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Vs ai playlist changes (not guaranteed tho)

OP GrandLord347

Through the time i started playing halo wars, and Halo wars 2, i enjoyed my time playing skirmish games and playing the campaign when i did, as well as the tutorials to learn how the games work. My one thing when i have with RTS games, (Not FPS) was playing online, i haven't played Rts games online as much as most people have up to this day, so when i saw Halo wars 2 had a vs ai playlist online, (aka Co op versus) i saw a playlist where i felt i could actually play and enjoy myself while also leveling up, however because the Ai is always one difficulty, i would think that newer players that want to say learn the 3v3 maps in online games would expect to play against say easy or something and work their way up to Legendary, or maybe even like Mythic Ai like in Halo 5's Mythic warzone firefight. Therefore i think the vs ai playlist should have had like a automatic adjusting ai to match your party's skills, or even choose the difficulty they wish to play before matchmaking. as per my title i said this isn't exactly guaranteed to happen, i'm only just saying that this could have been better for players like me or even to newer players who started playing, like did the tutorial and finished the campaign and don't want to vs other players right off. What do ya'll think? pls. don't take me and this post for granted, i'm merely stating my opinion for this topic specifically. Ty
I think I also wanted multiple difficulty levels.
It is a risk for beginners to come to team battles from the beginning.
The original HW was able to adjust that area,
If there is the next, I want you to improve it in HW3
i may not be a dev, but i am also hopeful that they will bring that to HW3, if they do make it, or even like HW2 remastered or something
2v2 playlist, alongside 3v3 would be nice, maybe add a mapvote
Agreed, like choose between Vault, Badlands, and Highway. I dig it
2v2 playlist, alongside 3v3 would be nice, maybe add a mapvote
I think too that.

The AI match itself is a nice specification, isn't it?
Feel free to play
As someone who's seen my fair share of leavers who do the bare minimum to be considered 'present' before leaving, the army horder, and the 'I have no idea what I should be doing so I'm not gonna bother with making supply/generator pads and just make a buttload of Marines then wonder why I can't make any more while my team mates have gone through an army or two', I want to say that it was likely intended for you to have at least done the tutorial first before even considering hopping into a match, vs AI or not.

Granted the basics can't prepare you for the level of fudgery that real players can bring to the table, you can easily spot the ones who didn't even bother and thought it would be as easy/simple as playing the normal FPS games or they come from RTS that you build after amassing an army to go search for it.

However, I sometimes feel like the AI in vs AI are too...simple or even too predictable. I mean, first they try to rush you, then they try to counter whatever you brought out to stop their rush (usually anti infantry), then once they see you've changed again, they rush their units at you to build a new counter army.

So maybe some changes are needed, maybe a difficulty scaler or something.
agreed, and i get what your coming from. Some folks can be like that for sure, whether they rush or turtle up till they have all upgrades and expect to win against every army and power they come across