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Shipmistress Zol's Lore

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This is a fan-made idea. This is lore for the Jackal leader, Zol, in my mod idea post. Check out that post if you want to see how Zol will function in gameplay.

Zol is a Kig-Yar pirate queen called in for support on the Ark by Atriox. But what about before that?

Well, Zol started off with a small crew of mercenaries, working for the Covenant. She met Atriox during her years in the Covenant, and they became close friends. When Atriox rebelled, and Zol saw what the Covenant was doing to him, Zol saw the same thing happening with her crew. The crew she cared about were being thrown at the enemy heartlessly, and Zol watched this herself. Her friends being gunned down by 8 foot tall supersoldiers, when her friends only had a flimsy shield to defend themselves! Even many years prior, the Covenant caused problems for Zol. How? The Covenant let the Unggoy roam through the same districts of High Charity as her, stressing her out. And her baby suffered from this, dying in the process. The Covenant killed her only son. This is why she employs Unggoy suicide squads. She takes a sadistic joy in seeing the same species that killed her son die soullessly in the line of battle, no craps given about them. Just like the Covenant did with her son, and the members of her crew at the time. This is when she began to lose faith in the Covenant. Some of her crew were believers in the Great Journey, and they were heartbroken to see that it was all a lie. So secretly, she began to support the Banished's operations. She stole Covenant supplies and stole Covenant ships to get the supplies to Atriox. But she couldn't leave the Covenant. She needed money, and she had an entire crew to keep alive. But when the Covenant finally fell, Zol joined the Banished months later. Unlike the Covenant, the Banished will not profit from deception and pointless blood spilled. The Banished care about their brothers. Zol was free. A free mercenary, fighting alongside her only friend. And Zol's crew has done nothing but grow since then.

EDIT: I do not know how long Jackals live, since Zol lived through the Unggoy rebellion I would say she's like 100+ years old. Please tell me if Zol would have died of old age by now, lol.

EDIT 2: Since Zol does not have children, I like to think she is a mother/grandma figure for her crew. She genuinely cares about them, unlike most other Kig-Yar pirate captains. I also think the premise of a grandma Jackal is really silly.