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Versus AI - 100% Impossible

OP neilgaetano

I've been playing this game since the beginning. It is great!
However, I've been trying to get my Versus AI score to 100% for a couple years. I got to 78% almost immediately. But, I have played with SO MANY QUITTERS!!!
For hundreds of matches I've performed well. I have had maybe 3 actual losses. The rest are all due to one player leaving, then the second follows. Sometimes the second player hangs and, in that scenario we're almost always going to win.

My point is: I've well earned 100%, but unless you can change the algorithm to consider things like two people dropped and even two people remained and overcame overwhelming odds... My efforts will never be reflected in my completion percentage.

BTW, when is Halo Wars 3 coming out!?

So how exactly do you ever want to reach 100% if you already lost 3 games? :)
Once you lost a game, I don't think it is possible to get it back to 100%. Once you lose a game, it will drag it down forever, a small blip that will forever crush your sole and let you know you will never get that godly 1. 0. 0... Sorry... that got a little depressing.

Anyways, I think your kinda stuck. I agree it sucks when people quit, but it is sadly the reality of match made games.
Only solution I can give to this problem is playing with a team, but you’ll never reach 100% again unfortunately. It is possible to 1v3 ai enemies, takes about 50 minutes of running in a circle lol.
When paired up in the MM, you need to ask yourself if those players rankings (not always indicative) suggest they are prone to leaving a match early. Exceptionally low and also exceptionally high ranking players, in my experience, are almost all duds. So, choose your Leader wisely to account for this. I have both players on my team leave at the onset many times. I can still win, but I'm cursing the whole time with spending way more time on a match than I wanted. Afterwards, I just block the player and move on. Not worth pairing up with a player who fails their way up in rank.

Also, best way to encourage a dud player to stay in the fight is to knock out one of the enemy players in the first few minutes. Especially easy to do with Colony or Jerome.