new command point would be nice. Have the top 4 slots in the radial menu be the possible upgrades, when you unlock one it is replaced by the next one. Active powers and passives can be the rest of the radial menu. This may impact design depending on how you can branch out between the command point lanes.
- Pads that are yet to be constructed and are waiting in the bases' 'build queue' need a little indicator (possibly a number to indicate their spot in the queue).
- Units need more personality, I think some attack click or combat voice lines would really help them pop.
- I think the mini map may work better if the window spun rather than the entire map spinning. Personally find it a little disorientating.
- In Matchmaking, If it could prioritise region this is a BIG thing for us foreign players. While playing on 200ms ping doesn't matter as much in this, (compared to the way it completely cripples your ability to effectively play in, for example, Halo 5), you can still control units and micro relatively effectively etc, it just slows you down, everything is 200ms less responsive and that builds up to a significant margin over the course of a match. If the matchmaking could prioritise local host (give at least 60 seconds of 'local host only' search time before expanding) that would be great.- Units tend to pop in and out of existence at the edge of the fog of war just strangely semi-invis popping into reality. Having a 'motion tracker' type UI in the fog of war edge may be a good solution?
-Units need a little more visual differentiation when they're upgraded.
- I really really don't like the 'infantry upgrade', 'vehicle upgrade' and 'air upgrade' mechanic. A 400/200 30% damage and armour buff is not healthy for the game because there's no visual representation of that SIGNIFICANT army wide and very ARBITRARY buff occurring both for you and the enemy and it breaks any kind of natural sense of balance a player can establish between infantry vehicles and air, because at any point in the game one of them may have visually unrepresented 30 or 60% buffs to their health or damage output. I think there are better ways of offering progression. Infantry wide squad size buffs would be better, if theres a way to make vehicles look significantly more armoured then an army wide armour buff may be the solution there, similarly for Air. Possibly even remove the 'army wide' buffs from the buildings altogether and replace them with army type production speed upgrades (removing the force wide army production speed upgrade from the War Council and Armoury).
-- I would love for the game to be focussed a little more on Micro rather than Macro. Having ways for units to be more effective when they're being directly controlled is a great way to do that, also the simplification of tedious macro tasks. To that end I think a way to select all unit building structures and having a dynamic 'overarching unit build' radial menu is a great possibility. It would basically add together all build options from all bases and buildings into one menu for when you need to spam units. The Y functions and the way you can kite with warthogs are a great way to promote micro focussed engagements so I think that's at a good point (although PC players may require either more macro or more micro).
- Assuming it runs on Azure, only had a few moments per match of 'screen lag', game would freeze frame for a few seconds then resume.
-Unit responsiveness is an are that needs some improvement. Sometimes units move when I give them X commands even if the reticle doesn't play the 'arrows' animation, sometimes they don't and it's usually because i've somehow selected something else.
-Loading into the map and the moment you gain control needs a countdown, at the moment you get a 'waiting for players' blue splash and the game could start at any point after that.
Page 1 of 2, oh god I've gone over the limit.
I agree with this.

Also, please lower the cost of population size. For basically every unit, to actually create large scale combat, and decently sized armies.
I played 2 rounds, absolutely loved it. I lost one and won one. It took 4 tries to actually load the game but once i got in it was pretty smooth. Very self explanatory and the point system was a nice way to not have a bad tug of war feeling. Huzzah to this game! LOVE IT! Oh, and my husband and roommate love it too.
Halo wars 2 beta

If you couldn't put enough time into a playable beta what does that say about your upcoming game? Sounds rushed. Crashes all 100 times I tried to access online play. With that said you guys don't deserve my money.
I like it but it the games a bit too cartoony for me.....
I'm am a long time halo wars fan at the very beginning when it first came out i hated the fact that I couldn't build anywhere I wanted to (maybe make a game mode for that) but as I played more I got used to it and im a general on the first halo wars so I've had my fair share of experience. I really really dont like the domination game mode because the game is over to quickly and i dont like the unit counts because it seems like you cant get a lot of units. I want bigger battles, bigger armys! Hopefully you guys keep 3v3 because that's what I absolutely love about the first halo wars. Now the graphics are pretty good. Kinda hard to get used to but still good. I don't like that marines and warthog take 4/5 unit points (or whatever they are called) and i really don't like the whole power as a resource thing. To be honest whenever i saw the very first halo wars beta and I saw the Marines training running around the base now that was cool! That was different and i liked how it seemed like you could set you base up any way you wanted to. It makes the game much much more strategic. Hopefully you guys see this! And keep up the good work i wish i could join you because I have tons of ideas but students loans aren't looking to great atm considering my financial position. But I'll still try so good luck!
Good idea but so many things wrong. First of all while playing as captain cutter and the Mac round ability is unlocked, when you use it it doesn't always go off and rather it just wastes 800 supplies and the ability goes on cool down. Also, even though the game says that there is an element of Rock Paper Scissors, when I used an army of purely scorpions and the enemy had an army of standard marines, I lost the battle even though vehicles are supposed to beat infantry (as long as that unit is not a cyclops). No abilities were used and there were no turrets or allied units involved. In addition, the skill tree while a cool idea, is actually a hinderance if you do not already have a plan figured out before the game. If you take too much time trying to figure out which path the go down, you will lose much needed time that could be used upgrading and if you choose the wrong ability, there is no way to go back and correct the mistake. Finally I think it is too easy to take control points and build secondary bases. For example the enemy can just go for capturing control points right off the bat with the units the game gives them and if you focus your troops on gathering supplies and building your base, the enemy will win in minutes. There should be more neutral forces guarding these crucial positions like in the original game so that the enemy will have to actually construct at least a moderate army of more than 1 squad of marines to win. Please do not downgrade the sequel to halo wars such as halo 5 was a downgrade of most halo games without the ability to play splitscreen. Don't just introduce new graphics and call the game a progression to the series. Actually add new and exciting game modes and details. There were some new units but I really felt the game was just a reintroduction of the previous halo wars. Thank you for the time reading this critique and I hope you will consider these issues in the following months after the beta is closed and the true game is released.
How do I unlock the garage to build vehicles?
I think for the beta there should be another game mode like the original halo wars had
Instead of Rock Paper Scissors feel I get with this game, but be still a good idea to have anti units to one another I just wish it was toned down Abit, more balanced. Hunters should make quike work of marines and it dosent look right seeing a hunter struggling against some marines, but then wiping out a warthog or tank
Hello, I'd love the addition of a offline mode against a AI enemy for the BETA, not only would it allow us to test out combo's without the guilt of dragging down a team mate should our combo idea fail horribly, as well as letting us test the BETA's enemy AI. It would also allow community members who's WIFI isn't all that good to still try and enjoy the BETA. I personally know from experience what it's like to miss out on a preview of your favorite game because your WIFI isn't good enough, and preventing that pain from happening to other fans is something I'd really love to see, but perhaps that's asking too much from a BETA set only to last 6 more days.
So far i have not been disappointed. By far the single greatest fear i had about Halo Wars 2 was that they were going to change the overall design of the game away from the simpled down rts rock paper scissors of the original and that is not happening from what I've seen this plays almost exactly same as the original, though i will say this beta is extremely clunky, i believe this is most likely due to them having to rush this out in order to get it out for E3 2016, that said my few issues with this barring general unresponsiveness were mainly with the controls and the seemingly lower population limits, the first game IMO have very refined controls frankly the addition of unit group is much appreciated but i do not believe it required a rework of the left bumper, right bumper, d-pads and trigger to make it work, if the do not give people the ability to remap buttons then they need to immediately put the command ability wheel back onto the d-pad and put quick move back onto left trigger, there is no reason for rally point to have its own dedicated button on up d-pad when it s perfectly fine on the ability command wheel. then the d-pad would be say up for command wheel left for bases right for unit groups and down for rally point or whatever, they can then retain left bumper for hot groups or frankly if they want to be nice let people pick between left or right bumper for command groups or select units. again because i believe this is a very early build i will hold off judgement of balance and things of that nature until we get closer to release. the upgrade for units performed in their respective building is not completely intuitive but its not really perfect either as im not sure where upgrade for units like Spartans, choppers and jackrabbits fall under, would they be infantry and vehicle or are they considered separate as their not built in those buildings but its not terrible enough that it would bother me. and you really need to put some kind of visual indicator to let an enemy player know they are about to engage level 3 infantry while he may only have level 1
Loving the graphics! I love the new troops. Although it can be a hassle trying to understand the new game mode, and the new buildings. The colors kind of confuse me Since both blues are almost similar. Here's a list of my feedback.
-The special abilities (y button) Must be visible When you can use it, just like in the first halo wars.
-the colors need to be darker and More different because i easily confuse with my ally.
-should be able to use leader powers in domination
- should be able to see where my ally is looking at in Mini hud
-ally marker should be more noticeable than just a simple vibration on my controller.

I have only played two games so far and this is my feedback, i may be wrong on some stuff however this is what i have so far. To be honest i was expecting atleadt two to three game modes, one being deathmatch of course.
yeah i agree.
The only problems I see are the points generated by the power generators and the harvesters plus the connectivity
So far I'm enjoying the beta but there is definitely room for improvement. A few things I noticed:
1. Heroes seem extremely weak compared to the original halo wars. A few squads of marines can kill an upgraded Atriox, something that makes no sense
at all. Heroes should be strong, tough, leaders on the battlefield, not just another unit.
2. Units in general seem somewhat weak health wise and attack wise. Units that should be MUCH stronger and dominate the battlefield can easily be taken out by a few low level units, something I feel definitely throws the game out of balance.
3. Domination points are taken WAY to easily. The sentinels guarding them are honestly a joke of a defense and can be taken out by just a few infantry squads. Important structures like domination points and even reactors on maps control the flow of the game, and should really be a challenge to take.
4. Scarab. Where is it. Enough said.
5. Upgrading certain classes of units such as air units as a whole prevents a new level of strategy from arising. Unique upgrades to individual units is definitely the way to go (like in Halo wars 1) as it provides further depth to the game.
6. Like in halo wars 1, you should be able to see what your teammate is checking out on the minimap. This definitely helped collaboration between teammates, especially if you weren't communicating through a voice chat.
These are just a few important points I felt need to be addressed. So far though I find the beta overall great and an amazing way for you guys to get some quality feedback. Thanks.
Hi i have learned i is fun and have seen it played and the gameplay is amazing just a few adjustments and its like a new series
I wrote a very long message on here but I figured I would simplify it - it's obvious the team that built this game didn't play the first Halo at all. It's like you all farmed this out to some third party company in another country...oh, nevermind. Everything that was fun about the first game has been removed - this one is slow and bland - it felt like I was playing Command and Conquer Generals on a really slow PC.
  • Why is there a blue border around the map? It looks ridiculous.
  • The game looks too cartoony
  • The units move sooooooo slllooooooowwwww - the first game was fast, responsive and most importantly FUN!
  • The map that is used so far in the beta is so large for such a small unit limit.
  • Two resource types? Why? It slows the game down even more.
  • Why is Cutter younger now than he was in the first game - another indicator that NO ONE ON THE DEV TEAM HAS EVER PLAYED THE FIRST GAME.
  • Change the sniper units to a marine with a .50 cal like is used in EVERY OTHER HALO GAME EVER.
I think the key point I'm trying to make is this game moves super super slow AND THE DEVELOPERS HAVE NEVER PLAYED THE FIRST GAME.

So much more but I just don't care to go through it all because if the development team were fans of the first game they would instantly see what the problems are - but they aren't so they didn't.

Please play Halo Wars 1 - many many times over - then start Halo Wars 2 over again from the ground up - I don't care if it takes 9 more years - do it right please! I'm more excited about the copy of the game that is coming with HW2.

I just don't get how i get the Kodiak before the Scorpion
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