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[Locked] What is your Halo Wars 2 Wishlist?

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I think the team has done a great job creating variety with leaders and those are of course always welcomed.

Biggest glaring weakness is lack of maps and map variety.

Love Terminus Firefight but at least one more map for that as well.
Multi team
new maps
buff fixes
Love all the support the game has received from the team. After speaking with lots of people in the community (from my YT channel TeamRespawn), here are the 3 biggest items requested.

1. Adding proper matchmaking into HW DE.
2. Adding either HW1 maps into HW2 or more maps in general
3. More options in custom games (FFA/Multi-team, starting with unlimited supplies and all leader powers unlocked, etc)

Thanks for all the hard work HW2 team. We <3 you!
1) Small nerf to serina's cryo abilities such the time a unit is chilled or reduce the damage reduction a unit gets from being chilled because she is a hard leader to fight one on one with and win or to counter.
2) rework the first six heroes (Cutter-Ship master) to be on par with dlc charatcers. for example Atriox's tier 3 spirit assault l abilty only sends in two suicide grunts and level two adds a jump pack brute. this ability should have more units to be effective.
3) A new hero that can be for that represents another species of the covenant such as the skirmishers/jackals, prophets, or engineers or a new human that is all about air units.
Just fix the bugs everytime I log on my campaign progress gets removed all my Phoenix logs removed and the service record says I have only 11 yours played when I've been playing this game since day one! Bug fixes please!!!!
Well Postums, I'd just like to say on behalf of the Halo Wars 2 community:
Thanks for asking us what we won't even if you can't implement most of the ideas that we posted, but we still really appreciate you asking!
So thanks a million!
There is a glitch that causes all dlc Phoenix logs to be locked. Please fix this
  1. Controls. I need to be able to use my right trigger so I can actually control my units correctly. Literally copy HW1 control configuration.
  2. Crossplay for all standard playlists.
  3. Fixes to spectator mode black screen, and game freezes that make you lose games because you can't micro for 20 seconds. Can the game freeze for everyone when it freezes so it's fair?
  4. In game leader boards.
I would really like disconnects to be addressed. They happen at a relatively frequent rate. Everyone else has more or less covered my wishes, but this is definitely one that can hold the game back in my opinion.

I also agree with those wanting more diversity in TFF. It's a fantastic game mode that I would love to see expand a little bit.
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