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[Locked] What is your Halo Wars 2 Wishlist?

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Bring Halo wars 2 to steam I would buy it again!!! :)
1. More firefight options. AKA sliders for difficulty and how many players (sometimes I was to do 3vE and i want an option to search, instead of being thrown in a 2vE)
2. Another fight map for a 4vE/ a different design.
3. Upgrades for more troops/ like y abilities or passive damage buffs like HW1
Jordie2257 wrote:
1.Have a forerunner/promethean leader (I know 100% unlikely but I always thought if there's going 2 be a good opportunity 2 experiment with them it would be on a halo wars game PLEASE READ)
2.Add the heretic elite in as a leader (can finally mix in some jackals into a leader + us enforcers instead of blitzerbacks and constructors like skitterers. 3.Add halo wars maps into it( nodes and instead of power reactors but keep the AI enemies and maybe build on them
NOTE:Sorry if asking imposible and long list but I love the game and I want it to be to go from legendary to inheritor.
BTW:just to clerify the 2nd point the heretic elite from HALO 2
1) Theater system, one where we can save our great replays and keep them forever.
2) New maps
3) Try and balance the game as best as possible, its difficult with so many leaders, but try to make some of the worse ones a little better.

Also fix spectator black screen bug.
If I had to pick some more things to be added to halo wars 2, I would like
1. More maps for all game modes (blitz, terminus, deathmatch, etc.)
2. A new leader hopefully a forerunner or ODST leader
3. More cross play. However, I don't think cross play should be in every playlist. Make them sperate. For example don't make your already established competitive playlists cross play, I don't believe that will be fair for console players. However if you made a seperate competitive playlist while still having your PC and Xbox only competitive playlists, I believe that would make a good amount of people happy.
First: fix all the bugs!!!! This is a aaa game! I paid for the campaign dlc but my progress keeps getting eraced. Thats just disrespectfull to me the buyer and its why I stoped playing.
Second: a HW1 throwback map would really get the nostalga going.
Third: if a new faction leader (flood/forrunner) is too much then a new leader with some hw1 units like the hawk or cobra. Again playing on nostalga.
There is just one request I have to add into Halo Wars 2. Just one, and that is a LAN support. And not the Halo 5 Guardians version, I find that app to be redundant and useless as you still need internet access to do a "Local Area Network" game. It's not really a local game then. Like Halo Wars 1 I would love to see a return to actual LAN support in Halo, from Halo 5 and on. I know most people don't care about that anymore, but it's still a thing among people in the gaming community. I feel very strongly about keeping LAN support for games, that means no Xbox Live, no internet connection at all. Just hook up your systems to each other and play some games in the same room or house.
1. Finish the fight. Awakening the nightmare was supposed to wrap it up but left more questions than answers and felt like a shallow way to introduce the flood who seemed more like the Lambent from Gears of War this time around. I love story content, but it has to prioritize story and faithfulness to established lore.

2. Bug fixes. When my health bars don’t follow my army or I lose an Uber-unit to an animation loop or glitch I’m furious.

3. More maps with interesting features. Flood based maps with PVE elements, or cool control points like Fort Dean had in HW1 with the shield walls to name a few specifics. asymmetry is okay, we’re not all pros and most of us just want to have a blast.

Bonus list:
4. Bring back legacy content from halo wars 1. Remaster the 3v3 and best 2v2 and 1v1 maps. Bring back every cut unit and vehicle. I fell in love with the Cobra and Hawk and I’m so upset they never saw a return.

5. Flood leader/playable flood. God that would be cool.

6. Free for all game mode and custom game options for PVP and PVE
1: I TOTALLY agre with the person right above: FIX ALL THE BUGS! This is a AAA game and plus: IT'S HALO!!!! That save game problem is ridiculous!
2: A Promethean and/or Flood leader
3: A new story based DLC in which we play as a Promethean or Flood and focused somehow in Cortana.
1) Flood faction/more leaders
2) more maps
3) skins or customization!
1. New maps
2. Jacket and drone leaders they both are oddly absent and I feel both fit the banished story really well.
3. Custom game mode options
Anders sentinal carrier needs buffed (worthless as of now).

The one thing ive always had beef with.
Please put HW2 on Steam!!! :)

1: Allow asymmetrical teams in skirmish (E.g: 3 AI vs 1 player)

You can already do asymmetrical teams in skirmish, I do this all the time, cuz its more fun and challenging.
I won't even list 3 things, just one. All I want is more story for the game, the story is unfinished, there's no other way to put it. We need a semi conclusive story with more cut scenes.
I may not play Halo Wars 2, but I WILL buy it in the future and thus, there's some things I would like to see:
  1. Thel 'Vadam as a leader. His units would consist of both Elites, Humans, Hunters, etc. The problem is the base, but since it's Thel, I think it's safe to give him a "Elitified" UNSC base since he's ally to them. Plus, He was responsible for billions of Human casualties and countless Human colonies to fall. I think he deserves his spot as a leader.
  2. An Infection versus gamemode. 2 teams have to go on against each other whilst defending themselves from Flood attacks. Once the last member of a team falls, the other team wins.
  3. More like a 2.5: A Firefight Last-Stand gamemode. You don't have to defend anything except your base. You can choose what factions to fight, be it UNSC, Banished, Flood or Sentinels. You can expand into the map to build turrets, walls, etc. Once your base falls, the game ends.
  4. LAST WISH: A Juggernaut type gamemode. This one would be hard to balance but it's essentially Regicide, Juggernaut, and all that. The players would start in peace. Then a random player will become the Juggernaut and freely receive a fully upgraded Hero with reduced speed and increased damage (slightly). Non-Juggernaut players would freely receive units (Like Scorpions, Wraiths, etc.) to help counter the Juggernaut Hero if it decides to rush. Winning conditions? It's hard to decide in a RTS game, but maybe it could be:
  • The Juggernaut must need to collect points by killing enemy units. The more powerful the unit is, the more points it gains. Only the Juggernaut leader can receive the points to avoid camping. When he reaches the limit, the Juggernaut wins and the others lose, of course. When the Juggernaut leader unit is killed, the points reset.
Custom Games options can include:
  1. Allow vision with other players that aren't Juggernauts: Essentially allowing you view the other' bases and units. If a player becomes the Juggernaut, the vision will be cut.
  2. Lone Wolves: The game becomes FFA.
IMPORTANT RULE: The Juggernaut would likely be against 2, 3 or more players, resulting in him having a smaller army. Two counters to this are: Give the Juggernaut a larger pop limit; Buff the Juggernaut's units; Reduce non-Juggernaut player's pop. limit.

So, what are your thoughts? I'm open to suggestions about the Juggernaut gamemode.
1) more maps - even ported one from halo wars will do but variety in any game is key to replayability
2) more multiplayer modes - perhaps a 2 v 2 v 2? Including deathmatch and even a scoring mode equivalent for PVE where each team fights for the most points. (Honestly blitz is a pay to win mode so I'm not suggesting any changes there. If anything in my opinion it's blitz that's killed halo wars 2 - particularly for new comers)
3) More leaders - honestly there is a good bit of variety here but I think a leader that's always been wanted since halo wars 1 would be the flood. On that you could move onto other factions and their respective lores like the fore runners. Even have Master chief as leader, you can't tell me that wouldn't be a fan favourite and perhaps even the prophet of regret?
Only more of hands on approach and community could allow this game to grow.

1. You need “forge”, place for people to easily develop mods, maps, or modes.
2. A place for the community to vote and submit further ideas and changes to the game. Such has adding user created maps to matchmaking. This likely will require significant oversight.
3. We need a way for this game to grow, we need steam.

The number of comments here show passion for the game, and I really appreciate the reach out.
1) post game analysis like in halo wars 1 ( when the match was over u saw what really happened
2) more map 2 or 3 is fine
3)in game leader board

and maybe maybe more custom options like FFA you know something fun

Goes with out saying fix bugs and fix balancing
almost complete game and worth the 100$ 😂 😂😂
  1. Additional default units (for example a fourth type of infantry and fourth type of air unit since you already have 4 types of garage units. And/Or additional unit upgrades for the existing units
  2. More maps
  3. More public Vs AI game modes or customization options for public vs AImodes

I have a far reaching request that would literally take this game to the next level is:
Have a Custom Leader Game Mode. (My apologies ahead of time for the long explanation).
In this game mode you can create either a custom UNSC leader or a custom Covenant leader with units selectable from the existing leaders

How this would work is, for example:
A Custom UNSC leader would still have only 4 types of garage units and 3 types of air units and 3 types infantry units.
But for his garage, he or she would be able to select one type of core vehicle (any of the warthogs from the available leaders), and one type of anti air vehicle (any of the available wolverines from the existing UNSC leaders), and one type of mobile artillery (Kodiak, or any type of Kodiak from the available existing UNSC leaders) and one type of main battle tank ( either St. Forges grizzly or a scorpion etc). He or she must select one of and only one of each of the 4 garage unit types.
In other words, you could select the 1. Kinsano's warthog , 2. St. Forges Grizzly tank (instead of the scorpion) 3. a vanguard wolverine used in blitz) 4. and a standard Kodiak for your garage units. But you will still be limited to only one of each type ( in other words you cannot select 2 types of warthogs and 2 types of tanks for your four garage units)
You would also not be able to select St. Forges warthog in the garage though since that would still be limited to the armory as a hero unit.

The same would be for tree types of Air and three types of air units ( for example one type of hornet, one type of nightingale and one type of vulture selectabel from each existing leaders units . Again, you would select a unit, one of each type (selectable from what has already been created for the existing leaders)
(if this is two broad, then you could limit it to just one selectable available unit from each leader, in the garage, one in the Air, and one from infantry with the other units being standard generic units)
However, you would not be able to use both Covenant and UNSC units, you can only have a UNSC only unit leader and a Covenant unit only leader.
You could also select one hero unit buildable in the Armory
Also the powers available may have to be limited to generic powers that are already common to multiple leaders like healing, mines, turrets etc

Keep in mind that to keep this fair you would have a separate "Custom leader battle mode" that would ONLY allow custom leaders to fight each other or team up with each other. This way, no one could complain about balance issues, since they are in control of the units their leader uses (within the constraints listed above).
Imagine the creativity this would inspire, and the YouTube videos from the awesome TeamRespawn and Breaking the Clutch guys, and all of the additional interest this would generate. No other RTS allows this and you would be paving new ground, and it is easy to support because not complaints about balance on this mode and you already have the units built.
Thank you for taking the time to read this and for making such an awesome game!!! If this is not feasible, then hopefully this idea will generate additional or similar ideas from other HW2 players or 343 engineers that are feasible to the team :-)
Also additional missions or a campaign expansion is always loved and wanted.
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