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Terminus FF is Good but How About Normal FF?

OP SkullCrush3r114

I like terminus FF and think it's a great mode but I think it would be cool if they added just a straight up, survive as long as you can mode without the terminus. The only thing with terminus that always kinda bugged me was that you could be doing really well and all of a sudden you get a banshee rush, vulture rush and you just can't kill them all just because they rush the terminus and you lose after they get tanky enough.

I'd appreciate it if along terminus firefight if there was a FF that you could just survive until you die like normal FF in the earlier shooter games.
I would definitely play that mode. If you do a 1v3 against bots it can provide a similar feel of trying to survive, but just doesn't fully satisfy the firefight craving.
I agree with this. I’m not sure if 343 could dedicate time on this however as they are focusing on MCC/Infinite.
I agree in every halo game they have ruined firefight, alot of us want to test our skills and you can't do that with direct air attacking a life based object that's kind of hard to defend when your units are far away defending key locations. Lost countless firefights due to the randomized direct air waves. Why let us build so deep if we gotta turtle mid anyway just my thoughts it's an eventuality I understand but cheap waves like direct air lvl 90 shouldn't be able to by pass your entire defense. It's hard enough killing units that high without them flying directly to the terminus and ending your 2 hour long firefight in a matter of seconds. This goes for any firefight bring back the bungie inspired firefights. Player vs AI not AI vs an undependable object or time limit or wave limit speaking for all halo games here.