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Unable to capture nodes (Campaign Glitch?)

OP James060394

I've encountered this a few times now and I'm pretty sure it may be a bug since in some walkthroughs I see people have captured the Power or Resource Nodes from the Banished.

The most recent example is on the mission where you need to setup Kodiak's for Jerome, the same mission the Snipers are introduced. I've tried with multiple units to capture the Power nodes on the map from the Banished but they just refuse to do it yet, in walkthroughs I've seen from when the game released, people have had no problems whatsoever.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? I've not had any issues on some earlier missions but I have encountered this more than once.
Same I can't even capture too
I thought I was the only one. The same thing happened to me on that exact mission.

(Edit: didn’t realize that the original post was from 2017. My bad)