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[Locked] New Matchmaking Dodging Banhammer

OP ske7ch

Match-dodging is something the team has been aware of, and working on ways to deter and combat, for quite some time. To further ensure better experiences for players and a healthier competitive environment, a new auto-ban rule is being implemented beginning Oct. 5.

With this new system in place, players who dodge matchmade games before getting into active gameplay will receive a temporary matchmaking ban. During this time, banned players will be unable to play any matchmaking modes but will be able to access Campaign and Custom Matches. Players who are found to repeat this behavior are subject to escalating penalties.

Ultimately, we want Halo Wars 2 matchmaking to be a positive experience for everyone. Players who deliberately quit out of a match before it begins - because they recognize an opponent's gamertag or are intimidated by an opponent's rank - may very well avoid a loss but in doing so ruin the experience for everyone else in the session.

The team will be monitoring this system closely to ensure it's working as intended and keeping a close eye on player behaviors, data, and feedback.

Thanks for your support in making Halo Wars 2's online matchmaking a fair, competitive, and fun experience for all.