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Should They Make HW3

OP Obliterator6311

Should Halo Wars 3 Exist And Why
Yes, it should exist. Maybe not now as Halo Wars 2 only came out 4 years ago. Probably in like 3 years would be a good time time to release it.
After infinite releases, I would be happy if they made HW3. I doubt we would hear anything for several years though
Halo wars 3 would be awesome.
I love RTS in general. RTS for halo is just so much fun. The game is pretty nicely balanced like star craft, the story/campaign is great, and I am a total fanboy for all of the beautiful units, particularly for the UNSC. It feels so good to send a team of grizzly or scorpion tanks to go blow something up.

I like normal FPS halo but it can get pretty sweaty at times. I feel like I can play halo wars much more casually (although I'm sure plenty of folks play halo wars really sweaty too).

I'm not sure where they would pick up the story but it would be dope for it to be tied into the events from halo infinite.
Yes it should continue for the sole fact that Halo RTS is fun, the series has so fun been successful, and the resources and interest exist to make it happen.

Right now focus is rightfully on infinite but given 2-5 years time I could see HW3 being announced and released.
yea they should
I doubt that we will get a new Halo Wars game, but i am open for surprises
Should Halo Wars 3 Exist And Why
I'd like to say yes but considering the treatment of halo wars 2 by 343 I'd assume that's not going to happen at all or any time soon.
Yes. The halo wars series is pretty good, and I just love the spirit of fire. Maybe fighting Prometheans and ex covenant? It probably should take place during infinite, so banished definitely. I would like to see red team meeting 117.
yea they should
I think microsoft should definitely bring out the hw3. I have played the game over 1800 pure game time. I like the game system, setting, story and halo as a whole just top. Halo has been with me for 20 years now and I'm still thrilled. Please continue... greez