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ultimate sale

OP tenchosan

This is cheap.
DLC is hard to get cheap, so I would like people who are playing with XGP to buy it as well.
Brute's brother is a lovely brother
Thanks for the tip! for anyone who needs these this is a really good deal.
I know bumping isn’t a good thing.

But this needs to be bumped, it’s a steal.
Nice to know they have sales every once and awhile.
I like "Awakening the nightmare" more interesting than the original campaign,
Besides, I think Terminal Fire Fight is the ultimate for PvE.
XBOX GAME PASS is the best service.
But if you want to enjoy HW2 to the fullest, you need DLC.
75% off is crazy, thats mostly free at that point lol. As a gamepass owner now it's nice knowing I no longer have to wait for fire sales, although DLC is still a thing i guess I am banking on the F2P model bringing down DLC costs in the future (or possibly keeping them free!)
Sweeeeet, just got the complete edition of HW2
Keen as to get back into it!
The bargain period is about to end!
People who like HW2 even a little,
If you haven't purchased DLC, you should definitely buy "Complete Edition"!
YapYap and Jerome, also to it profitable to use and Johnson!
Buy Halo Wars 2: Complete Edition - Microsoft Store en-AI

Coming now!
The CompleteEdition is a package containing my favorite DLC "Awakening the Nightmare"
Become a brute and annihilate the floods!