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Serious bug on arbiter

OP McGruder

since the latest patch I have noticed two things. The mass cloak for arbiter does not work. Literally one in every ten times does all units cloak when acitvated. Another serious glitch for this hero especially when that hero power is the supposed to the most powerful one. Another is the stasis and mass stasis. If you drop a stasis power on the battlefield and your own units are within range they are engulfed in the stasis which actually I don’t have a problem with since it’s technically like sacrificing your own army but.......but......and again I’ll say but if this is the standard then all hero powers need to do the same such as scatter Bomb spirit of fire bomb assault glassing beam etc. that means all units in blast radius take damage which again is great but sinc ethat Probobly won’t happen please address the friendly units being stasised with enemy units. On the stasis note is is supposed to be the case that you can not fire on units that are held in stasis? I find that highly disadvantaged for arbetor. He was sooooooo weak and you guys really buffed him in the last patch which has made him
super fun to play with but there are still some major bugs that need to be addressed. You can fire while cloaked with units on enemy units and Serbia can fire on frozen solid units why can’t arbiter fire on units in stasis? Again his leader powers def need to be addressed very undermatched vs other leaders.
bruh what
I'm going to attempt to help you find out what may or may not be wrong:

Units not cloaking in Mass Cloak may be because there is a Detection unit near those units. Units that can detect are:

-Certain Leader Specials which are unlocked via the Leader Power Wheel (Example would be I believe the Shipmasters Marauders? it's either Shipmaster or Arbiter but one of them I believe can make it so their Marauders can Detect cloaked enemies)
-Sensor Towers
(If I'm not wrong)

As for Stasis and Mass Stasis catching friendly units? This is intentional because you can actually use it as a tactic to save units and buildings.

For instance: say your team mate is surrounded by enemy forces and they're just melting your team mates base. Normally there would be no hope for them because you may not make it. Boom, Stasis/Mass Stasis the buildings while you teleport or just move in and mow down the enemy, culling their numbers though your team mates current building units are put on hold.

It does suck if you're trying to trap enemies and your units get trapped too, but that would be way too complicated to try and formulate a code that can switch between locking down enemies and friendlies as you wish. And just locking it to friendlies or enemies would make it far too situational to use.

Now, the reason Arbiter can't attack Stasis units is because that honestly wouldn't be fair. There are stunning abilities that can paralyze enemy units while still rendering them victim to incoming attacks. However, Stasis locks things down for semi long periods of time, where as stunning abilities wear off after a few seconds. Imagine how upset people would become if Stasis could lock down many units for about I think it's 20 seconds while enemies could just wail on them. (I'm honestly not sure, I don't use Stasis that often)
Stasis is working as planned. Sure it may stink if you get some of your units caught in it while you're trying to use it offensively, but it has so much defensive utility.

Seeing someone drop Glassing Beam or Eradication? Use Stasis. Your base about to be dropped because you can't get back there in time? Drop Stasis. Unlike Scatter Bomb or other LPs they have no defensive utility, so Stasis should remain how it is.