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Please post here when you get a code...

OP HobbinGuy

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I do NOT have a code yet, but wanted to start a thread for those that do. When you get it, I'd love to know so I can go redeem mine as fast as humanly possible.
yeah same people should bump this
I aint got mine yet
See you all back here on the 30th then?
I thought all guys who pre order The ultimate Edition get an code.. i Hope i get one this day 😞
I'm still waiting on my code as well.
i was think that i was the only one that dosen´t have a code
They did say the codes were going in waves. To my knowledge there's been no information about how the waves have been decided or how regularly the waves will go. It also does not at all guarantee that everyone will get their code today - they only said "from...".

Given previous launch issues - and the cross-platform nature of this game - I would expect they're playing it safe and using the waves to 'drip-feed' codes out. They won't want the servers going down on launch day so they'll be adding population slowly, slowly, slowly to make sure the stability is there before adding more players.

Bad news for EU players... that may well mean it'll be late at night by the time our codes come through.

At the end of the day though: we're still getting to play it soon and let's look forward to that.
Kind of annoying though we in eu wont be able to play it really on 20th if thats true
343 said the codes will roll out from the 20th onwards however they may take 7-10 days after the date in which we prordered halo wars 2 ultimate edition .
Well I pre-ordered Sept 2nd, so hoping to be in the first wave but nothing yet.
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In theory, if you preordered at least a couple weeks ago, you SHOULD get the code today. But I have yet to hear of someone receiving theirs...
I DO NOT. What is going on here ? Seriously what are we doing ? Getting a Halo game or ping-pong ?
(very few people will get the reference)
9 Days since I ordered mine, 10 counting the order day.

Sad it's rolled out like this, I just wanna coop with a friend :3

Still not heard about anyone getting a key either.
Anyone who pre ordered before 14th should get theirs today in theiry according to the recent waypoint post scroll down a little.

Fingers crossed super excited!
According to the Windows Blog just posted:

"If you don’t receive your code today, don’t worry! Codes are rolling out through the coming weeks, but anyone who pre-ordered by December 14 should receive one today, so keep an eye out"
Would it come as a message through my Xbox/Xbox app?
My F5 button broken. I pre-ordered at 2 Dec, but haven't charged for it. I'm worried about that if I can't get it today...
My F5 button broken. I pre-ordered at 2 Dec, but haven't charged for it. I'm worried about that if I can't get it today...
I pre-ordered on the 7th and they haven't charged yet either
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