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Vehicle Symbiotes Values

OP JamesonWhiskey9

Does anyone know the actual armor and range bonus that vehicle symbiotes grants to buildings and vehicles? It seems very difficult to test.
If you are willing to skim through XML, you can find all powers of the latest patch here:

For symbiotes, take a look at the entries "LekgoloWormBuff1", "LekgoloWormBuff2", "LekgoloWormBuff3".
E.g. for 1 it is:
<Data type="float" name="DamageMitigationScalar">0.899999976</Data>
<Data type="float" name="LOS">1.2f</Data>
<Data type="float" name="WeaponRange">1.2f</Data>
I found where it says lekgolo buffs but it doesn't give any values.