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[Locked] What is your Halo Wars 2 Wishlist?

OP Postums

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Spectator mode on all game modes. In these modes mics would not work. Then coaches can watch the match in real time and critique after the match.

Plus when you get on. Friends might be playing. Would like to watch while I wait for them to finish so we can play.
1. I want the vehicle elephant from halo wars. In halo wars 2
2. More maps
3. More crossplay
1. Add a Cortana leader from halo 5 And make her hero warden eternal basically what I’m saying is add promethians
2. Add a flood leader so many people out here want to play as the flood like you already have the units and the setup all you need is the leader and if you need a leader idea here’s one the gravemind
3. More customizations for blitz/custom games/both firefights
4.dont count this one of my wishlist wants but you guys should have brought hawks back from halo wars
Postums wrote:
Hey Everyone,

If you had to pick 3 new things to add into the game for Halo Wars 2, what would they be. We are looking at ways to engage with our community more and grow the game so our ears are very open.

Postums and Wrensi
1. AI's in terminus Firefight
2. For Xbox One Skirmish bring back the Flare control from Halo Wars so we can control the AI and ask for supplies
3. More Maps
1) fortdeen remastered
2) new maps for firefight and multiplayer but definitely firefight. Firefight. Firefight!!!
3) elephant, cobra, hawk
1) More maps (Halo Wars originals)
2) Jackals
3) Vampires
More maps would be great.
Ability to pick the colour of your army not just red n blue.
A tutorial for the new advanced controls please..
Sure I'm a noob but it would help bridge the gap.
1. More maps for halo wars 2
2. A story dlc to clean up all the cliffhangers (unless there is a plan for that already with halo 5)
3. add some more playlists for multiplayer such as reinforcements from halo wars 1
1- more maps for both multiplayer and blitz.
2- more camouflages for my units, that would be amazing!
3- an option to open all my un-open blitz packs at ONCE, maybe that way you'll bring more people to play it since my friends are lazy to open their 100+ packs.
Hey guys here' what I think would be fun
More maps at least from the first game
Muh prophet (side note no anti air air unit? And no jackals too but that' something else) like one more leader [long shot :D)
Definently would like to see free for all because that would be fun
Long shot but I love seeing this games community two about the game and having hope
1) More upgrades for every unit, in Halo Wars 1 the wolverine and kodiak had some upgrades, but now there is nothing to upgrade on them and this goes for a few other units too. like the scorpion only has one upgrade. It would be nice to see new unit upgrades. AND add back units like the Elephant and Cobra.

2) More maps that are diverse in gameplay and looks, and FREE FOR ALL!!!!!!!! ADD rebles back to the empty base plots with their marines and turrets so its harder to expand

3) Possibly a new building for the UNCS to make at their bases, No idea what but it would be cool. The banished get a mega turret, maybe the UNSC should have a unique building too, to further separate gameplay style between the the two factions

*) an idea way way way out there, make a forerunner factions to fight and play as
I would like to see more maps, the ability to pick your own color in multiplayer games and bug fixes.
-Maps from halo wars 1
-More flood
1. A few new maps with story some story or lore ties. :)
2. A San'Shyuum leader or Kig-Yar one.
3. Modding Tools (Maybe?)

Extra note non-related: Campaign Theater Mode for Halo 6 and beyond, I loved that feature. <3
I used my three up earlier, but one additional thing I would think would be beneficial is a single playmode (similar to Team War) where parties are not allowed... can be Team War - No Parties... or any random mixture of 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 with no parties. A lot of complaints I have seen in the past have to do with going into 2v2 games or 3v3 without a crew and getting matched against a team. I don't want to have too many playlists, so it may need to replace one of the modes, but an unranked, no-parties mode would be a plus for a lot of different players and would put singles on more even footing in their matches.
1. A few new maps with story some story or lore ties. :)
2. A San'Shyuum leader or a Kig-Yar one.
3. Modding Tools (Maybe?)

Extra note non-related: Campaign Theater Mode for Halo 6 and beyond, I loved that feature. <3
In no particular order:
  1. Jackals in the game. Maybe replace elite rangers with them and insert Jackal Snipers?
  2. New factions. The Banished and UNSC are awesome, but wouldn't it be cool to have more factions? I mean, we have an entire Flood DLC, but no Flood leader? A Gravemind would be awesome even if it had to be purchased separately.
  3. Because this game takes place after Halo 5, I don't think it would be too farfetched to have a Promethian leader in the game, whether it be someone like the Didact or even Cortana. You guys brought back Johnson for the game, so breaking the Canon for multiplayer isn't really important at this point, and the new units would be awesome to learn. I would imagine the base infantry units would be crawlers, the barracks would have soldiers and knights, as well as some other options, and the ultimate unit would be warden eternal (or the Didact himself, if you went that route instead of cortana). It'd also be an awesome way to introduce more Promethian forces and vehicles while you're working on Halo 6. Vehicles are another story though, I wouldn't know what to put. Leader powers could include teleport and if you have Cortana used one could be ghost in the machine.
  4. A free for all game type, that would insert a whole new dynamic because you could have strategies like double teaming, or even just 3 or more different armies fighting each other at once for maximum chaos (imagine a scaled up version of two Betreyals from Happ CE 😍)
  5. More balance changes. Air units are far, far too overpowered. I had an entire army 120 pop cap of Reavers and Engineers, and even with overshields a person online managed to wipe my entire army with a single condor and a like 3 hornets with a bunch of nightengales.
1 more leader for both factions.
2. More statistics after matches, more options in custom games.
3. Just some overall bug improvements. Game performance
Douglas-042 & Alice-130 as leaders. And Vampires for the Arbiter.
To everyone saying they want remastered maps. Think of Fort deen against anders and serina kodiaks

And we already have 16 leaders. Be more realistic with your wishes.
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