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New Map: "High Charity Outskirts"

OP DangerousRival

We need a new map, better, a flood map. It's unlikely we will have a leader that uses Flood. There is however a Flood DLC that uses flood forms and many had "map elements" that were flood based. I purpose you add a heavily infected flood map to the game. 2vs2 is fine for my idea. Say we are look the map like a square. "B" is blue starting base "R" for red, and "N" is neutral

::::: N :::::

Between each base is an unkillable flood form from the DLC mission where you gather power from around the map to start the drills. Even though the fastest way to you enemy is a straight line doing so means you cross flood territory. So obviously you want to fight for the single strong base in middle to connect to your ally and attack from there. Only problem is... the flood.

Every say 5 minutes the flood would erupt, growing stronger as time progresses starting with just simple flood forms and then later say around the 30minute mark full blown flood armies. These flood would spawn closer to the middle base then the starting bases so whoever owns it has to fight the flood to keep it or be doomed to use their starting bases and the few minis around (ill leave that up to you).

Overall Perspective

This is a drastic change from the traditional up vs down playstyle we have now. Not only are you in fear of the flood constantly but your cut off. You have to survive on your own and get strong enough to push the flood back and still fight your enemies. It forces players to use elements in the game they are not used to highly unused in the rest of the game, by not having a friend to guard them while they focus solely on technology or -insert repetitive strategy here- to rely on a win.

Map vs Leaders

Cutter - He would do well here as a support with his leader powers. Even though the map could be hostile he has three drop spawns he can send cross map and his Close Support should keep him safe from flood if he has it fairly well on its own.

Anders - she would do really well since her sentinels cant be infected and used against her and her kits is designed to battle flood.

Isabell - does anyone actually play her...

Forge - His tanks would be good for crowd control but easily swarmed and killed... then infected. I dont want to be the forge that has his Girzzly Battalion infected and used against him.

Johnson - He would do very well here with his defensive abilities. He could get "secure" much earlier and start pushing out sooner.

Jerome - Does he do bad anywhere?

Serina - Her cryo troops would be good at suppressing the flood and chill turrets could keep her mid bas safe if she gets it with minimal troop support.

Atriox - I dont play him enough to know

Decimus - He would do well, his siphon skills would make his troops powerful vs the flood maybe even strategically use them some way

Shipmaster - Late game he's a huge threat. Being cut off from your allies and having a teleport spawn at your base would be terrifying.

Arbiter - He would do average, his stasis would be good at halting the flood when he's not ready for him, but really i think he's flood food.

Yap Yap - Umm, i have no idea lol part of me says his grunts would outnumber and outlast the flod the other part of me says someone will make 15 cannon fodder troops and get annihilated by the first wave haha. Honestly I would love to be the first to find out myself and for better or worst I'd probably enjoy trying to beat the most unstoppable force in the universe with the universes weakest meat shields.

Voiridus - He will do well here his kits made to combat flood.

Pavium - He would do well especially since burnout would give him an economy advantage in the base limited map. And he can build a mega turret to keep pressure on mid

Simple Map Tactics & Gimmicks

  • If the enemy has the middle base wait for the flood to spawn and try to seize it while they are recovering or in the confusion
  • You could place flood tentacles by large resource pools and control points. They could have respawn functions to so even if you claimed the resource or the point that doesnt mean the area is safe for scouts to walk through unescorted.
  • If you have the middle base you could try and lure the hoard to an enemy base
I honestly think this would be the most popular map not only because of the flood but compared to EVERY other map this map has the most challenge since you and your allies spawn away from eachother. If you have any ideas or anything in particular you liked/hated and want to point out add it to the comments. It likely wont be made but it should be, hell, copy and paste the campaign map over with tweaks to make it multiplayer.
The flood form should be able to die and when that happens there should be lik a 5-10 minute timer till the next one spawns also yeah some people still play as Isabel dispite forge being better
The flood form should be able to die and when that happens there should be lik a 5-10 minute timer till the next one spawns also yeah some people still play as Isabel dispite forge being better
I thought about that too, and even the idea that all neutral bases have to be won from the flood.

The reason I decided to make them invincible is because it would be too easy to keep them subdued with moderate siege weapons making some leaders way better then others then they already would be and with no flood the map loses it's gimmick and turns back into what we already have now with a bit more emphasis on defense vs a constant threat to your bases as the match continues.
Dang this is such a cool idea for a map, pretty bummed most maps in HW2 are the same
Firefight would be cool as a VS Mode. Split the map, who can survive the longest wins! And if your confident you can break through the waves and kill your opponent anyway
nuchey wrote:
Dang this is such a cool idea for a map, pretty bummed most maps in HW2 are the same
wait there are different maps?
nuchey wrote:
Dang this is such a cool idea for a map, pretty bummed most maps in HW2 are the same
Ah, the good old days when all the maps where different...😏
Map vs LeadersCutter -

Anders -

Isabell -

Forge -

Johnson -

Jerome -

Atriox -

Decimus -

Shipmaster -

Arbiter -

Yap Yap -

Voiridus -

Pavium -
No Love for the Queen of Chill Serina? Also, Isabel's hologrpahic decoys would be great for distracting the flood, and shielded tanks can keep enemies back.
Side note, through extensive testing in Terminus FF, all dlcs units AND UNSC air units cannot be infected. Kinda a big oversight on 343i's part.

Love the idea, love the design, its a lot like release from HW1 which was my favorite map but with the sweet dynamic of being apart from your ally. Kudos on being so creative. I hope 343 will revisit this game and release more maps. We need a snow map too!
I added serina i knew i forgot someone and couldnt think who.

Unfortunately I just realized one serious problem to this map I have no solution to. Cloaking Towers. Banished have the ability to cloak their bases, this mean flood ment for them would likely ignore the banished bases and gang up solely on UNSC. I dont know exactly how to remedy this with the AI being so prone to attack anything "in sight" and doesnt properly use detection.

If you like the map idea and have a fix to this problem i'm all ears.