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Updates For Halo Wars 2

OP Ban and Elaine

Hello Beautiful People. So I would honestly like to see updates and balance changes on Halo Wars 2. me and pretty Big Group of friends play Halo Wars 2 alot like 90% of day the other 10% is talking about strategies etc. I would like to see this get played a lot more Recently I’ve been seeing a lot more newer players to And me and my friends are trying to get more people in the Halo Wars 2 I love the game the way plays and strategies that come with it so it be nice to see small changes and updates and balance changes I’m not asking for you guys to go all out but little changes would really be awesome it will Bring people back into it slowly but Shirley the game is awesome and I would to see it a lot more alive it’s pretty active as of now but I would to see it more active and get veteran players back in to it So Can You Guys Please make little balance changes and updates Please.
Not a response with a particularly bright outlook, but it is a response:
. . . As awesome as all of these requests are, and as much as we personally share these same desires, the unfortunate reality is that we currently are unable to commit to any future Halo Wars 2 continued development or support at this time.

- Postums, Halo Wars 2 Petition Response, 14/8/19
The afore-linked thread goes into more detail so I recommend going through it.
Great post mate. Completely agree. As you brought up its pretty cool running into new players lately. Just have to be careful not to annihilate them so they keep interest 😁
I am in a small Discord server that tries to come up with fun things to do in custom games. Like playing with certain restrictions (like not using certain units or only allowed 2 of each) or pretending that Yap Yap is the flood. We are mostly PC players and if you are interested in joining I can send you an invite via dm.
Reminds me of HW1.Awesome game waited years and years and years for HW2.I imagine it will be another 5 or 6 years if at all.Unfortunate because its a great game,with a great community.Instead games like call of booty will get remix after remix.Sad