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Original Map Element Ideas

OP AKAtheFonz

What do you guys think of adding random map elements that interfere with matches. For example snow maps with random snow storms that slow all units on the map for a set period, a jungle map with rain storms that distort everyones screens for a few seconds with rain drops, badlands maps that have volcano eruptions that damage everything in a set area or desert maps that have earthquakes that damage or stun units and buildings in the area or maybe a maze like map with walls/barriers that change every 5 minutes or whatever creating new routes and closing off old ones. I originally thought the middle of Vault wouldve had the same concept where it would open up blocking off some off the map. Something to break up the monotony
That sounds very, very annoying.
Sounds fun in theory, but poor for an RTS.
I think it would be interesting to see maps with more dynamic elements like shield barriers, but I am not the biggest fan of elements that can put you at a disadvantage like snow storms or rainfall etc.
In a non-competitive mode I love the idea. Would add some fun interactivity with the map. But if we're talking ranked you want to avoid as much RNG as possible.