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New leaders? When?

OP TM RatedFitz

Hi folks!!! Happy we are with ATN(Awaking the nightmare)but we need new content,leaders and more, does anybody knows when? And what would you like to see?
Never. There are only two people left working on the game, so new content like that isn't even near the realm of feasibility.
Lets balance the game we have first. There is still plenty of work that needs to be done and while the devs working on the game are awesome, there is only 24 hours in a day and they are already working most of those so that the game we have is more fun for everyone.
We won't be getting new leaders at this stage in the game's life. It doesn't have that level of support anymore. Besides, adding new leaders always throws balance out of whack and we're finally getting to a place of excellent game health (whereas before I'd still say it was at least good or great), so I'd rather not much up balance with new leaders even if it were possible
Need is a really strong word

We do not need new leaders. Some may think that, but honestly they would make an already ridiculously hard balancing act even harder.