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Spartans no longer increase level of hijacked unit

OP Saints14

Why in the hell did this happen. I swear they love to add in random little nerfs to units that had no out of balance problems to them each. THIS IS WHAT made halo wars, was Spartan Hi-jack!!!!!!!

Just leave the core HW alone. Like bring back disruption bomb and buff the main leader power of each leader to how they should be! EPIC and extend cool down alittle.

scatter bomb

Spartans is Halo, what did Spartans do very well that set the game apart from other franchises? hi-jack enemy vehicles.
They still raise the level of the vehicle they are in. This note was a patch to a bug where when a spartan left a vehicle they had commandeered the vehicle kept the boosted level.
Pretty sure this is a bug and not a nerf. Does the vehicle not obtain the Spartan's level?
Yeah, it most definitely was a bug fix for when you left a vehicle you owned - it kept the veterancy upgrade... Spartans still give units veterancy - but if they leave it's not permanent anymore.