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Terminus Firefight 300 Million score?

OP HighProbability

I've been playing Halo Wars 2 Terminus Firefight since inception. I truly enjoy playing this game mode and was at one time in the top 25 of solo game scores... until players began exceeding 200 million. And now there are scores in the 300 million range! I do almost everything necessary to win the game. I play aggressively to expand out to mini bases and hold all but 1 for most of the game. I win anytime I want to (unless 3 consecutive waves of heavy air are sent, then it's a toss up).

My question. How are you guys in the 200 and 300 million point range achieving these scores?

Please don't make basic assumptions and in turn issue basic replies. I'm not looking for nor need fundamental advice. I'm a reasonably advanced player looking for the few things I must be missing to break into the 200 million point range.
Looked at the Solo Leaderboards.
First Place has about 212 Million.
300 Million is impossible.
Got no tips for you besides the obvious play on Legendary and keep Minis for as long as possible.
379,896,928 is the top rank score in 1vE Terminus Firefight at present. Held by RAMONBC058.

I'm at rank 75 with 183 million...

It must be possible... there are around 30 players with scores in excess of 300 million.
I guess I need to go play another game for now. I generally play Terminus Firefight exclusively. Multiplayer is fun, but not my cup of tea.

The Siege Turret cost escalation pretty much makes Terminus Firefight untenable. Considering the necessity of siege turret use to manage the onslaught of ground forces, thus enabling 20 or more AA units to handle the air waves... We all know the strat. However, the early set up of siege turrets has been hindered by the escalating cost. Therefore making the strat less effective and more susceptible to mid game loss.

The siege/kodiak chill factor was the only reason I ever tried to make Serina work. Not worth trying now.

Furthermore, I've done a bit of research and am arriving at a consensus that it is plausible that some of the available game exploits have led to the undeniably high scores. Having logged 497:39:47 of gameplay with the bulk in Terminus Firefight... It is unlikely the skill gap or strat implementation (micro/macro...) is the cause of 300 million plus scores. I sure hope my conclusion is wrong. I really dislike the notion of trying to be a top player in a game where cheaters own the leader board.

Halo Wars 2 Patch Notes - September 12, 2018
A server-side mid-season balance update is being released today for Halo Wars 2 on Xbox One and Windows PC. Thank you to everyone who provided input and feedback to help shape this latest update. See below for full details!Artillery
Currently this is hard to deal with, especially in late game, nerfs to Artillery are being made in general to make it less punishing to try and break bases against Siege/Artillery.
  • Cost escalation added to UNSC Siege Turrets
  • Damage reduced against vehicles by 10% for all artillery
Leader Specific Changes

As part of the nerfs to siege in general, the chill amount that Siege Turrets and Kodiaks apply has also been reduced.
  • Chill Amount reduced on Siege Turrets and Kodiaks by 30%