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So I've been playing almost 2 weeks.
I prefer 1v1 as Commander Jerome.

My biggest issue is finishing games. It seems as if I can't get a handle on finishing my opponent even when I dominate the map.

It doean't help that half of my matches are with Smurfs so I barely get a chance to play. That or they drag me around while expertly handline units and I struggle to counter anything.

Half rant, half needing tips. Air is a problem too. Full Wolverine armies barely finish the job and leave me with a useless pop for base push.
I'm starting to see my mistakes. It's getting better.
Ive had the same issue. Ive had a few games where I mostly take over the map yet as soon as I loose a few units, the enemy seems to have an infinite number of resources and production and pushes me back to my base.

So Ive learned to push/rush with Jerome yet not all the way, not to full risk but just to keep the pressure, get some snipers on the vehicles and slowly have the enemy bleed out. Its a matter of patience.
My best tip is getting an exact building order down to a science. Based on picking up crates (start in the middle and work your way to your base.)

I play a lot of 3v3, so there’s a ton more variables involved than in 1v1. Usually, based on my start, around 2:30 I can tell if my team is going to win.

Scouting is important too. If you know the rush is coming, try your best to counter. I’ve become an expert in shutting down Goliath rushes by encountering them before they ever get close to mine or my teams bases.
Scouting is the most important thing you can do in 1v1. If you're on 1v1 and encounter air as a problem that means that

1. You're not scouting the enemy airpads/apex as soon as he gets T2
2. You're not playing aggressive enough (note that playing aggressive doesn't mean rushing the enemy base).

Try building a jackrabbit every two minutes or so and send it to do a run on each expansion and main base, take a good look at what buildings they have.