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[Locked] What is your Halo Wars 2 Wishlist?

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These things are mainly to add more replayability to the game and save the ranked ladder (from a competitive player's standpoint):

1. Crossplay in all lists--playing on PC sucks since you only get 1v1 with other PCs (dead list) and 3v3 X War which leads into point 2:

2. Strict matchmaking option. I'm onyx, and still routinely get matched with silver/golds. It isn't fun for anybody--it's a waste of time for me since I stand to gain very little, and nobody likes getting seal clubbed. Not to mention having teammates so much lower skilled than you is frustrating as they are practically worthless--I routinely win games where my teammate will kill less than 5 units all match and no bases... they might as well be afk (and sometimes are).

3. In terms of balance, I feel like something is missing regarding teching up units. I don't know why it isn't possible to upgrade your counters anymore. There's a lot of weird interactions now where something like a wolverine comes out full power at tech 2--while in HW1 you had to upgrade them to dual launchers. With the exception of air I feel like it's too easy to just keep pumping out of the same building type instead of actually having to worry about different counter situations or plan ahead.

4. Official tournaments would be dope.

5. You said three things, but most of those aren't really "content". I'd really like to see a flood leader or a sentinel leader (not anders), but I'm sure that'd be hell to make all new units for... I'd be happy if you just did the simple fixes above.
1. Play as Prometheans
2. Play as Flood
3. More flood themed campaigns.

Edit: I forgot to say, windows store is good but if you add this game on steam there will be more sales and more income to make new contents (or for halo wars 3).
1. I would have to say adding more maps like maybe a few from halo wars 1 or just make a couple more preferably 3v3 maps. That are longer maps.

2. I would like to see a couple more leaders like 4 new leaders 2 for each side maybe two leaders that are strictly anti air leaders one of them for each faction.

3. For my last wish I would like to see the return of the Rebel Bases to me that made Halo Wars 1 more fun. It gave the chance for units to gain Veterany.
Make the ODST hero unit in OP Swordbreaker a leader, or usable in other modes
1. Fortify upgrades level 1, 2 and 3 should provide base defenses a 5%, 10% and 15% respectfully in reduction in price and build time.

2. Enemy units INSIDE your shield generator should deal damage to your units and structures, otherwise they will only damage the shield from the outside. Supreme Commander and star wars empire at war are both perfect example's of the game mechanic.

3. Core infantry refuse to cap power nodes and crates. please fix.

Thank you!
Thanks for giving me a voice in this (^^), that being said, here are my suggestions:
  1. Allow for players to take different support or abilities on the command tree respective to their banner. For example, I really really want to have a pelican as Anders so I can micro my spartan more efficiently. But only a select few within the UNSC can use the ability. It would be nice (balancing included) if there was some way you could swap certain abilities within the command tree.
  2. More upgrades, it seems like everything is always pretty fully upgraded. One of the things I loved about the original halo wars was the ability to upgrade my tanks to power turret and get that slight edge on someone else. While this is replicated through vehicle tier upgrades, it doesn't have the same feel in terms of the utility of the upgrade. The current vehicle tier upgrades used to be interlaced with the upgrading of a vehicle, such as giving a cobra deflection plating for example, power turret would make a tank do more damage, be tankier, and of course have more utility. The grind to get the upgrades is more interesting in the first game, I believe that if we scrap the current vehicle upgrade system and move back to a utility upgrade it'd make the game more interesting. This is more of for vehicles though, as infantry has some pretty good upgrades.
  3. 13/14 stars. Okay, so the veterancy for units is amazing... Honestly, my one spartan can wipe a pretty sizable army by himself. However, when in a vehicle the amount of utility a spartan has is abysmal, it used to be that a three star spartan in a fully upgraded tank could tear through 4 tanks pretty well. Now veterancy just isn't the same, my spartan will struggle to take on 2 tanks at once. I feel like I put my spartan in a deathtrap when I enter any vehicle, especially tanks (which aren't tanky enough in my opinion). In the old game one would get up to 13-14 stars maximum in a vehicle the spartan was piloting, was this broken? Yes. Was it fun? Yeah lol. This one is subjective though, I enjoyed taking on army after army with just one spartan for fun, or having that clutch moment when all seems lost and they march a cobra army up to your base and you jack one with a 3-star spartan and instantly save your base and leave the fray with a 13 star cobra. *I'm with people on bringing cobras back, just a side note lol.
*For those of you saying that this is a AAA game and for it not to have bugs and they should be ashamed or whatever, pop in that 2009 halo wars we all love and tell me that the game is perfect... I'll wait... Right, I have exploited so many glitches in that game I have been accused of hacking lol. Games have bugs, its okay to bring them to the developer's attention, but no reason to make them sound incompetent...

These are just my suggestions, whether they come into the game or not doesn't really matter that much to me. I enjoy the heck out of halo wars 2, and I never thought I'd see a game rival the original in my heart. Thanks 343 for an epic halo experience, honestly, I have had a lot of fun playing this game. Lastly, thanks again for listening to the community, or at least giving us the mic for a second. Best of luck!
1. New maps/ported maps from halo wars 1
2. This is a crazy idea, what maybe a setting to remove swearing
3. Bug fixes please!
First I would love prometions like warden eternal or Cortana and Maybe Tom Lasky and Sara Palmer as hero’s but also a finishing update for awakening the nightmare
1. Definitely more maps with more NPC bases instead of just sentinels roaming by power nodes.
2. Possibly a new mode but I would be fine without one.
3. Lastly and I completely understand a new faction would require a lot of time and resources to implement (which is why this is last) but it would be a nice change of pace from just UNSC and Banished.
1. Forge for maps would create an enormous amount of replayability.
2. I've always wanted to see the Flood as a playable faction since HW1.
3. The ability to make custom game types.
A cool thing would be remastered maps from Halo Wars 1, with the reintegration of the original soundtracks too. :)
1. More factions (forerunner, flood) and leaders to go with them since there are already units for them in the game to build upon.
2. More Banished story DLC with blur cutscenes with a big focus on Atriox
3. The ability to to start with access to all units and abilities in customs from the start.
1. More maps
2. New leaders
3. More crossplay options

Love Halo Wars 2 <3
1. New or more maps that are large
2. Matchmaking in blitz firefight
3. Fix some bug issues Ex: on Xbox one you can type in chat but it never shows up.

from Sergeantbacon0 halo wars 2 is awesome hope you read this,thanks 343
1: a more in depth stat chart
2: ability to see and customize where individuals go on maps before the game starts.
3: new maps that are more interactive and dynamic

If I'm allowed to be unrealistic, I'd like a few campaign missions with blur cut scenes centered around maybe how atriox and cutter position themselves against each other. I'd like some atriox wins versus cutter. Put cutter on the defensive by the end to really get atriox on cutters level as a strategist and a threat. Maybe have the flood in the background as a tertiary threat while your main focus is on cutter or atriox
1.) Custom games needs more advanced settings.
for example ( having the option to restrict specific units for any player or ai
2.) additional units (preferably melee units "OR" the return of halo wars 1 units)to all leaders would help make the game feel fresh again
3.) More LARGE SCALE MAPS with open battle grounds and less choke points
What I would like to see implemented into Halo Wars 2:

1. Nerf the effect of Mass Air units especially blister-backs and the protector sentinels, Otherwise the latest balance update has been great. This issue is especially prevalent in Terminus Firefight. Especially annoying with direct air when you try to protect bases and you don't have enough time even if you have air units to reach the Terminus in time.

2. A Flood leader type, Gravemind from Halo 2 or maybe like an ancient Gravemind from the Flood-Forerunner war. Or Forerunner leader like the Didact.

3. More Maps both in Multiplayer and in both firefight modes would be great. Or Add more Main bases in Terminus Firefight.
  1. More Maps and more diverse maps (snow map included) maybe some deathmatch maps with wall and fence defences for bases or choke points like in firefight and more garrison-able places maybe buildings too like a city map. maybe have some areas only infantry can access? or maybe some hazards or things that attack you. maybe make it harder to take base slots?
  2. More unique units for each leader (add at least one more unique unit per leader rather than new leaders with all similar units)
  3. Let me choose from a variety of colours in offline skirmish or let me buy skins as I want to play as UNSC in green. More skirmish option disable super units/just more custom option in general never hurts
  4. Also in offline skirmish deathmatch the A.I is obsessed with nodes. Nodes are important early on but later in the game they defend the nodes rather than their own bases. If you try to take a node they will send an army for you but if you are attacking their bases they dont do anything. They seem to give up late game so would be nice to have some A.I tweaks for those of us who play offline.
Ultimate not gonna happen fantasy..third faction..possibly flood as you have deigned many of those already. I would be willing to pay for more substantial content I dont expect it all for nothing
1. New maps to add a greater variety with possibly new mechanics e.g. more hostile neutral AI
2. Full cross play between PC and Xbox one
3. A new faction for multiplayer(this one is a long shot) while the game focuses on the banished and humanity I think it would be fun to add a 3rd faction to add a new flavour to the game the obvious choice is the flood as they have a ton of units in the game already, but another idea while not popular is the Prometheans/forerunners. A new faction would change the way we play as well as make a great incentive for player to return to the game or for new people to pick it up
1. Make empty base slots belong to neutral factions like rebels or flood.
2. Make flood a playable faction.
3. Give leaders their own exclusive upgrades for units.
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