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[Locked] What is your Halo Wars 2 Wishlist?

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1 Maps
2 Maps
3 Maps
4 Give rangers a buff or an upgrade
5 Make Shipmata have 2 points for banished raid instead of 3
1. Additional and interchangable units. One of my favorite things about my countless hours on HW1 was the consideration that went into countering units as a team of Covenant and UNSC. I would love to have a unit editer for each character that allowed swapping units to be used in game. For example replacing kodiaks or Cyclops (depending on how in depth it would be and if multiple swaps were required as a package) with Cobras. Replacing shrouds or reavers with vampires. The addition of hawks. Bring back some of the iconic game changing units that HW1 had.

2. Occupied rebel bases. Again from HW1 when we had to fight rebels/flood/sentinels to free up a base slot in order to build. This added a little more preparation before expanding bases.

3. (A personal favorite) HW1 vortex as a leader power! I loved the concept of doing additional damage based on how many units/buildings are being affected by the ability. Vortex on the brute cheiftain was my all time favorite part of the first game (along with the slow, heavy, and very impactful slam of the gravity hammer).

These are very personal preferences for additions. I played the first game waaaaaay more than I should have and when HW2 was announced, I was extraordinarily excited. I love HW2 as well but I feel like a little too much was left behind that could really help HW2 feel less stagnant (at least in the unit department).
1. Maps remaster from halo wars like fort deen for example to halo wars 2
2. maybe upgrades for units for units that dont have any.
3. cobras....plzz...i know ya wont but plz
1) Balance. I know we will get there, and you guys are making it happen so thank you. Just the sooner we get there, the more stable (play base wise) and enjoyable this game will become.
2) change Cutters Jerome Spartan Laser a bit - he doesn’t feel like a proper Spartan killing machine with it!
3) Fix Johnson. To me, he’s the only really broken UNSC character. He has his moments, but overall I find him lacklustre and his LP’s a bit... disjointed, for want of a better word.
Thanks for asking the community for suggestions, I know we all appreciate it!

More Maps, to me all the maps feel kinda the same I think because they all have exactly 5 Power Nodes and not many unique features.
1) Fort Deen <3
2) The Docks
3) Chasms
More maps.

Free for all game mode.

Option to pick colours.
1. More maps
2. More neutral AI on maps/occupied base slots
3. Flood/Forerunner leader
If we're talking things that will require some serious work, so adding functionality:

  1. In-game leaderboards for the ranked modes
  2. Replays
  3. Bases to become capture based rather than a "who-clicked-first-fest"
1. More options in custom games (Blitz Open, spectator mode with it, maybe more spectators slots than only 2)
2. Full crossplay in all playlists
3. Fix to the bugs of resource collecting. Either my units just collect part of the pile or dont move at all to it in which case i have to move them close to it so they start doing something.
1. Maps. New or remastered with some nodes.
2. CSR system adjustments so it is possible to increase in rank even against smurfs.
3. More in-game stats or after-action stats where you can see what waypoint shows you including the rank of the player you just finished playing.


Removal of Serena and Voridus. I hate them. /s
1. Fix the thing where grunts and marines don't collect supplies when told.
2. Buff Johnson's mantis to make them viable late game
1) More options for custom games
  • Choose starting base slots.
  • Disable certain units, buildings, or certain leader powers
  • Be able to save custom game options
  • Start with X amount of leader points (be able to have a different number per player)
  • Start with X amount of supplies/powers that is unique per player
  • Start with Units other than Marines or Grunts
  • Global damage/health modifiers for Vehicle, Infantry, Air, and Buildings
2) Spectator Mode
  • Look at leader power wheel
  • Be able to toggle on/off hud
  • Be able to toggle on/off current income rate and current production (units and techs)
  • Be able to jump to where a unit/building just died based on player/team currently viewing
  • If co-spectating, be able to switch to other spectator's view. If you switch back to you, you should go back to where you were prior. Maybe this can just be a d-pad direction to jump to co-spectator position and then back
3) Have nuking leader powers scale with fortifications just like mines (nerf base nuke damage to compensate)
  • Makes leader powers less impactful in early and mid game without some type of early investment
  • Still keep strength in later portions of the game
  • Force players to actually invest power into making their powers better instead of just getting it for free
1. Customization Options for Blitz (most importantly Blitz Open in Customs)
2. Spectator mode for Blitz (can only cast 2v2 tourney atm with host being forced to have fog of war on)
3. Play as blue team in vs AI modes (specifically TFF, <3 my green team baby!)

*edit* bonus wish: Sunray Squad as an Ultimate for Cutter!
-had to throw a dream in there.
Blitz open for custom games, spectator mode for blitz, and a rejoin option if someone lags out of Terminus Firefight.
Going to add one more:

In 3s always give the middle spot to the highest ranked player. I think this would improve quality of life for everyone when getting matched with very low ranked and/or new players.
1. Playlists
Always keep 1v1 War, 2v2 War, and 3v3 War (death match). This is really the ways Halo Wars shines. It’s by far the most fun way to play Halo Wars 2. It was the same in Halo Wars 1 just with a different name. But I would like to see something new added or swapped around. I’ve seen some cool ideas from different people. Just some casual playlist that’s adds some variety. It wouldn’t become my main playlist just something to try something different.
Casual unranked swappable playlist ideas
A) 3v3 free for all where there are no teams. Or it could be 3 teams of 2 with the last one standing wins.
B) A 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 War (deathmatch) where there are no leader powers. I mean don’t get me wrong leader powers are a lot of fun. This is just an idea to try to mix things up a bit.

2. Maps
I don’t know if this will draw new people in, but I think the Halo Wars 2 veterans would really appreciate this. I think the leader variety in Halo Wars 2 is awesome to have so many choices. The original only had 6 leaders while this one has more than double that. To me that adds to the longevity of this game a lot. But I’m afraid we are at the perfect number of leaders. Anymore I’m afraid would introduce new problems for game balancing or add bugs. That being said if you introduce new leaders I’ll ignore what I’ve just said and will buy them to support you and play the new leaders.

So I think the better idea would be more maps. Who doesn’t want more maps? Same thing in Halo 5. Can’t have too many maps. Now I want to talk about this for a minute though. I’ve seen a lot of people express a desire for Halo Wars 1 maps. That I have a little concern about. Ok comparing the two there are some pros and cons. HW1 maps had things that made them stand out. Maybe it was an energy wall in the middle of the map like on Fort Deen or it was set pathways like Labyrinth, but they were unique and stood out and required special strategies for those particular maps. HW2 maps don’t have that as much. But what I like a lot about HW2 maps is that they work so much better. No longer do I have units that get stuck behind a base or getting overcrowded down a long tight space. Also HW2 maps don’t have some unique thing on them that gets abused. So I prefer HW2 maps even if they are a little more bland to HW1 maps. So my suggestion would be more HW2 maps, but just make them visually appealing to stand out. But if you make maps like HW1 I’m not leaving. I’ll absolutely play them. Just putting my preference out there.

Of of course I don’t know if new maps will happen, because that takes time and money. And if you charge for them yes I’d buy them but then you split your player base.

3. Fix the ranking system.
Ok I know I’m not an onyx or champion ranked player. The highest I ever got was diamond and I usually hover in platinum. I play a lot of 2v2 War. Probably 90% of what I play. But it is very frustrating to go up so little with a win and down so much with a loss. Plus I would like to see each season (yes please keep doing seasonal leaderboard resets) leaderboard reset be a full reset. PLUS ITS VERY FRUSTRATING to lose rank due to dropped matches.

4. Test mode
It would be awesome to have a mode where one person by their self could pick two units and have a versus against them to see which one is better. That would help testing, getting familiar with the game, and figuring out the meta.

5. Customization
Add some skins for units or bases. Anything to customize things. People usually love that kind of stuff. People get attached to their self expression.

6. HELP out the NEW PLAYERS!
Im familiar with the game quite a bit. But I think what prevents a game like Halo Wars 2 from being a big success is the same thing that attracts the players that have been here since day one: complexity. I’m not trying to put down on Call of Duty. I enjoy it some, but it does get repetitive to me. But it’s simple pick up and play. HW2 isn’t. Most people can’t or won’t dedicate the time and energy it takes to get good at a game like HW2. I’ve had friends try this game out and be like it’s confusing to them. It’s overwhelming to a new player. There are two currencies to manage, bases to manage, having to figure out which unit is effective against which unit (which can be negated by other variables), when to attack, leader powers to learn, etc. It’s a lot. I think a lot of people give up. But you can’t simplify the game. The complexity is why I keep coming back. There are so many strategies and leader variety to try. It doesn’t get boring. I stay engaged from start to finish. Like I said previously constantly managing bases, managing power/energy, managing units, deciding which leader powers to use and when, deciding when to attack or not, etc. But maybe there is a way to help the new players get acquainted.
Thanks for asking us!

This would be my top 3:
  1. CSR system adjustments
  2. In-game leaderboards for ranked games
  3. In-game match statistics similar to those on waypoint (i.e. graphs and/or build orders)
We briefly discussed the first point here:
For the second point, I'd expect that you can just reuse the existing leaderboards from TFF so that shouldn't be too much effort and would definitely add much value.
The third point is probably more effort as you do not have any plots in the UI yet but having the waypoint plots in-game would be phenomenal.
1. Units listening to commands. Picking up crates when ordered, capping nodes, and attacking targets. This is especially prevalent to Jump Brutes and the Honor Guard. The HG is a great unit, but when ordered to attack will occasionally literally just run in circles. Same with JBs. This needs to be fixed.

2. Improvements to Adv. Cloaking and Banished Raid. Shipmaster needs passive buffs, in SOME form. Teleportation isn't enough without OP locusts, that's what made him good before. Without them, buffing teleports won't make him top tier. IDK why players go on about him being so good when usage stats clearly show otherwise.

3. Scarabs should attack what they're told. They have a tendency to just walk in circles as well.
Here's my list:

1 Some Halo Wars 1 maps brought into halo wars 2!

2 Full cross play let's keep the community together for the long run!

3 You could add FFA and multi team

1. New/Remastered maps.
2. And upgrade/Y ability for each unit
3. In game leaderboards
I forgot about in game leader boards imagine being the best player in the world for your leader main
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