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[Locked] Please,stop with the cross platform.

OP BonnieCloud1705

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Before judging me on what I've said you must know I have and most likely will never play this game competitively nor will I ever care about my rank. I guess you could say I'm a "casual" gamer. So something that I see as not a big deal others might see as a major problem. So keep this in mind.

I guess you're correct in the fact that PC gamers have a slight advantage, but remember this game was designed with the controller in mind. Whenever I lose a game I don't say "These PC try-hards are ruining my Halo Wars. REEEEEEEEEE". It's most of the time he was more skilled then me. And its not like you absolutely HAVE to play cross platform. There are playlist with it and other don't have it. Your choice to decide what you want to play.
* Give the option of XBOX one use Keyboard and Mouse in HW2.
Pc vs Xbox = Heavyweight vs. average weight.
Quantity is not synonymous with quality.
Actually if you really think there is a big enough disadvantage you ARE given the option to play on PC for free with the Xbox Play Anywhere thing as long as you bought Halo Wars 2 digitally, whether through the Xbox store or the website, you can play on both PC and Xbox while only buying one copy.
Cross playlists is the only way for pc players to play multiplayer because the pc population is almost dead in the USA. On the other hand, pc players have an unfair advantage, which can be annoying to Xbox players.
Honestly I don't see crossplay as the end of the world you proclaim. After watching the HWCL and seeing a console player beat a PC player and then take another to 7 games TWICE I don't think the advantage is as big as people make it out to be.
In general I agree with OP, but the strong leader powers do help equalize the experience between the two for this RTS game.

I've said it before, but unit type control groups would go along way in helping us console players. We just need a better way of having our units organized so we can cycle through them, and have them move/fight in a logical order.

Unit Type Control Groups:
If they fixed rt and made local and global units separate buttons pc would have practically no advantage. If you aren't in the top 10 players you really don't need to worry about pc advantage anyway as it doesn't matter how good your micro is if your macro is terrible you will still lose.
Yes, PC > Xbox in terms of control and skill ceiling. But xplay is here. At this point, to take it away would not be a good idea at all.
The PC doesn't provide much of an advantage at all except in the absolute highest level of play. I'm talking top 10 players. The game was designed for console controllers, so PC players have many of the same disadvantages console players do. Unless you are at a level of play where you are using very advanced control groups, you are not placed at any disadvantage. Console Vs. PC is not a valid excuse for lost matches at the rank you are playing at.

Even then, the vast majority of players remain console players. PC is a very small percentage of the HW2 playerbase, iirc. So the odds of that person you lost against being a PC player are very low. Don't make up excuses for your shortcomings.

That being said, I do think allowing keyboard compatibility with HW2 on Xbox would be excellent, although I'm not sure how realistic that is from a technical standpoint.
Yeah like most of these fellas, I have to agree with them. I myself played the original on the 360 and they did do a good job mapping the crucial RTS controls to an Xbox Controller. In fact, I found it so good that even though I bought the second one to play with my friends on PC, we all use Xbox Controllers plugged in to our PC. You might think that PC is an advantage because of those hotkeys, mouse etc. But it really doesn't make that much of a difference unless your a professional kind of player who mashes out games like this, in which case whether he/she has an Xbox controller or PC controls probably wouldn't matter. Furthermore, my friends and I play ranked 3v3 on PC a lot, and being high level Diamond Ranks for this season, I wouldn`t quite consider us recruits, and all this is done using an Xbox Controller because we find it much quicker and easier to use. For the added advantage of a player base strong enough to find matches relatively quickly because of the cross-compatability, I think we can all get used to facing PC controls. Btw, my PC is no real hot shot, and only runs the game around 45fps.
I genuinely don’t see any reason to stop with cross play. I spar with a lot of the best players in the game and they almost all play on Xbox. While the reigning champ is a PC player, the VERY close runner up was an Xbox player who currently holds the 1 and 2 spot on the leader board. I promise you that the games you are losing have nothing to do with the keyboard and mouse.

Keep cross play so the PC players can finally get matches.
Cross playlists is the only way for pc players to play multiplayer because the pc population is almost dead in the USA.
Well, that's what happens when Microsoft refuse to sell via Steam. It makes an incredible difference.
Seems like the skill level between 3v3 and 3v3 X is very lopsided. As in the 3v3 X seems to have a lot lower skill level, for reasons I don’t know. Also most of the top players play on the console.

More players. More better.
I wonder if this is a smurf for a certain Anders player? :^)
because of cross platform this game is alive you say you want it gone then so be it but trust me your playlists will have to be deleted because without us PC players the game is limited and without the xbox one players the PC version of halo wars 2 is completely eliminated and gone and would require a REFUND. also they offer playlists with just your specific console versions and such its not like its unfair in any aspect.... so please think before you make a request that could cause this game to go further down then it ALREADY HAS FROM BACK AT THE START WITH THE MASSIVE CRASHING/DE-SYNCING ISSUE that RUINED peoples service records and caused massive refunds. which hurt Gearbox/Microsoft.

it is possible to use keyboard and mouse in halo wars 2 on your xbox one if your that desperate to use it...…

I play on my PC and I don't use a keyboard and mouse I use a CONTROLLER! if I ever feel I needed a keyboard and mouse then its for FPS games and even then I still stay away from it due to the health issues involved with playing on a 65" 4K TV and having a wired mouse and keyboard that can only go so far.... it gives you carpel tunnel syndrome BAD which I've been suffering from at the early age of 26..... and it can ruin the -Yoink- out of your eyes being that close to a damn screen.

this game is just like other games and some people just can move fast and set their groups correctly and understands the D-pad combo's that's not just because a mouse and keyboard that doesn't respond right away anyways....
i buy my xbox one only to play hw2
For one game... bruh.

You want the best performance. And you know that it's on PC too, but anyways chose console over PC, knowing that PC's generally run everything better. :Wutface:

Keyboard and Mouse, it is not possible to be used in XBOX, this in itself and a huge disadvantage.
This game was designed with consoles in mind, first, and foremost. Considering what little advantages that are present, they're negligible at best. Also, this argument would actually make sense if it was for the likes of a more complex RTS like Starcraft, or twitch-action shooters like Battlefield for example...

The speed of the computer in FPS and internet are SUPERIOR
Like others have said, top tier console players can beat top tier PC players, and it's not like you're seeing 10 fps. As for internet, your internet setup probably just sucks. If using Ethernet cables don't do it, then it's probably the internet package you chose.