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[Locked] What is your Halo Wars 2 Wishlist?

OP Postums

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1. Legacy DLC pack. HW1 units (Cobra, Hawk, Elephant, Gremlin, Protectors, Vampires, Jackals, or Prophet) and maps like The Docks, Fort Deen, or Terminal Moraine.
2. More Custom Games/Private Match options for Customs/firefight. Some thoughts:
  • Something like set the scaling of the map. (Play smaller teams (1v1) on the larger (3v3) version of one of the 3v3/2v2 Maps without cutting out portions of the map.)
  • Something like to toggle the ability to build both a Banished OR UNSC Base & Buildings regardless of faction (I think this would be fun for games just with friends).
  • Turn on/off sentinels at power nodes.
  • Turn on/off power nodes and turn on/off healing nodes.
  • Change power nodes to be resource nodes or healing nodes.
  • Turn on/off mini bases.
  • Turn on/off resource crates and power crates from the map
  • Max time limit for game. Results in tie if time runs out
  • Turn teams on/off
  • Percentage for return rate of supply and power buildings
  • Leader Point return rate/generation rate percentage
  • Toggle for all leader powers unlocked/max leader points granted
3. Unique colors, like in HW1 where UNSC could be Green, Yellow, Blue, Red, White, Black, etc. Team colors are nice but the unique player colors are something I'd really like to see come back.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with the community!
Game stability improvements most of all, but feature requests:

1. Halo Wars 1 maps and/or new Blitz/Terminus map configurations
2. Prophet as a flying leader (or any flying-focused Banished leader), and the return of Vampires
3. Favorite color (i.e. if available, you are that color. If multiple people have conflicting favorites, pick randomly who gets it)

and the longest shot: Either a skin pack that returned the banished to a smooth purple or a leader that used that style.. I know it is asking a lot though.
Postums wrote:
Postums wrote:
Literally anything. We are working to see what our community wants the most.
I really wish you could give digital hugs 😧
  1. More maps for terminus firefight. Different barricade/turret layouts, AI paths, map features and maybe adding power nodes.
  2. Some kind of handling for games where a player is disconnected or resigns early. Some ideas I had:
    • If a player is disconnected early, only that person can rejoin the match within a certain time limit (like within the first 5 minutes of the game, otherwise the other players would be way ahead of the rejoining player).
    • If a player is disconnected at any time, an AI will take over for that player and can be replaced by the same player that rejoins.
    • A player that resigns will be replaced by an AI to help keep the other players on that team from being at a significant disadvantage.
  3. Addition of a flood leader or two (one UNSC, one banished).
Oh i forgot, Free for All, 2v2v2, or maybe even 4v4.. all those sound amazing. And I think that each is a super long shot.. but possible.
1. I would love to see a forge mode or even potentially modding capabilities for the community.
2. Dynamic weather conditions, a killer on frame rates but would look really cool.
3. Spectator mode for games in progress. This is not to be confused with the current spectating done during games where you've died. This would be a great addition to Terminus Firefight, especially if someone gets disconnected.

As an added item, I would also really enjoy a legacy map pack and/or more new maps in general that aren't symmetric (These ideas were posted by others but I think they would make excellent additions to the game).
1 - Ability to choose colour after leader select
2 - Halo wars remastered with the new mechanics and multiplayer maps
3 - Making skitterers do different things based on what unit they are attached too, for example instead of attacking on an engineer, the engineer would gain a buffed Y ability + shield and slightly buff healing, Maybe it would be too much work but man, It would be so cool.
For improving Terminus Firefight you could do this:
  • The lotus mine field needs to refill after being destroyed or detonated
  • The Regen barricade needs to heal the barricade itself quicker
  • The Terminus should Blow up like a Eradication Explosion when its destroyed and it should destroy all units allied and enemy in the AOE
And Postums you could add a day/night cycle to the map.
1) Full cross-play
2) Smokes being able to affect units under shields (Right now you can only smoke your own) seriously necessary for helping unsc break banished and dealing with mega turrets
3) Atriox jump-pack brutes, bug countermeasures no longer stuns units they are flying over.
4) The aggressor sentinels will always capture the power nodes back again. Right now they mostly leave them captured
5) scarabs toned down
1 more maps
2 custom paint designs for each unit
3 custom leaders
More Camos.
Ex each 10 sr levels unlocks a newer camo/skin for the UNSC and Banished.
There is no reward for time played.
Nabistay wrote:
Game stability improvements most of all, but feature requests:

1. Halo Wars 1 maps and/or new Blitz/Terminus map configurations
2. Prophet as a flying leader (or any flying-focused Banished leader), and the return of Vampires
3. Favorite color (i.e. if available, you are that color. If multiple people have conflicting favorites, pick randomly who gets it)

and the longest shot: Either a skin pack that returned the banished to a smooth purple or a leader that used that style.. I know it is asking a lot though.
I agree with there suggestions.
To increase the stability of multiplay is a top priority.

1.Please fix the "Laggy command" issue.
Strange to say, It is not happen on HW2 3v3 PC version....

2.If it is possible, please increase the framerate of HW2 XboxoneX version.
Postums wrote:
Postums wrote:
Hey Everyone,

If you had to pick 3 new things to add into the game for Halo Wars 2, what would they be. We are looking at ways to engage with our community more and grow the game so our ears are very open.

Postums and Wrensi
Postums what would be a legitimate request/wishlist?
Are we talking minor tweaking like patches buffing and nerfing units
Or are we talking about stuff more in depth like adding a Y ability to rangers and creating new maps or bringing back remastered maps from halo 1?
Just curious as to what we can except, sorry if this is a bit much to ask.

Anyways I appriciate everything you guys do and am thankful for whatever update you give us.
Just wanna say thanks.
Literally anything. We are working to see what our community wants the most.
Postums and MeJordan and 343 Leadership a big THANK YOU for being willing to listen and engage the community to grow and improve this game. Yesterday I posted a wishlist with realistic small changes and here I'm going to post the wishlist of my dreams for Halo Wars 2.

1. Multiplayer Map variety is something that is lacking in Halo Wars 2. I would like to see a classic map pack of reworked Halo Wars 1 maps to properly fit the gameplay of HW2, or more HW2 dev maps that have a much more unique and asymmetrical layout than what we have currently.

Something else that would be an amazing way to remedy this situation but I know would be a gargantuan development effort is to have a map editor/creator for HW2 that is on the level of sophistication as Forge for Halo 5. I think all Halo fans and 343 have seen what can happen when proper tools are given to their creative Halo community and the creations that emerge add so much variety and lasting fun to a multiplayer suite that it boggles the mind.

2. More factions..... I think the unspoken elephant in the room is that everyone would love to see a Flood Faction in HW2 (or future Halo Wars games) that is playable in multiplayer. Promethean would also be amazing. Imagine, Flood and Promethean leaders with their own unique units/armies and gameplay styles in addition to the existing UNSC and Banished armies/leaders... I know this an incredible request but one can dream right?

3. Also another User Interface request, I would like a much more detailed service record in game. With stats for each season and globally, such as my pick and win rates for all leaders, 'most built unit', 'favorite hero unit' 'unit that has gotten the most kills overall', and other fun stats for leaders and units etc.

Again, thank you thank you thank you Postums, MeJordan and 343 Leadership. Wish you guys the best.

1. Advanced customs options
2. In game leaderboards
3. Official tournaments


1. More maps
2. Free for all gamemode
3. Replays
This is one thing I see for FFA, each player gets a corner of the map, so only 4 player can play in FFA.
Game Additions:

1) Unranked 1v1 or Ranked 1v1x. Same for 2v2. Having both ranked and unranked may split the population too much so one or the other is fine. Free for all too!!!
2) New maps. Smaller ones, not large maps.
3) Mini base meta is lame. Having AI protect mini bases and expo bases would make it harder for 1 player to take all mini bases. Also helps with veterancy of units.

Bug Fixes:

1) Supply pickup needs to be sorted. If told to pick it up it should always do it.
2) If you select a bunch of units and tell them to take a node, one of then should do it immediately. Not run around for 5 seconds before deciding to take it. (Yes you can tell 1 unit to do it but would still be nice to see).
3) A button should not close the leader power wheel if no power is selected. The wheel should only close when you select a leader power and press A or you press B to close the wheel to not use a leader power.

Balance Fixes:

1) Cloak bases/detect reworked. Banished are able to turtle much more effectively due to the base cloak. Should definitely not cloak units. Detect line of sight increased. Ideally just remove the base cloak.
2) Leader powers towed down. Offensive ones needs damage reduction, passives and boosts needs to be reduced. Drops should not have veterancy. Leader powers should compliment good unit composition not the other way around. Veterancy of units is too hard to get and leaders powers are once of the main reasons.
3) UNSC Anti-Infantry turrets do way to much damage especially in T1. With this, Siege and Mega Turrets should only be 1 per base.
Here is my list.

1)More maps. I really like the maps in Halo Wars 2, but with there only being 10 maps (Not including Blitz or Terminus) makes it a little boring. A map with more interaction like The Docks or for those who really like strategy and turtleing Terminal Moraine would add more replay value, or a map with a few A.I Rebel, Forerunner or Flood bases would ad to the experience. I really don't like that fact that all the bases, except the starting ones are empty, as you don't need to do anything to get them other then not having the supplies or power.

2) Anders's sentinels Really need to be nerfed. An army of these is basically unstoppable, especially in 1v1.

3)Random map select in private and custom matches. If there is only one thing I could add to Halo Wars 2 it would be this. I'm the kind of person who doesn't usually want to make the choice for stuff in games when playing with friends, plus I really don't like having to go though the map select and choose a map. Adding this will make game more interesting as you don't know what map was picked, so you really need to think about which leader or strategy you pick.

Also thanks for asking us.
CatJoeK5 wrote:
1. Additional and interchangable units. One of my favorite things about my countless hours on HW1 was the consideration that went into countering units as a team of Covenant and UNSC. I would love to have a unit editer for each character that allowed swapping units to be used in game. For example replacing kodiaks or Cyclops (depending on how in depth it would be and if multiple swaps were required as a package) with Cobras. Replacing shrouds or reavers with vampires. The addition of hawks. Bring back some of the iconic game changing units that HW1 had.

2. Occupied rebel bases. Again from HW1 when we had to fight rebels/flood/sentinels to free up a base slot in order to build. This added a little more preparation before expanding bases.

3. (A personal favorite) HW1 vortex as a leader power! I loved the concept of doing additional damage based on how many units/buildings are being affected by the ability. Vortex on the brute cheiftain was my all time favorite part of the first game (along with the slow, heavy, and very impactful slam of the gravity hammer).

These are very personal preferences for additions. I played the first game waaaaaay more than I should have and when HW2 was announced, I was extraordinarily excited. I love HW2 as well but I feel like a little too much was left behind that could really help HW2 feel less stagnant (at least in the unit department).
I really agree with your second one, this is something Halo Wars 2 really needs, plus a random map select in Private and Customs would be nice.
If we're talking things that will require some serious work, so adding functionality:

  1. In-game leaderboards for the ranked modes
  2. Replays
  3. Bases to become capture based rather than a "who-clicked-first-fest"
[Bases to become capture based rather than a "who-clicked-first-fest"] LOL! Me with my friends every day.
Personally, I would really love
  • A Blind skull to remove the menus and HUD (or just a setting option to hide menus) and the ability to disable the limits on how far in/out you can zoom, to make it easier to take screenshots
  • Major Vaughan and the Flood as multiplayer leaders
  • Classic Covenant multiplayer leader(s) (bit of a stretch, I know, but it’d be amazing)
2v2 ranked!

So many times in 3v3 ranked the 3rd player leaves or D/Cs!

This seriously makes the game unplayable. It's stopping me from playing a game I love!
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