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New Boss for Terminus FF

OP General Trex

I just thought of some super cool wave compositions that could be added to TFF to spice it up. Right now the only boss waves are Heroes, 1 Super Unit, Big Guns, or "Leader Army" which is fewer heroes mixed in with random units of that faction.

Why not add new boss waves, the first that comes to my mind is the Decimus boss from the campaign! He could have a shield that procs at certain damage thresholds, which would allow him to keep moving and ignore cryo shells from Serina, as well as the eradication beam when he gets near a minibase or your forces. This could be backed by a mix of forces similar to current leader army waves.

This could do this work for a couple other leaders as well, namely I could see it working for the following:

Kinsano hero + hellcharged units that kamikaze when they die
Jerome's mantis + Filled APCs and Gales
Gruntpocolypse (Mass Goblins + Suicides, Methane Wagons, and grunt heavies)
Hunter Captain with Goliath + skitterer shield escort (like the DLC mission)
Colossus drop (similar to ODST drop, Collosi fall from the sky around the map at unprotected minis and by the terminus)

Got any other ideas for wave compositions you'd like to share?
Heroes in mobile garrisons
What about a elephant from halo wars and 3 that spawns infinite ODST till you survive long enough or kill the elephant there should be like 4 at a time more in the later rounds and what if there was a special boss like a covenant phantom comes in yes a covenant phantom coming in and dropping a jackel sniper that one shots Spartans expect Jerome not captain cutter’s Jerome and the boss should have as much health as a hero this sounds like a bad idea but think about it
How about a protogravemind attack? Tentacles will spawn around mini bases, locking them down, followed by the protogravemind spawning at one of the spawn points with a constant stream of flood coming from around it until you kill it. The mini bases will stay locked up by the Flood until you kill the protogravemind.
How bout a Phantom Raid?
Each Phantom has 3 Elite Enforcers in them.
The Phantoms fly around bombing your mini bases and bases until you shoot them down and then you have too defeat the Enforcers that drop out of them.
This wave would be real pain but it think it would be fun anyway.

And maybe a Mastodon wave too...
A wave of Spartans in grizzlies
A wave of Spartans in grizzlies
Dear me no!
A wave of Spartans in grizzlies
Dear me no!
Never said which Spartans
Hey I have an idea how about wave with three fully upgraded heroes accompanied by weaker heroes
How bout a Brute Boss Wave?
Brute Hero units Such as Pavium, The Warlord, Decimus, Atriox's Chosen and Voridus all come at you on this wave.
What do ya think?
Oh, oh! I got another one!
A Controller Sentinel Hero Wave!
And a Sentinel Leader Army wave with the Controller Sentinels as the Heros!
Or an Infusion Scarab Boss Wave!
Oh, oh! I got another one!
A Controller Sentinel Hero Wave!
And a Sentinel Leader Army wave with the Controller Sentinels as the Heros!
Those are the ones with the shield face from Spearbreaker? yes that would be epic! I could see them being direct air too, or similar to glassing beams wave since they have their own glassing beam like ability.
I would like to see the gruntpocalypse that the OP mentioned. I think it would be cool to fight against lol.