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[Locked] Spartans and Vehicles

OP MetsM6986

I haven't really tried this out except for a few random instances. I was looking to see what other people have tried or know more about it. What is the viability of spartans in vehicles? Are they really that much stronger? I played the original Halo Wars and loved Spartan Tanks but, I never really tested spartans out in vehicles in this game.
I always try to steal a vehicle from the enemy if the opportunity presents itself, not only do you eliminate an enemy tank but you turn it's guns back around at them. And if your Y ability goes off cooldown you can jump from the vehicle you are currently in to another vehicle. You should try it out and give it a shot
That's pretty cool. I just wasn't sure about the defenses of them in comparison to the original Halo Wars. They were REALLY strong in terms of defense and offense when you threw a spartan in a vehicle. I was curious about the way they interacted in this game.
They're nowhere near as strong as they were in the first game.

Really, all they do is allow a boarded vehicle to reach veterancy 6, and that isn't that much of a boost in power.

But yes, boarding enemy vehicles is a good idea, because it takes that vehicle out of the fight, no matter what.
I just miss three spartan tanks roaming the map....
I think I figured out how. You just need to activate advanced co trols (rt on xbox) and then press b on the hijacked vehicle then use their slam. They will jump out and the vehicle will explode.