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Steam Release for HW2?

OP HellslaughtrJr

I would like to know why and how Halo Wars 2 hasn't come to Steam yet. We got Halo Wars 1 and that was a re-release handled by 343 since Ensemble is defunct. So given 343 worked on Halo Wars 2, I feel it could make sense to release it on Steam too, though this may be up to Microsoft if they wish to do just that. If they do release a definitive edition of HW2 by giving you all the DLC, a few new multiplayer maps to play on, and the ability to choose any campaign mission from the get go. To repeat the question at hand: will Halo Wars 2 ever get a Steam release?
All comes down to time and resources, at the moment 343 don't have either to devote to HW2 - majority of the team are working on Infinite with small teams working on MCC and Halo 5 sustain. There's always a chance it might come to Steam in the future, but it won't be anytime soon
It could also be because HW2 is available on XBox Game Pass, and I don't know how exclusive it is.
I wish Halo wars 2 will releas on steam. Loving the first halo wars.
Just bought the first halo wars and it was great.
I am still hoping that Halo Wars 2 can finally getting a release on Steam. I really love playing the Halo Wars Definitive Edition on Steam.
Me to man. we just have to wait. they still finishing halo mcc pc. maybe after that