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[Locked] Season 12 Update: 12/13/18

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Joey2552 wrote:
Postums wrote:
When is the next balance patch?
Postums wrote:
We are working on the next balance update, but this will not be coming until sometime early next year.
I hope you're planning on fixing decimus and siege
What's wrong with Decimus?
whats not wrong with lol unkillable army after 4th point grunts beat vehicles hero is unkillable deci drop destroys everything
Much needed changes please read fully.

Vaughan- (the operation spearbreaker odst character to now be a new multiplayer leader)
•Vaughan himself (the squad) is the hero unit made in the armory.The upgrades are
1. Restoration Drone- odst squad now has a Heal ability and increased movement speed
2. Zero in- a Sniper/laser ability and increased line of sight
3. RPG- a Rocket ability and increased damage.
•Vaughan instead of Hornets,uses "Ravens". Like Serina's frostraven but now without the Ice part. Where the Raven will look and have the same health as a frostraven but it's beam is not of ice; instead a concentrated stream or "beam" of antiarmor bullets that rips vehicles like a wraith apart very fast. It will have a Y ability to gauss cannon an opponent instead of the ice bomb the frostraven has. This aerial vehicle is a bit slow unlike the hornet,so it's good to have a nightingale with it.
•Vaughan uses purely odst squads instead of marine squads.
•Vaughan's special units in the main base are Falcons (from Halo Reach) where they come as aerial garrison units similar to Arbiter's phantoms but with much less health; having equal health to nightingales. The falcon comes with two warthog style chaingun turrets on each side of it and a small grenade launcher on the nose end. This unit also allows friendly ally units to garrison inside it if they want to. Falcon only upgrades once to have an extra space for garrisonsable units.(from a max of 2 to having a max of 3)
•Vaughan's leader powers are
1. Remote sensors(increase line of sight for buildings)
2. Falcon passive power(now trainable in main base)
3. Holographic decoy
4. Disruption Bomb(exactly like in HW1)
5. Restoration Drones(upon upgrading this ability to restoration drones level 2, all buildings now passively have a single restoration drone that hovers above them to heal the building, similar to Pavium's ability to heal his buildings)
6. Scatter Bomb(upgradable 3x but lasts 2 seconds longer than Forges scatter bomb)
7. Odst drop
8. Turret Drop
9. Odst assault team(a falcon and 2 pelicans drop off 4x odsts 1x scorpion and 2x cyclops-upgrades to drop off 2 more odsts and 1 more cyclops and all units have increased veterancy)
10. Prepare to Drop -passive ability where ODST drop load time is greatly decreased

Fleetmaster ( the title for a new jackal pirate Queen leader for the Banished)-
•uses jackal squads, a Brute with a spiker accompanied by 2 common HW1 style jackals with red shield gauntlets and plasma pistols to replace the grunts that are commonly known to be in a squad.(The brute in the squad actually doesn't belittle the jackals when hearing the dialogue.)
• jackal squads first upgrade increases health and damage by introducing a new member in squad- a halo 4 style jackal with a needler so now the squad has 3 jackals and 1 brute.
•Jackal squads second and last upgrade gives the squad the supreme gauntlet ability where pressing Y makes the jackal squad temporarily invulnerable ONLY to infantry fire but not vehicles or air units.(Somewhat similar to how scarabs use Y to have a shield making them temporarily invulnerable to all forms of damage.)
•Skirmisher unit using same plasma caster weapons elite enforcers use and needle rifles instead of brute plasma rifles where the needle rifle automatically creates an explosion on target where elite enforcers are seen throwing plasma grenades. This unit replaces the jump pack brute/Goliath/elite enforcer/brute rider unit for the Jackal queen leader. This unit has a Y ability where it holographic decoys itself to make enemy units shoot the hologram instead of itself.
•No Elite Rangers. Instead has a unit exactly like the UNSC sniper unit , except it's a single normal jackal with a beam rifle that can reveal cloaked units.
•Hero unit- Jackal Quartermaster- this jackal hero unit is a halo 4 style looking jackal using light energy shields like that of the honor guard and its weapon is a focus rifle. The hero's weapon is very effective and the hero can move around the field as fast as an honor guard, (very fast moving) but once it's shields are gone it's health is like that of an average non upgraded Spartan hero, i.e. weak. Hence, This hero has an ability you can get on the first upgrade which makes the hero steal health from an enemy equal to the damage dealt with its focus rifle.
Upgrade 1 - Vitality Drain -makes jackal hero passively have a Siphon ability exactly how extractor marines naturally do in Blitz mode.
Upgrade 2 -Pirate rage- increases line of sight and focus rifle damage against vehicles.
Upgrade 3 - Pirate wrath- increases health, shields, movement speed and focus rifle damage against all units.
•the special unit to be unlocked by leader point and purchaseable in the Base is the Vampire exactly like from the first Halo wars only now the needler shards blow up enemy aircraft and do splash damage to ally aircraft around it. The stasis drain ability gives the Vampire a Siphon ability against air units.
•uses normal banished hunters, suicide grunts, choppers, mauraders, wraiths, and blisterbacks but the Locusts and banshees now have brute voices.
•Investing in fortify base level 1 from the war council allows Fleetmasters base turrets to automatically have a small energy shield on them upon building them (exactly like how Anders has her turrets naturally.)
-Leader powers include-
1. Power Surge- a power Arbiter once had , now the fleetmaster jackal has.
2. Vampire- passively now trainable in the mainbase)
3. Dissolution- name of the Banished version of the Unsc disruption bomb from halo wars 1 dropped straight from the sky by one of fleetmasters ships in orbit.
4. Jackal palisade- exactly the same heal ability as Atriox's Bulwark, but lasts for a longer duration and the heal is much slower more like Pavium's enduring will.
5. Drone Swarm- leader power almost exactly like Anders sentinel Ark Defense ability(does same amount of damage as well) but with insectoid drones using plasma pistols instead of sentinels that disappear the same way colony's engineer swarm goes away. Starts off with 6, upgrades to have 8 and then finally to 10.
6. Plasma Blots- just like the arbiters.
7. Skirmisher Spirit - leader power where a spirit drops off a fully upgraded Hunter with 2 stars, two Skirmisher squads each with 2 stars and a jackal sniper with 2 stars.
8. Ambit spotter - A very tiny orbital designator like Pavium's, but is half the diameter of Paviums orbital designator 1 and does not upgrade to get any larger, also has a quicker load time than Pavium's orbital designator to be ready again. Perfect ability for dropping in a skirmisher spirit, plasma bolts or a dissolution but nothing too crazy.
9. Liche warden -exactly like Pavium's only Fleetmasters Liche does not allow units to be trained from the center but allows nearby friendly units to go into the portal to teleport back to their respective main base. This Liche also starts off with a small energy shield generator like the sentinel retriever does and this Liches beam stuns enemies when firing on them much how the liche in halo 4 stunned the mammoth.
10. Ruination - main leader power, a glassing beam exactly like Decimus's Y ability but is now visually red in color to signify it's strength increase (by 15% from what Decimus had) and is the main ultimate ability for Fleetmaster where the beams spread out after starting in one central focal point and now lasts for a total of 6 seconds where the one decimus used lasted about 4.

Much needed changes please read fully <cont>

•All weapons of the Arbiters troops now shoot blue plasma, not red (including-the elites within the grunt squads, elite enforcers, banshees plasma repeaters,ghost plasma repeaters, Wraith mortars and wraith plasma cannons, plasma bolts)
•the Scarab for the arbiter now has the classic halo wars scarab skin, and uses an elite voice operating it instead of a brute(exactly like hw1). Arbiter's scarab moves ever so slightly quicker when walking and shoots a large green colored (almost Hunter style) beam while having a classic anti air turret on its back that's projectiles still track air units the same way the banished scarab's back anti air missile launcher does, though despite these visual differences the Arbiter's scarab still shares the same exact health and damage dealt to enemies as any other scarab in the game.
•Same story for the Scarab , Arbiters wraith, ghost , and banshee use classic Halo Wars 1 skin. (all cosmetic)
•Phantoms now have increased health equal to that of a UNSC vulture now and their main gun's damage increases by 15%. Phantom also has one more upgrade where it can now hold 4 units instead of its max previously being 3.
•Cleansing -name of Arbiters new main ultimate leader power , a non-player controlled single glassing beam, to replace mass stasis.
this beam is as powerful as a fully upgraded normal player controlled glassing beam but is not red in color it remains visually blue in color and instead of lasting only roughly 9 seconds now lasts for 12 seconds glassing one single spot. (note Pavium's rain of fire fully upgraded lasts for roughly 12 seconds)
The area surrounding the main point being glassed gets burn damage similar to the mega turrets lingering death ability.
•Arbiter no longer has Stasis mine ability instead conduit of rage takes the place of that spot in his leader power dial.
•to replace the empty spot on the leader power dial the passive power conduit of rage once had, Arbiter now has mega turrets just like Pavium does with the same banshee elite voice operating them instead of a brute voice. Arbiter's Mega turrets use blue mortars that cannot be upgraded like Pavium's can.

•Uses updated plasma rhinos instead of Kodiaks due to her obtaining old data once held by Serina about plasma rhinos those files given to her by professor Anders where similar to how Serina's kodiaks freeze opponents, the Rhino's plasma shell temporarily slows enemy vehicle units .

•Uses trooper warthogs as seen in Blitz mode instead of normal warthogs.

•"Super Mac Blast" name of cutters leader power to replace Close air support.(Close air support given to another character). The Super Mac Blast is 4 emp mac blasts in one, making the ability actually devasting .

•No longer uses Brute warlord hero
•Decimus no longer has his Y ability to call in glassing beams (those glassing beams are now the ultimate ability of another new leader, see last post.)

•Now Decimus uses Iron Clad wraiths, pretty much the grizzly equivalent of wraiths slow moving having an equal amount of health and one mortar shot is slow but is as powerful as a grizzly blast.
•Now uses terror choppers instead of normal choppers slightly increasing the health of the unit.

•Pavium hero no longer shoots 4 continous shots from his weapon instead shoots only 1 large shell from his arm cannnon where the single shot does equal damage to the 4 shots he had before but now with a much longer wait time in between to load up a new shot (similar to Atriox's chosen but a stronger shot)
•Pavium hero can heal himself with the restoration drone that follows him, but the heal is very slow and not as effective as for example the Hunter captains heal.

•Atriox's leader power Eradication now has slightly increased initial damage where the beams are now visually red instead of blue.
•Atriox has two brute heroes now,(similar to what Decimus once had) both being made in the temple,
1. First hero is still Atriox's chosen exactly how he is already but now with shooting his brute shot 4 shots at a time similar to how pavium used to shoot his shells 4 shells at a time. (Pretty much pavium and Atriox's chosen are swapping guns but not visually of course.) Atriox's chosen Also no longer has energy shields but health is greatly increased to make up for it.
2. Atriox's second hero now is the warlord that was once Decimus's hero exactly how he is now.

YAPYAP- can now upgrade locust to become bloodfuel locust as seen in Blitz mode.

•No longer has Mass cloaking
Instead has what once was the Arbiter's Mass Stasis ability.
•Glassing beam fully upgraded now lasts 12 seconds instead of the 8-9 it does now.

Commander Jerome-
•Uses Mantis's instead of warthogs
•Uses Colossus's instead of scorpions
•replaces Victory Mine for "Victory Surge" (where Jerome gets the mech overcharge Johnson once had.)

•armored warthogs- instead of mantis's, Johnson has normal warthogs that upgrade in the garage to become the armored warthogs as seen in Blitz.
•Scorpions- Instead of having colossus's Johnson now has lockdown scorpions (exactly how they are seen used by Isabel in Blitz mode.)
•New leader power to replace Mech Overcharge is now the Cobra passive ability where classic HW1 Cobras are now the special unit to be trained and made in the main base. Though these vehicles are very expensive costing 600 blue supplies.
•Fireteam Zulu- name of the new replacement leader power for Johnson's emp mac blast where Johnson now uses captain cutters Close air support Pelican circle instead.

-Brought to you by a huge fanatic of Halo Wars
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥long overdue for this
Postums, can you please add the new map "Fissures" to the ranked 3v3 map rotation?
Wuunderboy wrote:
This is some pretty sweet stuff as far as the new content ideas go, not so much changing current leaders. You need to be on a 343 creative team instead of on a rarely viewed forum thread. Bitter reality for this game is that there aren’t any notable sales figures since release, hence no new content other than balance changes can ever be expected :/
The game keeps crashing in multiplayer since the new Season update. Have lost multiple matches due to allies crashing out. Are others experiencing this as well? If so, can the devs look into this please?
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*Original post. Click at your own discretion.
This post has been edited by a moderator. Please refrain from making non-constructive posts.
*Original post. Click at your own discretion.
What about TFF?? @postums
i feel as though that playlist could use some seriously long overdue updates been almost a year since I've heard anything on it.
Can decimus banshees get a nerf please? Theyre a real pain to deal with because of their speed + siphon + damage buff ability. Especially full pop all banshees.
AMD fix soon? or am I still waiting for that one?
What AMD issue?
AMD fix soon? or am I still waiting for that one?
What AMD issue?
Computers with AMD GPUs experience a delay at the start of matchmaking games
The Decimus leader seems seriously broken on 1v1s. I'm all for a strong leader, but his siphen ability along with the hammer pull makes him extremely hard to kill not to mention once the gets his decimus drop and then just starts running around with both leaders, wrecks half your army and then just rebuilds them for 350 supplies and power. His siphon needs a serious nerf.
AMD fix soon? or am I still waiting for that one?
What AMD issue?
Computers with AMD GPUs experience a delay at the start of matchmaking games
Is it the cpu itself or onboard graphics and graphic cards? I got the 8 core fx and seem to have the same issue while using the asus r9 290 series.
AMD fix soon? or am I still waiting for that one?
What AMD issue?
Computers with AMD GPUs experience a delay at the start of matchmaking games
Is it the cpu itself or onboard graphics and graphic cards? I got the 8 core fx and seem to have the same issue while using the asus r9 290 series.
That I do not know personally, I do know GPUs are affected not sure about onboard though
I would say search time has increased by 100%, it means twice longer, yes games are generally closer than before but that's a bit long...
Shawn96 wrote:
I would say search time has increased by 100%, it means twice longer, yes games are generally closer than before but that's a bit long...
i never waited more than 5mins so i'm happy. Still does not seem to find players closer to my skill level though.
Shawn96 wrote:
I would say search time has increased by 100%, it means twice longer, yes games are generally closer than before but that's a bit long...
That's the trade off. You either find matches quickly and roll the dice when it comes to skill or you match up on skill and take longer to search.
I personally like it so far, matchmaking seems better. Also watched a few streams yesterday and the match ups seemed better.
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