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[Locked] #TwitterHaloWars - FAQ

OP ske7ch

What is #TwitterHaloWars?
#TwitterHaloWars is a training module for the upcoming release of Halo Wars 2 and its new Blitz Mode. Players utilize Twitter’s DM platform to launch battle cards against their friends (or the computer) in an escalating three-round war of attacks and counters.

How do I play?
There are two ways to play: (1) Player vs. Enemy and (2) Player vs. Player.

In Player vs. Enemy, players train for war in a three round battle against the computer. They will get 3 units to deploy by tapping or clicking the designated buttons, 60 seconds per round.

In Player vs. Player, players have the option to challenge a friend to battle. Once both opponents have opted-in to the game, they will be randomly assigned to serve as the leader of the UNSC, Captain James Cutter, or the leader of The Banished, Atriox. Each player will get 3 units to deploy by tapping or clicking the designated buttons, 60 seconds per round.

Can I choose to be Captain James Cutter or Atriox?
For PvE battles, players will always serve as Captain James Cutter. Their opponent will always be a computer simulation of Atriox.

For PvP battles, players will be randomly assigned a leader.

How do I initiate a PvE Challenge?
You can play the computer by tapping or clicking the pinned tweet at the top of Isabel’s page:

Or you can post a tweet with @ISA1307_2 + #TwitterHaloWars to initiate training.

How do I invite a friend to play against me in a PvP Challenge?
You can invite a friend to battle by tweeting them with #TwitterHaloWars + your friend’s handle + @ISA1307_2.

Who is @ISA1307_2?
@ISA1307_2 is the Twitter handle and AI serial number for the UNSC logistical AI Isabel. She’s also the moderator of the game.

How do I leave the game? Or opt-out entirely?
You can leave #TwitterHaloWars at any time by tapping to #LeaveGame in the #SOS section.

If you wish to no longer participate in the entire program, select the #OptOut button in the #SOS section.

Can I be in more than one battle at a time?
You can only battle one opponent at a time.

Do I earn anything for winning?
Yes, you will be rewarded for winning with an exclusive skin code. This code can only be won once per player.

How do I redeem my code?
For further information how to redeem your code, please visit:

When does the Beta launch?
The Beta launches on January 20th, 2017.

For more information, visit:

How do I contact Xbox?
To contact Xbox, please visit:
Update Jan. 18th - TwitterHaloWars codes can now be redeemed via following the steps noted above. If you attempted to redeem your code on 1/17 and were unable to, please try again now.

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