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I do alright but can't rank up because my teamates either quit or just build 4 super units and die better matchmaking pairing please!
Last game a lvl 3 and 2 and me vs 3 90+s come on
All you can do is either group up with people who are decent, or carry your team by rushing at the start like goliath or jump pack brute rushes to take someone out early on.
Ive had an awful streak of terrible team-mates this season. They quit 70% of the time, either right off the bat or when there is a small challenge that they don't think is worth fighting, (but really I don't know what the heck is going on in there head) to maybe there 10 years old and scare easily. My rank has bounced radically back and forth because of quitters alone. Then theres the disconnects.........................
My past few games I haven't had problems with quitters on MY team. When it does happen it's really annoying.
Yeah the new season roll out was a joke people quitting disconnect,