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Sunday 24 november 200$ tournament final

OP Metalizer4840

Sunday the 17th of November the 8 remaining players will be competing in the HaloWars2 World Series Championship bracket.

They will fight for eternal glory and a share of the 200$ prize pool!

The tournament starts at 6 GMT - 1PM ET - 10AM PT

For people that want to watch we will be broadcasting all games over 2 channels:


Join our discord to:

- find players to play with in teams
- find players for customs
- read about future tournaments
- find players for customs
- chat about everything going on in the HW2 community
- give feedback on how we could improve our tournaments

Follows us on twitter for info about tournaments:
We will broadcast the final in a way it has never been done before as well!
After talking with the casters, Almirante99 and R0CKGENERATION it has been decided that the second B05 of the #HaloWars2 World Series grand final will be played on Sunday 7 GMT - 2PM ET - 11AM.
Rockgeneration took the W and was crowned champion season 1!