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The flood are now scary

OP spartan104567

When I first ecountered the flood in ce they did not seem scary. And 2 3 did'nt do much better. And then i see HW2 Awakening the nightmare, and oh my the flood are actually scary. Do you think so to?
Those gymnastic, elastic Flood forms in one of the cut scenes were quite terrifying.
Those gymnastic, elastic Flood forms in one of the cut scenes were quite terrifying.
I'm still wondering why we didn't fight any of those in-game.
Playing ATN was -Yoinking!- creepy man! Like, no, it wasn't creepy the whole way, but I'm a simple Warthog, and looking at those wierd, gorilla like things that are dragging flourescent egg sacks below them, while also sporting a tentacle mouth of disgust makes me wanna be sick man,
I want to kill this enemy, I LIVE to kill this enemy.
This is the first time that any game developer has hit all the right buttons for an enemy that I don't even have to look up close at in order to be scared by.
Those elastic tentacle flood abominations were badass, but this was true nightmare fuel man!
And I haven't even mentioned the intensely weird flood structures you encounter throughout this campaign!

The Flood have been sorely missed in the series as a whole. Shiny robots that fizzle into nothing will never beat the fleshy splat of a shotgun firing point blank into a combat form or the garbled screams that tells you that you have a couple of seconds to reload your weapon before the horde is all over you.

ATN is easily been the most enjoyable RTS campaign experience I've had in quite awhile. The flood exerted enough pressure that even when you were on the offensive you felt like you were always on the brink of being overwhelmed. (also the flood dint spam leader powers!)