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Terminus Firefight - Possible Tweaks

OP Chuckle BuN5

There are a few aspects of TF that make the gametype very broken in the late game, making it almost entirely based on luck to complete all 100 rounds.

I will list the issues that I have noticed and list my recommended solutions afterward.

1. UNSC Boss Round - Heroes (Spartans): The Spartans that attack during the boss round are T2, meaning that they are equipped with a spartan laser, minigun, etc. They are the only heroes out of all 4 factions that are not T1 (Banished heroes are T1). T2 Spartans at round 5 on legendary is, in my opinion, impossible to defeat/survive and still recover and complete the remaining 95 rounds.

2. Direct Air - This round becomes increasingly irritating in the latter part of the match. Because the hordes of units can fly, they have the ability to fly directly to the terminus rather than follow the trail like any other ground force. By skipping the path, direct air can swoop in and destroy the terminus when the bulk of your force is still focusing on the previous round of units.

1. Downgrade Spartans from T2 to T1
- potentially make it an upgrade for the faction as the match progresses
2. Restrict direct air to the paths like ground forces.
- I am unsure of whether or not there is a way to restrict the pathfinding for air units, but I can dream.

These are the two big issues that come to mind for me. If anyone has any other problems or feedback, I'd like to hear what you have to say. Thanks.
Add dlc units as enemies
My personal hatred is late game heavy air and direct air, it's near impossible to stop, camoing the terminus only works till a certain point.
Centeur wrote:
My personal hatred is late game heavy air and direct air, it's near impossible to stop, camoing the terminus only works till a certain point.
Well, I feel your pain. I am not that good at firefight, but Heavy / Direct Air has been the main criticism of many people, including me. AA is usually supposed to counter Air, But can be a bit tricky to control when trying to maintain an more Advanced level of an army. They should mainly be nerfed in health and damage.
Add dlc units as enemies
Well that isn't as easy as 1, 2, 3, pal. it requires the specified content / pack and really isn't easy to purchase money wise unless you have the Season Pass / Complete Edition. $6 for each leader times 8 equals $48, so thats 4/5 of a price for a new game. Also, To code these units into the game, even if they exist in the game itself, is difficult and really hard to balance.
Could care less about dlc units, but honestly I feel it would be better to just remove direct air waves altogether. By all means have air units just not the direct air wave.
Direct air is tough, especially if the wave is UNSC Hornets. Hornets are far too overpowered in TFF.

Two things to get really good at and then direct air isn't a much of a problem. One, you need AA units. Air counter units are a must, so build those reavers or wolverines. I like to keep four to six reavers in one unit then for late game I keep another four to six near the Terminus. So, I guess it sounds really simple and I know you might think "duh" but that is what it is "duh, have enough AA units."

Second, and most important - this will change Direct Air from game ending to minor nuisance. Direct Air only happens on the fourth of the five waves if it comes at all. The take away here is that TFF on legendary absolutely requires consciousness of wave number at all times. A simple issue of not tunneling, keeping aware of the pattern, then positioning to fend off direct air before the wave hits. If Direct Air doesn't happen, then all the better.

I appreciate a poster on TFF. I really love the game mode. However, I don't think the Air is a big issue unless it is paired up in say UNSC Heavy Air, then Scorpions, UNSC Heavy Air / or scorpions again, then Direct Air. That combination is a game ender 3 out of 4 times for me. Usually happens between wave 70 and 90... really frustrating. If the scorpions would just undergo a nerf for TFF... it would make a world of difference.
More recently I find even the heavy air vulture waves see how much fun the hornets in the direct air wave are having and decide that they want to ignore the usual pathing and fly straight for the terminus, often resulting in them flying over my artillery and destroying everything. I've had UNSC Heavy Air, Scorpions, Heavy Air, Direct Air and Big Guns (Grizzlies), which is downright stupid and frustrating. Even with 9 Vet 3 Wolverines I cannot stop 50 Vultures ignoring the usual path and flying straight for the terminus, they all get destroyed by the vultures instead.
I hope you understand my message, since I used an internet translator, speaking that the heroes go through the triumphal arch if you have blocked a path and jump directly, the vultures are capable of crossing the skies regardless of whether there are barriers or shields that They should impede the passage, follow the camouflage in the nucleus, which even with camouflage are capable of destroying the 3 sides that give regeneration.
Going into the construction aspect, there are things like the engineers attacking banished barrels with the beam without destroying them in addition to giving the same if they fall or not in a unit to attack, there is also the very small matter of the scarab in the first round of bosses, which there are few ways to stop it, most lone leaders can't do anything to it, or 2 or 3 player combos even have problems if they don't choose the top leaders to stop the same scarab.
And considering the biggest problem for me is the use of base units, there are a lot of dlc units that can add in addition to floods and Grizzlies which are the few exceptions.
There are minor details such as that if you put your units in an allied barricade, you cannot remove them if it is completely filled with your units or those that do not belong to the owner, having to ask to destroy the bunker completely to recover them.
And something that I would add would be the skulls only as multipliers, not as the modifications of the way that they remove the score from the top, these skulls that only make your score go down or up per round and things like that.
Espero entiendan mi mensaje, ya que use un traductor de internet, hablando de que los héroes se pasan por el arco del triunfo si tienes bloqueado un camino y saltan directamente, los buitres son capaces de atravesar los cielos sin importar si hay barreras o escudos que deberían impedir el paso, sigue el camuflaje en el núcleo, que aun con camuflaje son paces de destruir los 3 lados que dan la regeneración.
Entrando el aspecto de construcción, hay cosas como que los ingenieros atacan con el rayo a barriles desterrados sin destruirlos además de darles igual si caen o no en una unidad para atacar, también esta el pequeñísimo asunto del scarab en la primera ronda de jefes, que son pocas la formas de pararlo, la mayoría de lideres solitarios no pueden hacerle nada, o los combos de 2 o 3 jugadores incluso tienen problemas si no escogen los lideres del top para frenar al mismo scarab.
Y considerando el mayor problema para mi es el uso de unidades base, hay muchísimas unidades de dlc que pueden añadir además de los flood y el Grizzlies que son las pocas excepciones.
Hay detalles menores como que si pones tus unidades en una barricada aliada, no los puedes sacar si se llena totalmente de tus unidades o de las que no sean del propietario, teniendo que pedir que destruya el bunker por completo para recuperarlas.
Y algo que yo añadiría serian los cráneos solo como multiplicadores, no como las modificaciones del modo que quitan la puntuación del top, estos cráneos que solo hagan que baje o suba tu puntuación por ronda y cosas así.
It should be said that these are things that I have discussed with the global top of the game, in the case of my native language. So these are things that we agree that cause problems, apart from the fact that then the servers take you out XD
Cabe decir que son cosas que he hablado con los top globales del juego, en caso de mi idioma natal. Así que son cosas que estamos de acuerdo que causan problemas, aparte de que luego los servidores te sacan XD
I have always felt that Direct Air has been bugged, so as they are not hindered by land obstructions such as rock walls, hills, slopes, and gorges, their pathing just directs them to their target, bypassing everything. In a 3 player setting, this isn't so rough, but for those competing for the best scores on solo or duo play, it can be tough. Because as long as you have Reavers or a bunch of Wolverines and Combat Tech Infantry and/or Douglas-042, Direct Air isn't usually a problem. But to control the fights in late game means bottlenecking the AI to one area so there isn't chaos in all directions. So the one with the AA has to make sure to meet the DA before they get anywhere near the Terminus so they can wipe out the largest part of the attack force.

Personally, I think DA needs to be turned off for solo or duo play, because with how much you'll be facing already, you can barely spare any units to defend something that's going to be attacked immediately while you're still focusing on the land units trying to push you back.

As for the Spartans, until they get to Legendary, they're barely an issue. Even still, grab a few Elite Rangers or some Snipers and position them just above the path or just out of sight, they'll destroy the Spartans pretty quickly in groups of 2 or 3. In my experience anyway.