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Punish leavers

OP Boydingo8717

I have played 6 games where 3 of them my ally leaves as soon as the game starts. If this has to do with their internet don't let them play. If this is them leaving willingly please give them a suspension or something. I know this is just beta but I am tired of playing 1v2 games.
I think it's honestly just server bugs. We are 8 months from release, and this is a beta.
I've been booted from a few games, I agree in HEAVILY punishing quitters when the game is out but in the beta it could be some people have no choice
Another users idea was to have AI take over the quitters base/units. Would need to be a low difficulty, but I think that's a great idea on how to ease this issue.
Pretty sure there;s a lot of screen crashes/game freezes in the beta right now. Punishing people for such problems doesn't make sense.
I mean I think people may be leaving due to the bugs where you cant move. I just had to quit a game because I was stuck at the waiting for players screen, while all other players were moving, building bases, and capturing points.

Now that's not to say that people aren't quitting due to rage.
I do agree with punishing people who purposely quit a game, like make them wait double the time a normal match takes before they can start another one. And if they keep quitting the time keeps increasing.
I don't quit but in the few games i played 2 have froze me out.
Right now it is mostly due to bugs and glitches. Sometimes the game just freezes and you have no choice.
Same here, Im playing with a friend, and I seem to get stuck on the 'Waiting for players' screen, meaning I have to back out.
Also, how would you punish leavers in a beta? Surely in the full game there will be a penalty system.
Encountered such issue myself allready. Was stuck ingame for several minutes "waiting for other players", when i was pretty sure my teammate was left alone at that moment i got stuck.

Leaving midgame cause things dont going well = punish
Not even starting to play = sounds like a beta connection issue
Had to leave a game where my teammate decided to take every base early and just leave me with one. I ended up losing that one base so I said F him.