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What did you guys like or dislike about HW?


I honestly thought it was great, nice graphics and gameplay as well
like: the terminus firefight mode is a cool mode and its the same as the normal firefight in the main halo series.
grafic's are better.

dislike: less units upgrade's.
in halo wars 1 you can upgrade all basic units 2/3 time's but in halo wars 2 its that most off the units have only 1 upgrade or not have any upgrade.
like vulture in hw1 it got 1 upgrade but in hw2 it got notting.
also what i dislike is that there is no super unit upgrade like in hw1 that for each leader you got 1 super unit upgrade and thats something i also miss in hw2.
also dislike that the new dlc leader units are not in terminus firefight mode that the AI is using like in unsc hero's wave that all the hero's from all the leaders from unsc are then coming also from the dlc's.
Like: Lots of different leaders to choose from, more leader powers compared to last game

Dislike: Not enough map variety, shallow upgrade levelling
One of the things I dislike about Halo Wars 2, even though I am used to it now, was the introduction of the power supplies. It can get kind of annoying when you want to upgrade your units or your buildings but don't have the power to do so.
x N7 117 x wrote:
One of the things I dislike about Halo Wars 2, even though I am used to it now, was the introduction of the power supplies. It can get kind of annoying when you want to upgrade your units or your buildings but don't have the power to do so.
that is annoying but if you look back in halo wars 1 you got a bigger problem when you use normal supplies for upgrade since you most choose back then do i use the basic supplies for a upgrade or building new units.
in halo wars 2 you can build new units a lot and still upgrade things at the same time you are building new units then to think about from do upgrade or new units.
I like both halo wars the only part I don't like are the halo wars 2 defense missions.
Halo wars 1
  • How very unbalanced the MP is. The game does say there's a rock paper scissor formula but really it should just say "Tank beats everything!"
  • How stupidity strong a 3 star Brute Chieftain can be. If you don't have an Anders player on your team to freeze and trap him good luck trying to kill him
  • Love seeing noobs drop ODSTs consistently. I was like this too when I first started playing this game. Thinking ODSTs were badass units
  • An epic soundtrack when attacking a base. Why Halo Wars 2 doesn't have one? No idea
  • Frozen Valley
  • Having a blast in 3v3 playing with random players not knowing if you got 2 great players or 2 terrible players on your team
  • This game proves Halo can be other genres does not have to be an FPS and does not need Master Chief in it.
  • It holds a little nostalgia to me when this game came out in early 2009 it was the 4th Halo game. At that time Halo 3 was still the king of Xbox 360
  • The game looked nothing like the 2007 E3 demo. When I first saw it I was like "Wow this looks amazing"
  • Only 4 3v3 maps
  • Exile...Oh god such bad memories
  • In definitive edition no matchmaking
Halo Wars 2
  • Lots of leaders to choose from and different ways to use them
  • A way more balance MP (for the most part)
  • There is actually a rock paper scissor formula
  • Really like Terminus Firefight. Shame it never got updated
  • Halo Wars 2 forums in 2017 everyday you would see a new forum about air units players would be crying "OMG air is OP!"
  • No Exile remake
  • Only a few DLC maps
  • No Frozen Valley remake
  • No Master Chief or Prophet of Regret as leaders
  • ATM not in season pass
The one thing I dislike the most is Anders and her sentinel Kodiaks , I would not mind the siege turrets at her base but when she is in 2v2s with decimus there is nothing to stop the Kodiak barrage with the sentinels and late game with him is hard enough . If maybe there was a limit to the amount spawned once it hits or so but having a swarm of sentinels destroy your units and when even shrouds cant help doesn't seem balanced.
Like the variety of leaders however I would check on some of the characters such as decimus or Anders to see if they have an even counter In late games to add a more of variety in character picks in 2v2s or 3v3s
Halo Wars 1: Likes
- A well written campaign, and a greatly nostalgic one too
- Lore of the Halo trilogy (BOTH HUMAN AND COVENANT) is unlocked through Gameplay
- Death match is one of my favorite modes, Chaotic and fun!
Halo Wars 2: Likes
- Blitz is a fun concept (I have every Blitz card in the game)
- Epic Cut scenes, Atriox Beating up Red team is a really fun to watch.
- DLC Leaders very fun to use (Sergeant Johnson the best)
Halo Wars 1: Dislikes
- Final Mission is a stressful one, But I am not going to tell you about it to avoid spoilers.
- Why do I need Sergeant Forge to have a dedicated Building Killer for UNSC, when I can request the Locust to do the same for Covenant
- There are only 3 3v3 maps (4 if you count DLC), and I only use Fort Deen for 3v3.
Halo Wars 2: Dislikes
- Lack of Upgrades holds some units back, like the Kodiak (A stealth field when not firing would be appropriate)
- Awakening the Nightmare is not available on Season Pass. Although I saved up for it, I was still unhappy about it
- Sometimes you had to use leader powers to get out of trouble most of the time.

Sorry for not posting in a while, I was stuck on the Codemasters forums talking about the New Grid.
Only played the Definitive Edition, but I like because I love Halo and RTS is my favorite genre. The thing I disliked the most was the controls. It was pretty obvious that Halo Wars was designed to work well on console, and the controls don't translate well to PC. I especially disliked having to "walk" my powers with WASD. I also hated Mega-Turrets, they were so annoying.