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[Locked] What is your Halo Wars 2 Wishlist?

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Bring all the old maps from Halo Wars and remaster them
Add the odst leader from spearbreaker for the people who purchased the season pass
Add new ability to units upgrades or add more units to certain leaders like get creative on units please vampires cobras rhinos elephants and hawks we all know cutter will get elephants and cobras Anders should get hawks as a hornet upgrade and and corbas could be for isbel and forget vampires should be for elite leaders
This idea is crazy! But how about a forge mode in halo wars 2, this idea obviously would fill everyone's dreams about new maps... where the community could even play on them in a featured map playlist. I understand this idea is a huge project but just imagine. Making ur own map with ur own ability to put down base slots, rock, grass, forerunner artifacts and of course etc. This would be incredible. Where is my heart face emoji?
If instead of having three things into the game, I would happily take this by itself as an alternative. It will surely keep this game alive for a long, long time.
1. One final expansion with more campaign missions, a new game mode, and 2 new leaders
2. Scenario editor like age of/wc3/starcraft
3. More options like choosing colours

I know this stuff is pretty impossible but here's hoping anyways
-Overall improvements to my main man Johnson. His recon ability (whose name escapes me) is very lackluster for something that is sharing a tier slot with EMP mac blast. Maybe give a defense boost to all units within close proximity to a structure (like 5%) or some other benefit to make it worth it. Also, his later abilities (siege turret drop and mech overcharge) seem very unit/situation-dependent compared to other leader powers.
-More crossplay. I really enjoy the 3v3 playlist and don't notice too much of a skill difference (though this might be due low skill tier or luck)
-Just keep up the bug fixes for as long as possible (I love this game, but its certainly not flawless)

Best case scenario
-New leader who focus is on air. Going air is one of my favorite thing to do, but there really isn't a leader meant to do that (except maaaaybe Kinsano). An air leader with, most importantly, air based leader powers (not orbital drops) and units (hawk) would be awesome.
-Elephants - Something about a tanky early game unit in the first game was just plain cool. You could drive up to an area close to the enemy base (especially on Fort Deen with that teleporter) and make a makeshift base or launch a well-supplied rush.
-New maps - These don't have to be that crazy. I just wish there was a map that used that sweet beach environment from the defense mission with Alice (sorry haven't played in a while)

Downright Mad
An entire season pass with 8 more leaders for both sides (a gamer can dream)
1. Snowy map for the multiplayer. We haven't actually got some sort of snowy map.
2. Season pass #2, or one more expansion like Awakening the nightmare with two new leaders and campaign missions.
3. New multiplayer game mode.
1. BRING THE GAME TO STEAM. doing this will without a doubt breathe so much new life into the game. possibly even revitalize it like Rainbow Six Siege did. We might ask for new features, however that will not bring as many new people into the game that steam would do. it's as simple as that.
2. A Classic Covie Leader. Have a Prophet of Regret or something as a leader who has the old Covenant aesthetic. E.g, the HW1 base with the teleporter pad, classic Scarab, Wraith, Banshee design etc (unlikely due to needing to create new assets but still would be really cool.
3. MORE Custom options. I saw this earlier and I want to repeat it from more exposure. Allow us to set specific settings for matches such as only being able to use air/ground/infantry units, Ultimate Units etc.

I know this is more than three, but the more the merrier

4. More colouring options for our armies. An easy to do (I think) change that would allow us to maybe set our own colour for our armies or, add more colours to the Red and Blue side and let us choose from a list of them pre-match.
5. AI Bases on every map. This will bring the game to work almost like HW1 with how matches played out. it would also allow for expanding to not be so easy, as well as incentivise more Hero play as they'll be used to take out these bases as well as gain veterancy a the same time. This could be easily done using the current Flood assets to make these bases.
6. 2v2v2 or a Free For All. Nothing more to say with that. it's self-exploratory
7. Classic Maps remastered or a new Map, OR a simple Forging feature to make maps. I know how much resources are required to make the forge idea, however out of the options this would be preferable. This would allow us to make the Classic Maps and also keep pumping new life into the game well after you guys are done with it.

Out of all these ideas I've spit-balled, the most important would be bringing the game to steam. HW1 is there is it not? why not HW2?. Plus, getting the game on steam might even bump up the player count/revenue that we could possibly get a season 2 for the game.
1. I would like to have Morgan Kinsano have her own campaign DLC.
2. More maps.
3. And maybe one insurrectioist leader.
1st space battles 2nd a more useable troop transport system like potentially a pelican being a trainable aircraft unit with a landing and take off animation for troops getting on and off included as a unique unit of a new leader and 3rd would be more awesome campaign content
  1. More maps. New ones or old ones ported over from HW1. More map interactivity is needed such as light bridges if deactivated after a few seconds drops the enemy onto a floor level below (not killing their units, buying time only). Recommended: Snowy maps, beach ones, city ones, or battlefield like a war has happened. Include unique details like maybe animals running around
  2. More vehicles, such as Vampire, Hawk, Elephant, or Cobra, maybe make them leader specific OR more upgrades to units, especially AA
  3. More game modes (e.g. tug of way, CTF) OR more custom game mode options (even some specifics) even for Blitz
1) A free-for-all mode, or at least the ability to have more that just Red Team and Blue Team in matchmaking and skirmish.
2) Fixes to spectator mode
3) An extra map for Terminus Firefight.
Number 1: More maps
Number 2: bring back the cobra

Number 15: Burger king foot lettuce. The last thing you'd want in your Burger King burger is someone's foot fungus. But as it turns out, that might be what you get. A 4channer uploaded a photo anonymously to the site showcasing his feet in a plastic bin of lettuce. With the statement: "This is the lettuce you eat at Burger King." Admittedly, he had shoes on.

But that's even worse.
1. One or 2 new leaders, either different factions or have new units/ultimate units. (Leader ideas could be a Jackal leader or a leader focusing on spartan 4’s that can hijack your units)
2. Ported maps from Halo Wars. More map variety is needed in the game.
3. Support for cross play in any game mode.
1. More maps or a way to create custom maps
2. More game modes
3. Automatic difficulty to A.I skirmishes like in halo wars 1
Another idea for a game mode: HaLoL Wars. You only play as your hero unit in a 3v3 MOBA with infantry minions and defense towers.
1) Ability to see the map while selecting leaders
2) Ability to veto the map
3) Ability to select our spawns on the map

1) More maps
2) FFA/2v2v2
3) A pirate leader (Jackal snipers, drones as hq infantry that fly) or a human leader with elephants

PS Thank you for making this post. This is really cool and just makes me want to play so much more! And if another 20$ dlc or a second season pass comes out, I and many others would buy it!
I would like
1. a free for all game mode
2. 8 player custom game lobbies
3. a flood enemy only version of terminus firefight
what i would like added in HW2 is
1: forge
2: more advance setting in customs, like if we want 30 spartans then we can have 30 spartans
3: a limited resource game mode where you have max population but thats all you get, you can't make more units so you gotta make use with what you got. limited healing too
1. Would love to see Jackle leader
2. Option to turn off factions from terminus firefight
3. More maps
I wish halo war one map be remade for halo wars 2
I would want maps like Halo wars 1 where there are Flood grave minds, Rebels bases and sentinel outposts and etc. Just really loved that about halo wars 1. Thanks 343 loved halo wars 2 single player btw.
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