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Season 11 placement ranking is broken?...


What is wrong with placement matches in season 11?

I won 9 out of 10 placement games, in the games that I won I had insane kill to death ratios, including multiple base destructions.

I ended up placed plat 4... lol.

To put it into context, my smurf lost 4 games (playing with randoms) and ranked plat 3.

For further context, last season I won 9 placement matches and entered into Champion 19.

I expect plenty "get gud kid" responses but it's also happening to some top 10 players.

Not that it really matters but the game is legit broken at this point.
Which playlist was this?
3v3 Ranked
Were you placed into Champ last season in the 3v3 crossplay playlist? If not I'm willing to bet that's the issue, your MMR in the xbox only playlist doesn't carry over to the crossplay one, and with the new season the xbox only playlist was eliminated.